samedi 26 avril 2008

Between a circus and an opera house, the Colyseum is a magnificient venue made for a central stage or a traditional one.
Yesterday was the National Day. So doing a concert that night was even more special. It was also my first concert in Portugal. The temperature was over 30 degrees. So, for all these reasons the ambiance was really hot. We had no technical problems with the instruments, and I think the music we delivered was one of the best. David Perrier filmed everything like in Oslo, but with different angles. Tomorrow, we play Porto in the same kind of venue. We go there by bus in the afternoon..
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Paulo Gonçalves a dit…

Hello Jean Michel,

Thank YOU very, very much for the concert in Lisbon.

I just had an audio-visual orgasm, I´m still in ecstasy because of the excitement .

After I attended the Monaco concert, it was really a pleasure and a honor to see you live in my hometown. I can’t thank you enough.

Your music became part of my life and my mind for more than 20 years.

I’m still hoping to see you in Lisbon for a outdoor concert.

Thank you so much for everything.


Paulo Gonçalves from Lisbon, Portugal.

João Nogueira a dit…

Thank you for give the chance to make my 20 year old dream come true.
Im also hoping for a outdoor concert in Lisbon.
The only bad side was the fact that alot of us were waiting for a chance to have a autograph of our idol insted we got trhown out of the corredor like animals.
Alot of people were very disapoited even kids were waiting too.
I had two gifts that i wanted to give you but didn't get chance do do it.


João Nogueira

Unknown a dit…

I feel like one of the luckiest guys in the concert because I have no money to see the show and a friend give me the ticket... so, miracles does happen.
From the first EP in Portugal, Oxygene has been part of the soundtracks of my life... Plus, the chance to really listen the moogs played by you... that must be something to never forget.
I just hope that, when we past away, somehow, we could remember the great moments we have lived.
You have shared with all us a very special moment in a friendly and energetic way. Seems like the time as not passed to you. Perhaps your music is some kind of 'elixir de jeunesse'.
Now is the time to wish you all the best in the tour.
Keep us dreaming while listen to the music you play.
Mr. Jean Michel Jarre... MERCI.

Bike Geezer a dit…
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Bike Geezer a dit…

Hello Jean Michel!
Thank you so much for an incredible evening!
Like many others I've been waiting so many (too many) years for your venue here!
It was really magical and I felt that instead of you being on stage and us on the audience we were all togehter in a big celebration of your music... it was like the audience and the stage were just one instead of two different places!
I enjoyed so much that you, like the rest us, vibrated and enjoyed the concert so much!
I consider you a conteporary classic... and I think many years from now you'll be remember like a Mozart or a Bethoven from the end of the 20th and beggining of the 21st Centuries. Your music has the magic of making me fly! When I'm sitting on my couch doing nothing else but listening to it, eyes shut, that's how I feel! Its like you once said... It's an universal language. It's the same for whoever is listening...
Thank you once again for such a magical evening; for your simpathy with us fans who waited for you at the exit of Lisbon Colisseum, the autographs and specially for your patience when my camera jammed and I could only take a photo with you at the third attempt! Once again I felt that you were very close to us, and treated us as being so special to you as you are for us!
I wish you all the best success not only in this tour but throghout your career!
I will eagerly wait for the forthcoming albums (as I did it the previous ones) and for an outdoor concert here in Portugal! I just hope I'll be able to be so close to you as I did last friday!

The kindest regards and best wishes from this portuguese fan,
Manuel Duarte

Unknown a dit…

Crazy tour. Going from snow (Amsterdam) to 30 degrees (Portugal) in 1 month.

ABA a dit…

Bonsoir, Jean Michel

C'est vraiment mon privilège, dans une place de grand symbolisme pour lisbonne, où j'ai vu de grands concerts comme Pat Metheny, Sigur Rós, Kraftwerk, Massive Attack et... finalement, Le Magicien!
Dans mon imaginaire, un concert de Jarre à Lisbonne devrait être dans la rivière... A Room With A View ;)
Je ne pourrais jamais imaginer de vous voir paraître dans le milieu de l'audience et sauter comme un garçon.
Merci pour une heure d`oxygene pur!

A bientôt,


Domingos Moreira a dit…

Hello, Jean Michel Jarre,

I've just arrived home from your Porto concert. What an evening! This day will never be out of my mind ever!
The brilliant sound, the colours of the set, the set itself, everything was perfect!
A perfect show in a perfect day. The day that my daughter made his 10th anniversary. My, my son, daughter and wife, we were there and we will never forget!
We love you!

Domingos Moreira

Bernardo a dit…

Hola Jean

Mi nombre es Bernardo Leyva, y te escribo desde Toluca México.

antes que nada quisiera felicitarte por tu extraordinaria carrera en el mundo de la musica.

Eres lo máximo, y quisiera agregar que soy tu fan numero uno en México.

Por esa razón te pido que por favor des un concierto en México, te lo agradeceria toda la vida y creo que mucha gente más en este bello pais.

Por favor VEN A MEXICO.


Unknown a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

25 years ago I became aware of (electronic) music which was influenced by you through "Les Concerts en Chine". Since then, it has been an inspiration for my life.

Last Friday, 25 April, I was one of the lucky persons who saw the Oxygene Concert at Coliseu. My God, the curtain opening with the blue theme... The simple yet powerfull lighting show... The VCS3&friends...

Your fans are waiting for the outdoor concert you promise ;)

Thank you

Fernando, .pt

Joao a dit…

Hello Jean-Michel!

Thank You for a great evening in Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon remembering my childood.
Listening to Oxygene "live" was one of my best life experiences ever. I hope u keep your promisse and get back to Lisbon soon for a outdoor concert.
Keep up the good mood and the good music.

Greetings from Joao Tome, from Portugal

Mago da Lua a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

Six of your "Jarredependents" went to see you at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon!!
Awsome!Great concert! We were extatic. It was incredible for us to see you play live the RMI harmonic synthesizer at your right side. Also incredible was to see you play alone on the portable MOOG!!! Amazing as always all of you are not only great musicians and performers but most specially wonderfull persons who care so much with the mother GAYA.
One of these days when you will wake up with nothing to do (almost impossible, we bet!) and it comes to your mind to scare your neighbours cat please go and listen to my music in
Bye and thank you for having created "Chronologie IV".