mercredi 2 avril 2008

Playing in Denmark

Copenhagen went really well twice, yesterday and today, all the problems we had in London did not happen here. Talking about London, a lot of the problems came from the power system of the Royal Albert Hall , the mirror out of sync, one video projector and some lights switched off from time to time... C'est la vie and we had our revenge in Denmark.
The musicians played great , the light and staging were much tighter. Every part was more controlled and we've got 2 standing ovations.....
Yesterday night I met the people from Elektron. They created one of the most interesting drum machine and mono machine. We'll keep in touch in Berlin.
This morning I met a nice and interesting journalist from the serious danish newspaper, Politiken. He already put his article on Politiken website. Then I had a productive meeting with magnetic the danish fanclub. We have a few projects together. We'll teel you more about this soon.
Thank you to Copenhagen for such a warm welcome.
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Dennis Dithmar a dit…

That was such a nice night. I've been playing a great deal of the same instruments over the years, but I haven't seen so many of them play together since sometime in the 80's.

This was my third Jarre concert but after Aalborg I was somehow reluctant to go. I thought I was doing a friend a favour by going. It turned out he was doing me a favour by inviting me.

Jarre - you gave me a truely fantastic night!

Alexi a dit…

Thank you so much for two wonderful concerts. It was great to see you play in such a venue.

I must say that the second show was best, the sound where better (it was not bad in the first concert, only better hte second ;) ) and the crowd where much better.

And thank you so much for stopping for autographs and photos after the show, despite the usual Danish rain.

I hope to see you soon again, I would have loved to see your other shows in Scandinavia but money is always an issue :)

Enjoy the rest of the tour, and return to Copenhagen or south of Sweden real soon.

Thank you once again for two fantastic evenings

Kind regards

Stefan Alexi (PMgep) - Lund, Sweden

amilo a dit…

It was a great concert in Denmark. It was my second concert, the other was the AERO-concert. Thank you Jarre for a great concert.

Signe a dit…

Hi all,

Just to avoid any confusion, please be advised that the address for the danish magazine Jarre refers to, is and not .com.

See you on the site:-)

@+ Signe

Gunness a dit…

Thank you for two terrific concerts. The second one definitely had the edge over the first, but both nights featured four tighly-playing musicians doing magic on the stage.
The visuals were appropriately subdued, whereas Jean Michel was in great form and obviously enthusiastic about sharing his wonderful music with us.

Can't wait to see you here again!

Signe a dit… made an interview with Jarre during the meeting we had which will be online within a few days - please don't forget to check the site.

And thanks, Jean Michel, for two amazing concerts - definitely much better than Royal Albert Hall and just as good as Marigny. Keep up the good karma:-)

@+ signe

Ras Bolding a dit…

Thanks for the concerts and for the interview. The improvisational approach and live feel definitely works - this is the way to go also in the future! :)

Ras Bolding
( /

Henrik a dit…

2 amazingly intense and live performances. JUST the Jarre I always wanted to see. A slight problem with resonances in the bass area (the room? the loudspeakers?) especially when Claude played the deep notes.
Great to see the energy and happyness.
We were all crossing our fingers during the rebootings ;-)
Thanks a lot for 2 amazing days. Just a magical as original concerts in Paris.

Johanfrc a dit…

I was attending the first of the 2 concerts. It was my first Jarre concert so I can't make any better/worse comments.

But it was a fantastic concert. I really enjoyed the whole concert. And already on my way home I had a feeling that it is not the last Jarre concert I'll attend.

Thanks alot for the fantastic night Jarre. You just gave me a new way of looking (and listening) to Oxygene.

Schlatta a dit…

Thank you for a wonderful evening in Copenhagen on the 1st of April. Me and my friends had a terrific trip from Göteborg and although we didn't get home until four in the morning it was well worth it! And thank you for the autographs after the concert as well. I had the privilege to get a photo pass for the magazine I work for and before you can read about it you can see some pictures here:

-/Fredrik Schlatta Svensson a dit…

Alors que JMJ est en concert en Allemagne,ayons une pensée pour Klaus Schulze qui a en ce moment quelques problèmes de santé...Il a annulé son concert à Paris ce week-end...

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for a great show in Copenhagen the 2. of April. It was my first show with Jean Michel Jarre and hopefully not the last ;-)

You can see my pictures from the concert at

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