jeudi 10 avril 2008

Aarus, and other double-A

Aarus, second biggest city in Denmark went great also. It seems that we have fun on stage with the band. The energy is there...
Being in Jutland again, we remembered Aalborg, the fantastic concert in a windmill field which ended under the rain. Good memories..

Aarus Concert Hall, one hour before the show

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Anonyme a dit…

I bet you had a great time there...Best wishes from Romania!

Anonyme a dit…

Nice point of view used in the picture! You know, I'm thinking seriously about spending the whole day going around the Liceu hoping to see you and bring with me my Oxygene Live in your Living room and a marker pen... :D

By the way, I was in the Liceu some days ago and while watching the opera I recalled a post you wrote about the Royal Albert Hall and the mirror you use. I think you could have problems with it also in the Liceu or at least many people wouldn't be able to see anything because of the situation of the seats and so on.

See you soon!

Sebastian a dit…

You (and the others)gave me a lifetime experience in Aarhus last nigt, that tops all concerts I've ever attended. Not only was I in the front row,(and whearing my T-shirt from the Aalborg concert:-). I even got to see you play the Moog Liberation right in front of me (and Dominique on the Mellotron)I even had the honor to shake your hand. Thank you for this amazing experience.. it is definitely not the last time.
Best wishes

Paes a dit…

Today I've bought my tickets for your concert in Salamanca. First row, First seat. It's gonna be my second concert ever, afer Royal Albert H. a few weeks ago. But this time will be special because you're gonna play in my hometown, it is more than a dream come true.

I hope you have some time to visit the town because i know you're gonna get surprised for the beauty of the city and maybe you can get inspiration for an outdoor concert here.

Thank you Jean Michel.

Carado a dit…

I have heard som much about the concert i Aalborg, I wish I been there despite the rain and the mud.

I like the photo from the concert hall.

Wish you and the band all the best.
Bye from Carina

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Jean Michel..
I saw your machines playing together..i believe it is a great feeling to work live with them but also very sensitive maybe to tune!
I drop a line here where i hope you come to MALTA one day as well..
And looking for your next studio album..maybe an analog and a 135bpm
kind of style.. ?
Wish you the best!

fabbri a dit…
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fabbri a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
fabbri a dit…


I am Fabrizio from Rome (Italy) .
I am a Jarre fan since 1976
when there was "oxygene".
The oxygene pieces were used for a lot of documentaries.
So I liked these pieces but I did not know the author.

I discovered that these pieces
are of Jarre in 1983, when in Italy
there was the success of the disc
"Synthesis" .

I am also a fan of Claudio Baglioni

Ciao .


Mateusz Idzik a dit…

Thank you Jean Michel for your concert in Berlin! See you in Poland :P

norways a dit…

NOTICE: the danish city is spelled Aarhus and not Aarus ! ;-)
with that said...
I'm looking forward to the concert in Oslo 12.april .
How is the schedule for that day?
Is there a tiny chance of seeing Jean Michel nearby the arena before the concert ?

Hans-Jørgen Johansen, Norway