mardi 22 avril 2008

Week-end in Paris

Just a quick break before Southern Europe.
On friday night, I went to see "Sacred Monsters", a modern ballet with Sylvie Guillem and Ashram Khan. Sylvie is always extraordinary in the way she defines the space around her as soon as she moves. This time, on top of it, she speaks and she is funny and witty. Ashram Khan, signing also the choregraphy is all right but not at her level. Then I went backstage with Gilles her nice husband, to say hello. I met Phillip Sheppard, the composer who did a real good score, mixing classical music with a string trio, a fantastic percussionist and indian music with a pakistenese singer musician and another belgian female singer, making all kinds of sounds with her voice. He told me that" Concerts in China" gave him the desire to become a composer.
Then Saturday I had to find a MFB synth 2, the small german synth, in order to play the white noise part in Oxygene 13 because the VCS3 is too far away at the Colyseum. Actually, because of the unusual distance between the first row and my main position, I need to play the encore more upfront with a proper instruments set-up.
Then I watched" Shine A Light", the Scorcese Movie on the Rolling Stones.
I found Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronny very moving and impressive. Old pirates with untarnished innocence, Mick and Keith being incredibly fit and delivering a great performance. I have been a bit disapointed though by M. Scorcese's work. The audience in front of the stage looked fake. Mick was right, complaining about the numbers of cameras,18 in a theater like Marigny. So apart not missing one moment of what is going on which is the least of things,, it looks like a TV show and the mood doesn' t match the sweat, the fun and the rough energy of the boys. If I was not particularly impressed by the duet with Jack White, it really works with Cristina Aguilera, such a great voice..
One of the best moments is the duet with Buddy Guy. What he is doing with his guitar and voice is so simple but so unique that for a moment the Stones are becoming his backing musicians! That's probably why Keith offers him his own guitar at the end of the song..
Then I went to the Theatre de la Ville to see " Good Bye Umbrella" by and with James Thierre, Charlie Chaplin's grandson. He is a pure genius. Everybody must see him. He his a poet, an acrobat, a clown, an actor , a director, an author, a musician. His shows are completly unique and magic... impossible to describe. This show is what any artist would dream to express: the purity of a child, the absurdity of life with the control and the talent to serve true unique creativity..
Barcelona today. It is going to be a tough, long day after 3 days off. We'll see...
My mum is also coming tonight and I am glad to see her.
(patiently posted on a mobile phone)

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Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hi :)

It sounds as a very exciting and nice weekend..

..and a nice time with you dear mom..

Thank you for sharing with us!

Greetings Turid Elisabeth ;)

Glenn Folkvord a dit…

Jean Michel, please try to relax when you have a few days off, you are much too busy for someone who is supposed to relax ;-)

Anonyme a dit…

I just saw the HD registration of the last Marigny concert, it was on the HD-NL channel tonight. It was fantastic! It really captured the atmosphere and the cooperation between the four of you on stage. There were just enough camera's, not too few, not too many (unlike with the Stones...), the cameramen did not make funny moves (you did!), excellent! Many thanks for having it recorded and shown in HDTV quality, I hope it can be released on blu-ray.

JMich a dit…

It is said: no news, good news. Yes but it is nice to read about your mother good health, after december.

Max a dit…

Hi, JM!
nice synth MFB synth II! :) from very clever german people! But don't use it just for wind, hehe... ;)

Signe a dit…
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Signe a dit…
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Signe a dit…
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Anonyme a dit…

Hey JMJ!
It was great to meet you - I keep meaning to email. Thanks for your really kind words about my score, and I meant what I said about the China concert!
I'm working with Juliette Binoche at the moment, and will be coming over to Paris - wanna do a recital?!
I'll link from my blog:
Take care
Philip Sheppard

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