dimanche 6 avril 2008

Tonight I'm a Hamburger

Hamburg went with the same energy as in Stockholm. The audience was great.

Dominique was specially good tonight even if we lost him for a few minutes just before going on stage.

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Michael a dit…

Tonight I'm a Hamburger....

SO, one Happy-Jarre-menue please, with x-tra French Fries and...


Felix Pfeiffer a dit…

Hello JMJ,

this was a great concert. The fourth for me now (EIC, O-Tour, Aero) and the third for my lovely girlfriend who especially enjoyed Oxygene 13 at the end of the show.
Sadly the concert is that short, but we hope you come again in 2 years to present Equinoxe. Maybe you come to Hannover then. We have a nice Operahouse here. And for a littel bigger venues the TUI-Arena on the former EXPO-area.
So, I hope to "see you soon",


Kanta a dit…

"Tonight I'm a Hamburger"

Lucky for you I am a vegetarian.

Anonyme a dit…

Bonjour M. Jarre,

Hamburg was really a great concert. It makes me very happy, that you have so much fun playing these concerts.
Thank you for giving me an autograph on my Geometry of Love CD and for shaking hands with me right after Oxygene 13. That made me very happy :-))))