mercredi 23 avril 2008

Nightmares and Ola

Everything started yesterday when the truck carrying the backline equipment arrived 5 hours late because of a bad puncture. Then we finally did the sound check at 20:35, the concert starting by luck at 22:00.
And then the problems started for me.....
The MemoryMoog went out of tune, the same for the ARP; we had very little time to set up everything. I tried quickly the Moog Liberation (the portable keyboard) and it had a constant vibrato that I couldn't stop. We tried everything and eventually Patrick succeeded to make it usable.
I decided to go on stage with a maximum of energy and ready to cope with anything and..... everything happened!
First of all the Egg chair did not turn properly, the arpegiator of the MemoryMoog was blocked, the ARP was out of tune and I had to retune each of its oscillators live, one AKS had no sound, I had to switch the power off and on to make it work, I had to re-pitch the flute sound constantly all along Oxy 2, the DigiSequencer was blocked and I had to reload the sequence for Variation 2 and play something else in the meantime, the percussive sequence on Oxy 5 was hard to start and the Eminent went crazy on Oxy 13 during the encore..
But I felt Claude, Francis and Dominique really on the case full time and the audience totally with me from the beginning and it gave me the necessary energy to rage against the machines!
The Moog Liberation solo with its strange sound was probably one of the most inspired I've played since the beginning of the tour and the concert one of the most spectacular since the beginning as well.
The result was that the audience went really crazy screaming and doing the Ola at the end - we got the most animated standing ovation. ¡Viva Madrid...!
The French Ambassador in Spain and his entourage came backstage. They all said they enjoyed the concert a lot and were impressed by the excitation of the audience generally quite young. He is a very nice man with a good sense of humour quite different to your ordinary diplomat. He said there is a lot of interest in Spain for an outdoor concert of mine particularly around the theme of the environment - we must meet again soon to pursue. I also spent some time with Rodriguo Sangro from EMI, a very nice, articulate young man, who was in school with Emilie, my daughter. We'll definitely keep in touch.
I am on my way to Lisbon in the bus, I spent some time with Dominique. Janet, his wife was there in Madrid. It was so good to see her around. After difficult times, I found her in very good form and looking beautiful. She loved the show and Domnique told me that she said she received such good vibes that she felt much stronger this morning. In the end, it is what music is made for.
Then we talked with Dominique about our relationship along all these years, the fact that this tour is doing a lot to reinforce our links. He said that he was really amazed by the fact that we are sold out everywhere, with such a success. We're all feeling lucky to get such a positive feedback in the unusual genre that instrumental music is. It is, actually, what makes these concerts so unique. We then talked about future projects and the direction the music should take.
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Mr. Mxyzptlk a dit…

"I am on my way to Lisbon in the bus
Lisbon!!!!! You play today in Valladolid!!! I'm going, I hope not to have a surprise...

Desmond a dit…

Jean Michel, I has been waiting fifteen years to see you in a concert.

Finally my dream has become real and I was yesternight in Madrid. I enjoyed a lot the concert and I'm happy to see that you're plenty of forces and illusion.

The sound was not optimal (excessive bass) and another time Memory Moog failed in Oxygene 2 (I was at Marigny 15-dec-07), but the concert is unforgetable.

I hope to see you in another concert in Spain soon (not another 15 years, please)

My suggestions for a big concert is the Calatrava's Architecural complex called "Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias"

Or directly related with Environment, this year is the Universal Exposition in ZARAGOZA with the Water as main theme.

Thank you Jean Michel, keep making music!

JeromeTV a dit…

TURN THAT BUS AROUND NOW move move fast back to spain ;-)

equinoxe a dit…

Oh, please write "I'm going to America" someday! ;-)

Seriously, please jump the Atlantic! it's a short trip! :-D

More seriously, it is really moving to read the human side of your tour, and your personal comments. Particularly touching was the Dominique part. Give my best wishes to him and his wife. I hope that if she has some health problem, she gets well soon.

Jay Valambhia a dit…

This is so amazing to read. I saw Jean Michel Jarre live in London at the Royal Albert Hall. It was flawless and symphonic.

Sometimes, having a few gremlins helps spice up the show. It just goes to prove just what a professional team Jean Michel Jarre has with him.

Bravo to all.



Svensyntetics a dit…

This Blog was a very very good Idea. Thank for let us take part! You getting close. Live in the Livingroom!

Sven, Munich

JMich a dit…

It seems that some good vibes escaped without authorization from instruments to get inside people (your team, relationship, and the public) ;-)

But maybe it is better to cumulate breakdowns in one evening than regularly in the tour, isn't it ?

Ce blog est vraiment une bonne idée.

JMJ a dit…

Thanks for the Madrid Concert. I was in Seville one, but I was sad for a lot of friends that couldn't enjoy the live experience in Madrid. So now, 15 years later, we are all happy.

Hope you take with you the black T-shirt I throw you at the finish of the concert. :))

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hi dear Jean Michel,Francis,Dominique,Claude and all you working ants..what a wonderful Oxygene Tour!:)

..And when I read "I decided to go on stage with a maximum of energy and ready to cope with anything and..... everything happened!"

It make me think about a quote by Walt Disney..
"It's kind of fun to do the impossible.":)

Success and positive weedback..cause we can feel you four on stage want to deliver the best of Oxygene music..which you do with great charm and an amazing energy!

Congrats and continue with the good work.

Lots of love;)

Unknown a dit…

Oh My God!!! Im from Valladolid and I have just come home from the Jean Michel's concert here, in Valladolid.

Jarre, you say in this post that your concert in Madrid was full of bugs.. I have to tell you that your concert in Valladolid seems to have been PERFECT ..

Im glad to see you in our city ... Thank you very much!

Unknown a dit…

Posts like these are why I love this blog. See who the person is behind the musician. If something goes wrong, what will one do on stage?

And I was very excited to hear Dominique was back in the "band". I'm very impressed by his work, back in the Christophe days, for Space Art and Stone Age. His input at the Oxygene tour 97 was superb too.

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Unknown a dit…

I had the ticket for the 1993 concert in Madrid... yesterday I saw you (ufff fifteen years).

Despite all the problems it was a very emotional performance.

Outdoor concerts are awesome, but indoor ones are very special, we can nearly touch our idol.

Please, release your older VHS concerts on DVD.


Paulo Gonçalves a dit…

Lisbon Concert in T minus 2 days and counting.

Paulo Gonçalves from Lisbon, Portugal.

Max a dit…

Hi JM!
my admiration for your courage!
setting and tuning all those old machines every concert should be a very hard mission! And, I think, the Madrid audience, has understood that.

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Jean Michel!

I'm spanish, from Madrid, and I was in your concert on april 22.

I didn't know your problems before the concert but I really feel some mistakes, not very important, but it's normal when you play music live. Don't worry about that.

You were great; in Madrid we have been waiting for long time to see you and, for that, we gave you all our love. For that and because your music is the best in the universe.

My dream was always to turn back in time and to be present in "Paris La Defense, Une ville a Concert", the best concert I've ever seen. You touched the sky that night. It's nearly impossible to do a concert like it.

Today my dream is to see you outdoors in Madrid. I hope it become true.

Your music drive me to another world, a world created by you, like an astral trip. Thanks for create the transport to take me to a new world.

You will always be welcome in this city and in Spain.

Best regards,


Pablo a dit…

Dear Jean Michel, your concert yesterday in Valladolid was amazing!

I´m waiting from now the next tour or a great outdoor concert in Spain!

Unknown a dit…

I have been listening to your music for about the last 20 years, it doesnt seem that long :)

Back in 1988, things were very different for jarre fans in the uk. There were no fanzines, no fan groups and definetly no internet.

This did not dissuade me from becoming a lifelong fan even if i did have to pester my mum for 2 hours in sainsburys to let her lend me the money to buy the cassette of revolutions the day after it came out.

I still remember getting home, listening to it and it blowing my mind with its strong melodies and arrangements (i still think that the industrial revolution suite would sound great if you performed it with a full orchestra).

But I digress, I just want to say thanks for all the moments of enjoyment that your music has given to me through the years and getting the chance to know the real jean michel jarre through the blog that you post everyday, which 20 years ago would have seemed beyond impossibility.

Nice one,


Anonyme a dit…

It sounds like an exciting night!

Thank you again for this blog, it's so great to be able to read what is happening as the tour continues. And you look and sound happy and relaxed - I hope this bodes well for the future projects. I hope that if there is another big outdoor concert soon, I will be able to go and see it.

Anonyme a dit…

i was in barcelona at liceu, im 35 years and since i was a child, i'ven listenning your music, Jean Michel.
It have been a pleasure watch you in direct, i couldnt kwon tou you. but this day is an realy very important day in my live.

thanks for you music, and for to be as you are.


Arturo a dit…

Thanks for such a wonderful concert and such a magistral way to put the notes on its tone when the instruments wanted to trick you a bit, that’s the magic of the jewels of the analog technology. Best regards, keep the good work and hope to see you back soon.

Now it’s time now to write the experience in my “sio4” blog (with some pictures too ;)

Dr. Elektro a dit…

This time i can saw you so near, not like in Sevilla, too far away...
I´m not noticed about the bugs in the concert,only the excessive bass, and i have to say : Thank you so very much for the concert!!
I was waiting a moment like this since I heard " Les Chants Magnétiques 4" promoting on the radio. I was so very young and inmediately become a huge fan. "Les Chants Magnétiques" was my first disc. Thank you for all the good times!!!!!

Ras Bolding a dit…

Hehe, it's nice to see even the big shots get their fair share of problems with the machines.
I remember doing a concert at a festival last year, playing my Commodore 64 live when one of the keys fell off - how punk is that? :P

danée73 a dit…

I will always remember this concert and more when you shake my hand when I told you that I came from germany to watch the concert. great-t