mercredi 30 avril 2008

Service Note

Hello, this is Thomas. This is the 50th message, congratulations Jean Michel, you did it!

I just wanted to warn you of possible hiccups, as I'm off for two weeks in deep Asia. Louis will act as the JMJ relay, but it might take a few days to iron it out. For those who wonder, JMJ sends the text to me and Louis by mail or MMS, and we correct the typos, blend in his images, and post. 
Talking about mistakes, shameful apologies to the fans in Valladolid for slaughtering your beautiful language: I hadn't spoken spanish for 20 years, and minutes before the show, the production announced there was no interpret. I hope that didn't spoil the show.

2 commentaires:

Domingos Moreira a dit…

We should say: better no translation, that a bed one, as I saw in Porto!

plx a dit…

I agree. That was not a translator it was a commentator!

I also would like to say that this Blog should keep running. And I am waiting for some support on this one!