samedi 12 avril 2008


Arrived in Oslo, O snow,
A city I always liked with snow or with sun (today it was with the sun), a web-city, punk, rock, electro, ecolo...
We chose to start the film about the tour here. Benjamin is the director and David Perrier is behind the camera.
All the crew knows David who filmed the documentary in Egypt and in China. He will be on stage with us tomorrow night. I am going to bed now because we start shooting early in the morning..
Waiting for my luggage with other well dressed passengers at Oslo Airport.
(posted on a mobile phone)

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Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Cloudy outside the window...but sunny inside!
Exciting musical evening in front of us..
(at the same time:an opening of the new Oslo Opera)

See You!

Cosmonauta Spiff a dit…

It's nice to know about this new tour movie, Jean-Michel. I hope that it will be at my DVD collection pretty soon. =)

I like very much of "Making the Steamroller Fly", that in Brazil, was included in Oxygene Moscow DVD. Especially the Dustbins' part... ;P


Veronique a dit…

Apart from admiring your music, I also admire your creative pictures. You always have a good idea for a nice photograph...I really liked this picture, funny and it transmits a message!
By the way, the documentary could have started in Glasgow...sniffff snifff Ok, no problem we understand! Keep enjoying the tour! We love the blog, thanks a lot for keeping us informed!

Obrigada e e ate mais!

tarantula a dit…

Today in Russia celebrate Day of Astronautics! I wish to congratulate all people. 47 years ago the person for the first time has risen in space and has moved apart borders possible for all mankind. 108 minutes - flight, freedom, a unification. Separate congratulations to You and thanks for "Gagarin"!!!!!

benerios a dit…

Did they reveal you the secret of floes ?

Est-ce qu'ils t'ont révélé le secret des banquises ?

Frode Tennebø a dit…

Just want to thank you for the excellent concert tonight. Merci bien! Well done!

Anonyme a dit…

Obrigada e e ate mais a tu Luis Betty Costa Verônica.

norways a dit…

You forgotten to say that we were allowed to take pictures! Some guards almost let us out of the arena, but I set them straight!!!! I took some great snapshots of the show from 2nd row, with one shot you looked straight in my camera! watch my profile at facebook: hans jørgen johansen - I will put my best pictures there, if I may ? ;-)

thanx , Jarre, for a memory for life... again!!!! ;-)

Anonyme a dit…

You should be there on the wall with among your friends.