jeudi 17 avril 2008

Fiat Luxemburg

Travelling from Frankfurt to Luxemburg by bus. Lots of fun. We saw excerpts of films which Francis R. filmed through the years. Today a making of about the stadium tour in 1993, Europe in concert. Funny and moving to see all of us through this mad mega tour.. More tomorrow.

In case he forgets..

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4 commentaires:

CLUBMIX a dit…

*LOL*... "in case he forgets". I am sure Claude as well as all the others taking part in this wonderful tour will **NEVER** forget where and what they belong to.

See you all in Zurich. And maybe, maybe... we will have some time to chit-chat and have some pictures taken :-)

Anonyme a dit…

Please, please, please, :-), can FR put some of his "secret Francis R. tapes" on YouTube...

Rafael Sala a dit…

Hi Jean Michel Jarre and friends of this Oxygene Tour. It´s possible to do a DVD with those "making of" oh the Tour 1993"?

Here In Spain, In Madrid, we´re expecting you, in 22 April. Remember, in 1993 you don´t play because of rain. Now, 15 years before, you can do a GIFT playing something special, for Madrid fans!

Greetings from Spain, JMJ

Jean-Luc a dit…

Salut les hommes. J'aimerai envoyer des ideea que j'ai eu depuis long temos sur des spectacle enormes. Si on puisse me contacter la dessus.

Bon voyages, amicalement.

Jean-Luc Le Noir, (anglais - fan depuis Oxygene, a l'age de quattorze ans).