samedi 12 avril 2008

Oslo Motion

Saturday night in Oslo was hot. For the first time the audience stood up the last 12 minutes of the show on all Oxygene 12. We have all that on film. What really makes me crazy is that nobody lit up the crowd properly as I asked during the sound check. Anyway I think David Perrier, the cameraman did a great job on stage. Actually I introduced him as a member of the band at the beginning of the concert explaining we choosed Oslo for making the documentary about the tour and when he came in the follow spot, continuing filming, all the audience applauded him like a special guest! It was really funny. Then he became like an invisible black animal. He was everywhere at the right time. I think he'll get some good footage. We all had fun, Dominique was jumping everywhere, at one stage he even suddenly appeared in Francis' zone . The audience again was one of the best even if Francis and myself had few tuning problems.
Every night some details are improved and it would be great to do a final date in Paris and/or Lyon, the concert being so different now than in Marigny, we'll see, it is probably too late...

Mr. and Mrs. Pelamourgues, the most sexy couple on the tour.

A tiny man facing big machines.

Our power station.

Dominique, almost ready for action...

Julie Noyat, our tour manager is great. Everybody loves her. Tonight, she saves our lives by getting the expresso machine back from the bottom of the truck, ready to go to Francfort.

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Ratskaweiller a dit…

It's never too late Jean-Michel. You will be welcome back in Paris.

Bod's Blog a dit…

Hi Jean Michel, Thanks for keep us up-to-date with this tour blog! It's really interesting to read and see photos of what goes on backstage. I was lucky enough to get some media passes during the Oxygene Tour (1997) when "working" for a UK fan magazine (I'm sure you know the one), anyway we got some excellent photos of the on stage gear and I got a great of of the megaphone you used for "Revolution". The amount of kit on stage / behind the scene's was really surprising. I would assume the backstage gear is more minimal for this tours as there's a little less in the production! Less is more as they say! Keep up the great work JMJ (and team!) :-)

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you Jean Michel, for the greatest evening of my life! I love your music, and hope you and the guys will come back to Norway soon! I will never forget Saturday 12th 2008 :)

SAP a dit…

Thank you very much for a show to remember. It was great! Nice that you are doing a documentary as well, starting in Oslo. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to stop for autographs and photos after the show. You are welcome in Norway at any time!!!

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

In Oslo konserthus..Jarre woke up as the electronic music's Jimmi Henrix..he and his musicians went totally mad that night..

.. and right before the world was going under...then Jarre was there on stage as the 'recreator of the world'.

Thanks for the special concert..

See you soon

With love

Hogne B. Pettersen a dit…

I blogged about the concert last night ->

Thanks, Jarre. It was a great night and a wonderful experience.

Cathy a dit…

It's never to late - if you want to do it I am sure you will find a way.

It would be so nice to see you again in France. I have been to Paris a few times now, but never to Lyon (hint hint lol!).

If it's too late for France, then you know you always welcome back to the UK :-)

Whatever you decide, we all support you 100%.

Love to you and your crew.


Anonyme a dit…

Definitely not too late, Jean Michel! Finishing off the tour in Paris sounds fabulous - or even better, come back to the UK again, we'd love to see you again!

Audio Coffee Productions a dit…

We do appreciate you here in the UK, and if you think we're a bit subdued, well, thats because some of us waited 11 long years to cheer and clap like we did! Whatever, it's your choice and if you choose to do the right thing and perform in the middle of Paris, in spirit, we'll be there to support you if we can't be there personally... :-)

equinoxe a dit…

No! don't say it's too late! what about the American - including "Latin American" - branch of the tour!? you always make the impossible possible!

Christiane a dit…

Wouldn´t it be great to finish the tour in Paris or even in your native Lyon? I think it completes the tour and makes it a very special one. I´ll keep my fingers crossed :-)

JMJ a dit…


We are all in SPAIN really expecting about your tour, and counting the days for your arrival to BARCELONA, MADRID, VALLADOLID and SALAMANCA.

The Spanish Community remenbers with special emotion the cancellation of your concert in MADRID in 1993. Your visit will be an extraordinary oportunity to become that sad feeling in a happy souvenir.

I would invite you to visit my webpage about the EUROPE IN CONCERT TOUR IN SPAIN (don't know if you recieved it in DVD). I think you'll find a lot of friends and souvenirs of your last Spanish concerts. Here the link:

I'm happy being the first saying to yo: "WELLCOME TO SPAIN".

Unknown a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

Thanks for a great concert in Oslo! Here's one of the highlights for you and your fans to enjoy. If it has not been removed be Youtube yet, that is.


Oxygene 2 in Oslo

Anonyme a dit…

I'm glad to hear that you had a great time in Oslo. It was my first Jarre-concert, and I can't see how it could be any better.

Great tour-blog. I haven't been here before. But I should be starting to use it now. Please come back to Norway in the future at some point.


Unknown a dit…

This blog is amazing!!!
Do you need another keyboardplayer/coffemaker/carrybagage or wathelse?

Sergio Sobarzo L. a dit…

Jean Michel, with all due respect...when... South America? I'm a die-hard fan but I feel that you've never cared about us. You speak about a "world" tour. You've been around doing concerts since 1979, next year it'll be 30 years! And you've never considered any South American country. Come on! Do we exist on your world map? Sorry but I had to tell you this. I feel very disappointed. If you at least gave us a message from time to time! But it's always Europe, Europe, and Europe. You've visited some cities twice or more! I'm glad for those lucky fans. But... come on! I buy your records, CDs, DVDs. I've been listening to your music since 1987! OK, that's all I had to say... and I did.

Pal08 a dit…

I agree.
Many fans in Chile are waiting for you...we did made tributes-concerts, meetings and more.
Since JARRECL was created, many people ask about a JMJ's concert in Latin-America.
I hope (really hope) that you visit coming soon our continent and country.

Diego a dit…


We want only a word from you, South-America... we exist too!

We love you and your work but really, we feel that you don't care about us, I'm following your career since 7 years ago (I'm 21 years old), listening your live concerts broadcast since 12 Dreams through internet, collecting all kind of material, recordings from all presentation about you in internet and Tv, we are here!, all days following your work, many of us have thousands of DVDs with extra-oficial material, always waiting for something new, because we enjoy with your music, with your concerts, we enjoy seeing and listening all your work.

This Blog is an excellent idea but LatinAmerican people is totally out and I think it's no fair, people from Chile are working since many years doing concerts with your music, Tributes for you and in a very good way, people from Brazil with very good web pages about you,
Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, we are all waiting for you but if you can't come we understand but say something! we have years waiting (really).

I don't know if you will read it but I want to try.

I see you = my happiness

From VENEZUELA: Diego Machado.

JMJ a dit…


A JARRE Concert in SOUTH AMERICA. When? Tomorrow? No, "the future is NOW".

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Dear Jean Michel Jarre

If it could be one more concert in Lyon or Paris,I would love to come and see you there!:)

Kind regards Turid Elisabeth