mardi 22 avril 2008

Liceu, Barcelona

Monday has been a tough long day. We went directly from the airport to the venue, one of the most beautiful of the tour. The Liceu is the classical Opera house of Barcelona and has a worldwide reputation. It is like Fort Knox, you have to show your passport for going backstage, you cannot film inside the theater. Thomas, after long negotiations between Fiona and the directon of the Liceu, got the permission to film no more than 20 minutes, staying at the same position.
The stage is very deep and one of the problems was the distance between the first row and my main position.
Because of it, we had to change Oxy 13 at the end: we had to built a riser with one Eminent, replug the Andromeda, plug the Arp Omni and the new MFB synth with a small stone for wind fx (the VCS3 being too far away). I had also to be aware, throughout the show, of the distance with the audience for the Theremin and the Moog Liberation solos for instance..
The final result went well and the concert was a great success. Meeting again with the spanish audience was really exciting. Then I had dinner with my Mum who travelled to join us - she was in good form, considering her age.
Outside the theater a lot of fans were waiting for signatures and photos..

Lunes fue un dia difícil. Fuimos directamente del aeropuerto al sitio del concierto, un de los mas guapos del tour. El Liceu es como Fort Knox: tienes que mostrar to documentación para entrar backstage, no puedes filmar dentro del teatro. Después de negociaciones sin fin con Fiona y el director del Liceu, Tomás obtuvo permisión de rodar 20 minutos de película, no más, quedándose en el mismo lugar.
El escenario es muy profondo, y uno de los problemas es la distancia desde mi posición y el público. Por eso, tuvimos que cambiar el final Oxy 13. Construimos un riser con uno de los Eminent, el Andromeda, el Arp Omni y enchufamos el nuevo MFB sintetizador con una Small Stone para el efecto de viento, el VCS3 siendo demasiado lejos. También tuvo que pensar en la distancia con el público para el Theremin y los solos de Moog Liberación, por ejemplo.
El resulto final fue bueno, y el concierto fue un éxito. El encuentro con el público español fue excitante, pues comí con mi mamá que había venido - estaba bien, considerando su edad. Fuera nos esperaban muchos fans para firmas y fotos.

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Paulo Gonçalves a dit…

Lisbon concert in T minus 3 days and counting.
Paulo Gonçalves from Lisbon, Portugal.

Anonyme a dit…

Bonjour M. Jarre,

Je suis un fan espagnol qui ira à Porto (Portugal) pour voir votre concert.

Est-ce qu´il est possible de savoir l´hotel où vous serez pour essayer d´avoir un autographe?

Mes meilleurs salutations

Esteban Alonso

Paraskevie a dit…

Gros bisous de "La Lyonnaise". Et encore un énorme merci, j'ai été ravie de t'avoir enfin rencontré. ;)

Unknown a dit…

Thank you for such an unforgettable night. For younger generations as mine, attending such a show is much more than a Jarre concert; it's a master class of the history of electronic music. It was really really exciting, thanks a lot for bringing your tour to Barcelona :)

I just hope to see you in Spain much often, and do not leave such a big gap anymore! hehe ;) also congratz to your mom, I saw her leaving the venue at night, she's of a strong nature, indeed.

Thanks for the music!

Paulo Gonçalves a dit…

Hi Jean Michel, I'll be on the first row at Lisbon Concert (right in front of Theremin) and I believe that we are going to experience the same problem/issues that you had in Barcelona with the deep of the stage.
I hope that problem can be easaly resolved.
Paulo Gonçalves from Lisbon, Portugal.

Jordi Casadevall a dit…

A big, big, greeting to Francis, Claude and Dominique. Thank you to share your dinner time after the show with few people from the audience. It will be a great memory of the night. And great job, Jean-Michel, although the technical difficulties. We want you back in Barcelona very soon!!!


ns a dit…

Yes, it was a pity that all you were so far from the front line. Thanks Jarre for that night which I enjoyed a lot, like the one in Seville in 1993......
I got all your 4 signatures in my oxygen dvd cover!!! yes, we had to wait until 1 am but finally you could sign and photos, unfortunatly when you was signing my dvd cover, my mobile was out of battery, so I don´t have a photo :-(.
Thanks a lot to Francis Rimbert, Dominique Perrier and Claude for being so warm with all the fans, I was vey happy to talk to all you 3 and that was amazing, I has talking at the same time with them, unbeliable!!!!
A magic night, and when you said that you wish to be here soon outdoor.......a big concert? ;-)
thanks for you attention
Au Revoir

Anonyme a dit…

I must thank you for yesterday. It was awesome, I felt extremely good and the fact of seeing you enjoying also the concert made me feel like more inside the mood of the concert. Pity that the interpreter didn't do her job well but, anyway, it was absolutely great. Thank you :D:D

Unknown a dit…

The photo of the Barcelona venue surely looks pretty impressive. Looks the size of the RAH in London.

Anonyme a dit…

Great to see you there. You know you're allways very wellcome here :-)

About the beermeting after the concert with Dominique, Claude, Francis, ML, Patrick, etc... it was really nice, very kind.

See you soon!

Jorge Jorquera a dit…

The picture shows a nice effects on the lights: seems to be smiling :)

Kaihanidi a dit…

A l’attention de M. JEAN MICHEL JARRE!

Cher maestro JARRE, je suis un de vos nombreux eleves, Konstantin Kaihanidi. Je suis Grec et j’habite en Russie, a Moscou. J’ai ete eleve avec votre musique. La vie a prouve que c’est un des courants les plus vrais dans la culture musicale mondiale.

Permettez-moi de vous presenter mon premier album dans le genre de la musique electronique et symphonique. Il se rapproche au maximum de bonnes traditions que vous avez apportees, maestro, dans la culture musicale mondiale.

Cet album a ete realise avec la participation du meilleur coeur en Russie – Grand Coeur Academique de l’Universite Mendeleev sous la direction du professeur Boris Tarakanov ( C’est le coeur russe prefere du tenor legendaire Jose Carreras et de la cantatrice Maria Guleguina.

L’album en question s’intitule «Jarre Planet», d’apres le nom d’une des Petites planetes nommees en votre honneur. Ce titre est un hommage au Maitre ayant cree un genre musical dans lequel l’auteur et les interpretes de sa musique ont ose travailler.

Nous esperons que la musique ecrite et interpretee dans le genre que vous avez cree serai consideree comme notre remerciement a vous, Maitre.

Malheureusement, en Russie la musique electronique n’a pas eu un essor aussi important qu’en France. Nous esperons que la suite des traditions musicales dont vous etiez le generateur contribuerait au developpement de ce genre remarquable en Russie.




"L'inno del Oceano"

Veuillez agreer, Monsieur, l’expression de nos meilleurs voeux de sante, de prosperite et de nouvelles creations excellentes!

Konstantin Kaihanidi.



+7 926 235 00 79
+7 926 527 75 89

Manel a dit…

Hello Jean-Michel!!

I just want to make a request.
Take all your synthesizers from the tour, go to your recording studio and creates another masterpiece for the next 30 years!!

Please, please, please ;-)

Thank you for coming.

Pd: Forgive my English.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you Jean Michel, we did that was a night not to forget.

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Pablo a dit…

see you this night in the Miguel Delibes Auditorium in Valladolid!

Anonyme a dit…

As 15 years ago (in the stadium Olimìc) attended the concert at the Liceu. In the same way I was impressed.

I am a great fanatico yours and I do not want to change anything.

Incidentally, I have on my personal blog entries on your person, I would like to visit and he made a revision.

My blog is:


Unknown a dit…

Amazing live in Barcelona!!!

Me video

Me photos

Thanks Jarre.

Xevi a dit…

Cagumdena! i jo m'ho vaig perdre!

I was in the USA so I couldn't go to that concert...

Jarre, come back to Barcelona soon!