vendredi 11 avril 2008

Country side, it is good to visit such a place and to play in this small town with the same energy than if it was New-York, Paris or London. It is what we did and we've been rewarded by an enthusiastic and sincere audience.
When french artists, if any, played Skive last time, I don't know, but we all had the feeling that we were carrying a bit of our french soul here tonight.
Talking about the french presence, we are always astonished by the absence, most of the tIme, of french diplomats during these concerts, not necessarily for us, but for them, it's even becoming a joke.
Not taking the opportunity of a strong presence of french artists and technicians making big headlines in the national press and not using it in their own interest is crazy and a big mistake, because it is also their job.
Ironically, we have regularly the presence of foreign diplomats or national political figures.
In all cases, along the road, that does not change anything for us..
The musicians, Dominique, Francis and Claude are really great as artists and friends. After all these years I am still discovering them. They are so different and like in any good band so complementary. I would say that the fifth and sixth members of the band are Julien Vouillon on stage and Alain Courieux behind the console in the hall every night, our two sound engineers, great pros and humam beings. I know that we can go and play on the moon and they will deliver the best possible sound...
Good night.
Francis during the sound check, Berlin

Aarus, in front of the new Digico console, Alain Courieux and Julien Voillon, 2 dear friends and talented sound engineers doing a great sound every night. See

Bananas, flowers and Dominique.

With Ras Bolding, one of the heads of the danish fan club,

Artist attacked by an army of suitcases in a tiny lift.

Is Hannibal Lecter on stage tonight? No it's Patrick tuning the ARP in the dark..

Skive, Concert Hall

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Signe a dit…

Weheee, Ras you look great with Mr. Godfather JMJ.

I brought my father, sister and two nephews to the first Copenhagen concert - three generations of JMJ fans. Had my grandmother still been alive, she would have been there too (she was with me in 95 for Concert pour la Tolérance)and we would have been 4 generations.

After the concert my youngest nephew, Benjamin, age 5, asked: "Auntie: is Ras born with lip stick and green hair". I didn't really know how to answer that peculiar question, so I merely explained that some years back - during the Oxygene Tour, he had pink hair - and so did Jarre - so it's really ok and cool. I promised them to find a pic of our hero Jarre with pink hair, but have not succeeded - does anybody have one of Jarre in pink?

My nephews love Jarre and I am pretty sure we have a new generation of young fans - I have seen so many kids between the age of 5 and 10 for this tour, both at Marigny, RAH and in Copenhagen - mostly in CPH though. Did anybody else notice?

@+ Signe (who, unfortunately cannot have pink hair in the Investment Bank :-()

norways a dit…

welcome to Norway tomorrow!
How is your schedule for the day?
I would really really love to meet you, or even just to see you in public! That's one of my biggest dreams in life. I make music myself, and YOU are my greatest inspiration. In fact, I STARTED with music 'cos of you ! :-)
Thank you!!!

Hans Jørgen Johansen, Norway

FabiettoCAT a dit…

Dear Jean Michel, are you trying to point us to this page?
*Images from Jean Michel Jarre in Dublin*:
LOL! These are the same kind of photos I was forbidden to do in Paris at Marigny! (I'm a
bad boy!)
Tonight I re-saw this beautiful interview for the Italian music channel All Music:
It's quite strange to view the "Fab Oxy-4s" now on Italian TV, and a good emotion too!

And please don't stop the Oxy Vintage Tour in Zurich!

If you can, I like to find the link to in the homepage: it's the Jarre news source n. 1
for Italian speaking people!
Thank you for all!

Diego a dit…

A few hours ago I had the opportunity to talk to you, but in my dreams :) I woke up 1 hour ago...

I asked you if you had read my messages in this Blog (from Venezuela) but you told me that you didn't remember.

I also told you that your messages are (for me) the best detail that you have given us, so many years with littles appearances here and there but nothing like that.

Thank you very much for LIVE interpretation in this concerts, this is other GREAT gift for many of us.

I'm waiting for you here in my country (I hope one day..) all my collection, all my video concerts, anything is compared with seeing you alive.

Thank you.


Ras Bolding a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

We cannot keep meeting in dark alleys behind concert halls like this. They'll find out sooner or later. Let's just get it over with and be married already. :P

Anyway, thanks for the four concerts in Denmark and good luck for the rest of the tour. And now I better fix mastering on one of my songs and then write my review of those concerts instead of adding silly comments here. ;)

Ras Bolding
( /

MOTITA2002 a dit…

Hola que tal:
Es entretenido traducir diariamente lo que escriben para enterarse de las novedades de usted.( ojo uso traductor)
Lo felicito por sus actividades y conciertos.

Signe a dit…


Did we mention our interview with Jean Michel is online - in danish - on - we will put the english version online shortly.

For those interested there are a few old interviews online too and a fairly new interveiew with Michel Granger, the artist who made several of Jarre's album covers, that we did in Paris before xmas last year. A few funny Jarre facts are included.



Signe a dit…

...the Michel Granger interview is in english...:)

Bentech a dit…

Hi Jarre,

thanks for visiting DK for 4 concerts,I was in Århus and Skive and it was great experiences ;-)

I have been to several of your concerts but AERO was the best,I am glad that you also have good memories from that September night.

I have enjoyed your music in about 25 years and are now playing your music for my friends kinds.The oldest ( 3 years ) says it is lovely music and like to watch my DVDs.

Good luck with the rest of the tour , also greetings to your 3calm,silent friends in the back !!

Love from Bente,Aalborg,DK.