mardi 8 avril 2008


The Berlin audience was electrified and amazing. We could have played one more hour. Since Stockholm, it seems that I found the right energy and attitude on stage. The music is more energetic even with some minor problems with the MemoryMoog and the RMI. It is a real honor for me and the band to get such a welcome in the town of electronic music. More to come tomorrow..
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szz a dit…

Dear Jean Michel, it was great and magnificent! Our Bulgarian group went also in Munich and met afterwards, last night also had a sign, but "Drujina Polska" was everywhere in order to reach you- they are also amazing fans! This time German audience was much better! Till next time! We wait for you in Bulgaria, as you promised us in Lint last year 28.03.07! Keep your spirit&energy for us! Please continue to open new doors in our minds and show different emotions, makes us to think wider and wiser

Unknown a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,
Your concert last night was just amazing. It was the first concert of yours I attended and it will be a memory for eternity!!!
Your performance (and also of Francis, Claude and Dominique, of course) was great! Sometimes you reminded me a little bit of Beethoven ;)
Thanks a lot for taking the time for us on the backdoor. I hope I will see you soon back in Berlin (and please bring your Laser Harp with you).
I wish you infinite inspirational energy for your future projects!
Live long and prosper!

Unknown a dit…

Thank You very much for this great and magnificent concert. It was one of your best concert and the most familiar concert i´ve ever seen. The Beginning of the concert remind me at Ravels "Bolero", where the orchester warm up his instruments.
The Sound was so fantastic and so warmth, with all the problems you have. But I think, these mistunes made this concert so familiar, so real and so organic sounded.
I had goose bumps the entire time.

Thank You very much and keep your spirit and energy for the rest of your tour.

I´ll see you in Frankfurt

ncanani a dit…

Hi, Jean Michel,

Thank you for the concert last night. As people before me have said, it was magnificent and really warm. Your energy on stage was just amazing. For an italo-brazilian it was a priviledge to have the opportunity to attend your concert in Berlin but you have many fans in South America, including my mom, who would love to have you there. It would be great if you could perform in Brazil in- or outdoors. Maybe in Rio de Janeiro with the view of corcovado behind the stage. Thank you again.

Cindy Nunes a dit…

Salut JMJ! Depuis que je suis aller te voir à ton concert à Lyon en 86 que suis fascinée par ta musique. Je vis depuis 95 au Portugal et je suis restée euforique qd j'ai su que tu venais à Porto le 27 Avril. Tout simplement incroyable! J'ai biensûr réserver en 1ère file... regardant ce blog et les extraits sur youtube de tes concerts, notamment à Berlin, je trépigne d'avance. C'est un honneur de te recevoir dans mon pays. Je pense que c'est ta première venue ici et ce ne sera sûrement pas la dernière. Ta musique est intemporelle, incomparable. MERCI! À toi et à toute ton équipe. À bientôt...

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hi Jean Michel Jarre!

I am very happy for you when I read your blog these days...

I do hope the tour will continue as a wonderful time for you,Francis,Dominique,Claude and all of you!

I loved the time in Paris and London,and I look forward to the concert in Oslo...
The best wishes... also for the new album project.

Thank you for all the wonderful musical memories.

Yours truly
Turid Elisabeth

LG a dit…

Although I'm Belgian,Berlin is greatest city of EU!In café Einstein(Unter Den Linden-avenue) you are hanging between other celebrities!!!The blog is very interesting,hope you have enough redbull for the rest of the month???2008is turning out to be one of the most interesting years in my 25years Jarre-history,and I am 31years old...merci,Lieven Goes-Louvain Belgique

littlesister a dit…

Nice to see that you do rest sometimes ... ;-)

Thank you Jean Michel for taking the time to write/post to this blog ... it is enlightening to hear how you feel about the tour, the music, the venues, the audiences... , and it is great as fans to have a place ,a chance, to share our experiences of it with you.

I hope the rest of the tour goes smoothly and is as enjoyable for you as the previous shows have been for you. I know they have been amazing for all of those who have seen them so far ( me included !- in London ).

Again, thank you for sharing just a little of your world with us ...


tarantula a dit…

Hi Jean Michel!!!
Спасибо Вам за Вашу Чудесную Музыку, дарящую ощущение полёта и свободы! Спасибо за незабываемые шоу.
From Russia with love!

Carado a dit…

Hello Jean Michel Jarre
Je parle un petit francais, donc je dois utiliser un traducteur pour vous l'écrire. L'espoir il traduit correct.
D'abord je veux dire merci pour le spectacle à Stockholm, c'était un des meilleurs concerts que j'ai vus. Il montre que vous appréciez beeing sur le stade, je pourrais sentir votre enery. Tu est magnificent!!

Carado a dit…

To Jean Michel
Now I have a suggestion, I hope that you don't think that Im rude or anything. The part of the show when the earth ant the skull is showing, I think you are playing Oxygene IV then. Efter when the camera is turning inside the head and starting to go out of the skull. You should have a small camera that are taking picture of the audience and blend it with the picture from the skull. So when the camera starting to move out throught the eyes the audience see themselves from the eyes of the skull. And if you want to you could sell the photos of the audience after the show.

Thanks again for a great show
Best whishes
from Carina i Stockholm

Anna_Poland a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,
Your concert in Berlin was just amazing. Oxygene for me it’s always a specialy moment.
Your music is like a freedom in this full of commerc and global world! You give us emotions and wonderful memories.
Thank you Jean Michel for for taking the time for us here.
I hope I will see you soon back in Poland (in- or outdoors)…
I wish you inspirational energy and all the best !

Best whishes from Poland – Dziękujemy!