jeudi 3 avril 2008

Stockholm, 3/04

Arrived in the afternoon, nice weather. In the bus for the hotel, I took the microphone to thank all the crew for all their efforts.
Then I had supper with Jean Louis, Pierre and Benjamin, a young tv director. We discussed about doing a documentary on the tour.
Before that I had had a long chat with a journalist from the Independent. He loved the concert at the RAH and wants to do a feature in the Independent on Sunday next week.
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Unknown a dit…

Hello Jean Michel!
I feel really happy hearing that you have a great time with your crew on tour. Unfortunately I could not come to the concert in Carre but I have seen and heard many of the tour. A documentary is a good idea for on a dvd or tv. Are all the old ladies still in good shape? All that travelling and stuff. :)

Keep it going! See you soon!

Evert Meurs
The Netherlands
Fan since 1988

Unknown a dit…

Hi Jean Michel

Good to hear the concerts are going well, sadly i cannot attand any of them because i live half way across the world in little old New Zealand. It will be great if you decide to play a concert in Austrialia or New Zealand. Best of luck for the rest of the tour.

Borche Citkusev

benerios a dit…

Coca Cola and wine. Are you always French ?

Thomas a dit…

Sorry, the Coke and Wine are gone, JMJ uploaded new pictures instead, but it takes some time on a mobile phone.

dendemokratiskadiktaturen a dit…

Wow, i cant wait until tonight. Too many hours left :-) Will be great since i also went to to the previous concert you held here in 97.

Anonyme a dit…

A documentary would be great (especially on DVD!), I'd love to see that.

And I'll be keeping an eye out for the piece in the Indy as well.

kroffe a dit…

Bienvenue á Suède Jean-Michel!

Can't wait for the consert tonight!

/kroffe a dit…

Alors que JMJ est en concert en Allemagne,ayons une pensée pour Klaus Schulze qui a en ce moment quelques problèmes de santé...Il a annulé son concert à Paris ce week-end...

MrVisscher a dit…
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MrVisscher a dit…

Nice Aero reference in the Nordic area, they still remember the concert :)
Good luck with the concert in Stockholm tonight. I hope for all the fans over there you will be able to create the same atmosphere as the RAH and Carré, it was fantastic...

Audio Coffee Productions a dit…

What I'd like to see, as regards a project, is a 'fans eye view' documentary based on any of the concerts. I'd willingly contribute my videos to a fan collaborated project that would focus on the atmosphere at each venue played at. The concert itself wouldn't be a major player it would be the pivotal spot maybe on another project and then the after - the part where we all wait outside patiently - thus forming a three step project. Once the tour is over, it would be nicer and more fitting way to share all our experiences and more so for those who for whatever reason, couldn't attend any of the concerts.
It would be a tremendous archived item that people would want in their collections as it would then feel more personable to them and the sentimental value would outweigh the actual cost.
Just a thought....! :-)

Unknown a dit…

Welcome to Sweden.

TV7 is showing a documenraty next fraiday at 23.00

See you tonight


Anonyme a dit…

Excellent! Glad to hear that everything went well this time. I will certainly get the newspaper this week to check this article. Thanks for the info!

I know you have loads of projects in the pipeline, but would you ever be interested in working/collaborating/remixing with EBM/metal industrial bands such as Nine Inch Nails, FrontLine Assembly, Wumpscut, to name a few?