lundi 28 avril 2008


Arrived in Porto late in the afternoon. We started the sound check at 18:45. The temperature dropped down and the ARP was as usual uncontrolable when we don't have the right heat.. Apart from that the concert went well with an overexcited crowd. We filmed a lot of things today, first of all, in the bus for a long interview while we were going from Lisbon to Porto. Then Benjamin and David intervied Claude and Dominique. Then they interviewed Phil, the executive producer, Alain Courieux, the sound engineer FOH and Julien Vouillon, sound engineer monitors. Last day of shooting tomorrow, good night.
Coliseu in the 40's.

One hour before the concert.


Filming each other with Dominique.

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prosith a dit…

Le concert a été spectaculaire. Merci beaucoup pour la tournée a Portugal. Ce a été peine de ne pas donner d'autographes mais, néanmoins, ce a été merveilleux.
From Braga, Proença

pazolesky a dit…

I was yesterday in porto in the concert, it was fantastic, I never forget it like your concert in santiago in 1993. I hope to go to another concert "outdoors", like you saw yesterday ;)

Greetings from Ferrol (Galicia)Spain from an inconditional fan

true_kiat a dit…

And I was there too. Impressive performance, thanks Jean Michel for bringing us all your magic, and thanks all of the crew. Oxygene sounded better than ever, it is still alive and for many years to come. Really unforgettable.

Hola pazolesky, antes de empezar el concierto estuve navegando por el blog desde la PSP (había wifi en el Coliseo) y leí un comentario tuyo sobre el concierto del 1993 en Santiago. Deduje que serías santiagués y estarías por allí pero veo que eres ferrolán. Yo sí soy de Santiago, pero no pude ir a aquel, era muy pequeño. Saludos desde la fila 15 ;)

Anonyme a dit…
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Anonyme a dit…

Thank You for the show, i was one of the press photographers in the front of the stage. "Diário de Aveiro"

Since my childhood a great fan of your's. Twenty years ago there was a synonymous between your music and space, every space shuttle launch had your music in background ... that maide a impact for me.

I know know that you are maide of flesh and bones like me, not a God :)
But that kind of feeling inspired my to make my one music as you can see in :

Thank you for make me and every one head baggind yeasterday in Porto.

I hope see you in other event, and waiting for another great music album.

My favorite ? Ok ... Concert in China :)

Thank you Jean Michel
Maide my day :)

pazolesky a dit…

Hola true_kiat, el del 93 fue un grandísimo concierto (hay en youtube un pequeño vídeo colgado del comienzo del concierto). Ayer estaba en cadeira orquestra en la fila 5, no veas lo que me costó poder estar ayer en el concierto, las fechas coincidían fatal, pero al final valió la pena, lástima no poder quedarse al final a la salida a pedir un autógrafo que se nos hacía tarde. Saludos!

Игорь Киселёв a dit…

Dear Mr. Jarre.

Welcome with the new oxygene tour`s concert to Saint-Petersburg, as the city-homeland of legendary the Theremin , in order that pay a tribute to one of primary cradle of electronic music! Yours truly, Igor Kiselev, leader of creative club « New horizons» .

Contact E-mail:

P.S. I heartfeltly hope, that you forgave our city for cancelled concert in 2003, because big part

of its citizens sincerely dream about randez-vous with your talent!

Jorge Moreira a dit…

Hi, Jean Michel Jarre
It was wonderful see you and the other musicians play analogue synthesizers.
The concert was great and unforgettable.
Thank You for the magic evening.
Back you soon,
Jorge Moreira (Fan from Porto).

nuno2maz a dit…

Cher M. Jean Michel
C'était vraiment un plaisir de vous avoir vu pour la premiere fois ici au Portugal. Je suis d'accord avec vous à propos du public "overexcited". Le peuple du nord c'est comme ça. J'espère vous voir de nouveau ici a Porto mais "outdoors", tous près de la rive, avec le paysage magnifique du Porto medievale et les ponts de l'école d'eiffel comme fond. Un cenaire aproprié pour un grand concert, comme celui d'hier.


Jose Fuentefria a dit…

First of all, I would like to thank M. Jarre to have come to my Hometown ( I was born in Zimbabwe but I live here so nevermind ... ).

Then, I would like to thank M. Perrier and M. Rimbert because they've signed my 18 years old La Defence Photo Book that I keep as a souvenir of the most beautiful Concert ever made ... I was going to ask you the same but after the Concert I was told that you were with the French Consul in Porto ... Shame

Audio Coffee Productions a dit…

Do forgive this for being such a late entry, but as this whole tour has been performed on analogue synths, shouldn't this have been called 'anaBLOGue'?

Isa a dit…

I attended both concerts (Lisbon and Porto) and can't tell which one I enjoyed the most. They were both great and I still got to know Porto, a place I hadn't been before.

I know your work since I was a child, and it has certainly influenced my taste in music. I managed to get assigned as one of the Photographers for the press in Lisbon, so I was really excited! But I already had bought tickets for Porto, so I could enjoy the show more quietly :)

I was very impressed with all of the analog equipment. Nowadays electronic bands usually just have a mac and some midi controllers. I counted over 20 keyboards, am I right?

I also waited for you on the back of the Coliseum and you gave me an autograph! so kind of you! Thank You! :)

Cindy Nunes a dit…

Merci Jean Michel, phénoménale... irrélle cette ambiance à Porto. Je ne regrette pas d'avoir pris les places en 1ère file, je suis même arrivée à placer qques mots avec toi... à cause d'un autographe (lol).
Tu nous a laissé la promesse de ton come back en open door... nous t'attendons déjà avec impatience!!!
Merci encore à toi, Dominique, Francis et Claude, pour ces moments de pure musique.

Unknown a dit…

J'ai pleuré ce dimanche! J'ai fait 33ans le 27/04 et mon idole est venu au Portugal...à Porto! Merci Jean Michel... Merci beaucoup. Ta musique a ouvert l'esprit d'un jeune enfant de 12 ans né en France et qui y a vécu jusqu'à ces 18ans... Impossible de perdre la chance de voir Jarre à moins de 50mètres de moi... le jour de mon anniversaire... J'ai cru rever ce jour...cette nuit... j'ai pleuré à la fin!

Muito obrigado Jean Michel... Um grande abraço e esperamos todos pelo Outdoors, no PORTO!!

rau! a dit…

Hi Jarre and Co. In 1992 I listen your music first time on tv from your great memorial concert from Houston, in 93 i bought your Chronologie my first cassette of my live, in this year i cant go to your concert in Santiago i was a 11 years old child, now i have 25years with your concert in porto i finish my comercial electronic music (house to techno, or minimal) era and i think i will listen the clasic synth electronic music from you, to Wendy Carlos,etc

Man you will be in history! Obrigado Porto, merci Jarre

Raul from A Coruna (Galicia /Spain)