vendredi 29 mai 2009

Unexpected Koblenz

We arrived quite late in Koblenz in one of the most unusual venue of the tour: the roof is half glass and then we had daylight until 9:45. So we did the soundcheck between 7 and 8 and we started the concert at 9:35pm in a rather gloomy light. I was able to see all the people in the audience, it was so strange..

Again the magic was there like yesterday. It seems now that we have achieved a certain level of control of the songs technically. We can really improvise and play around the themes. The German audience and the fans were really great and we had a real good time on stage. Everything went well, the new AX-Synth is a bit brighter and seems to sound better than the initial prototype.

The laser harp worked well, not like in Brussels where I had a real problem in Rendez-Vous 2. Indeed yesterday, right in the middle of the laser harp part, it froze, the harp went crazy and sent all the MIDI notes at the same time to the Synthex. Patrick leaped on stage like a rocket to switch it off then on and reprogram the sound. I tried again, but the harp was still crazy, I then rushed at the Synthex to play the rest of the theme directly on the keyboard, but the sound was uncontrollable. The audience followed everything and applauded, which I did appreciate...
Tonight, as I said, everything was OK. At least this accident definitely convinced all those who still thought the laser harp was not a real live-performance instrument...

The Theremin in Koblenz

An unusual venue

13 commentaires: a dit…

Jean Michel, You are a great man!
Please give such concert in Yerevan, Armenia.

Your Armenian friends,

Jay Valambhia a dit…

Still amazing the way you all manage to smooth over Technical issues. Nothing beats a live concert.

Rina a dit…

I'm lookin' forward for tomorrow in Zürich! Juhuuu, I'm so happy to see you! I hope you will have fun in Switzerland!

Best wishes,

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel,

maybe later the Youtube channel and MySpace could promote In-Doors tour instead of latest old-new release of Oxygene. A tip. :)

strega a dit…
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strega a dit…
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strega a dit…

I was there on Thursday and I really enjoyed the show. Right, it was a quite strange thing in that place with the last daylight coming in- but a few minutes after start you could forget about that.The sound was clear and the bass was shaking the ground, so you could really FEEL the music (sounded sometimes like a huge, pumping heart- great stuff!)but, guys, no need for trying to blow away the roof- loudness is not all, and sometimes it was loud like hell. A little bit less would have done more to your beautiful music! Away from that I really loved it, and I hope to see you all soon again live on stage.

Love and best wishes!!

Robi a dit…

Lack of promotion...from the forums :

"I went to a local open air market last Monday. Several people stopped me to comment on my Equinoxe t-shirt; asking where i'd bought it. When i said i got it at the concert the night before (NIA) they didn't believe me at first. All said they would have attended the concert if they'd known about it.

Did anyone else notice that the only UK paper to carry ads for the tour was the same paper that gave away copies of the Oxygene CD last year?"

"But still, there can be done a lot with media coverage to give his concerts more "airplay" ;o)"

"In Europe it is more easy to reach fans or curious people because of all the non-official Jarre media but what with the USA, Latin America, Asia or Australia? What will the concert promotor do there to reach people? I hope they will have a better marketing plan."

Popsi a dit…

Hi JMJ !

Complete fan of your work since 1989, I'm preparing for my 4th JMJ's Concert ! (third in Switzerland). Feel right now like a kid !!! This time, I managed to get the best seats... And tonight, my family and I will be this evening at the very front row (first rank, places 2-5. Unfortunately, one of my sons gets these very lasts days a leukaemia, and will be able to be there - which he really wanted. I promised him to bring back a souvenir, and hope you will be signing something at the backdoor.... See you later !!!

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel,

your management might not ready for a world tour, for selling your concerts in USA or Australia.
If Asgard consider to provide the same level advertising as it did for this May (close to zero!), then I would think it over twice to trek the world with this management!

Jens Pielawa a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,
I saw you in Koblenz on Thursday and must say, that it was indeed a rather strange venue, but I think the audience forgot about that just as the show started. I never felt that we had some daylight coming through, and the show was evolving great. It seems you are always a bit skeptical about german audiences, but the second half of the concert it went to the best, you have to admit.
Although Koblenz is not one of the bigger cities, its surrounding with the Rhine, Mosel and castles is enchanting and I hope at least you had some time to sneak around in the famous Rhine valley. I feel that you may can play some bigger cities here like last year, and would really appreciate some more concerts in Germany, of course with some more promotion.
Best regards from

P.S.: The security should be aware, that Fiona is always taking some photos in front of the stage - the guys in Koblenz forgot that, indicating to her twice not to take photos...

Zwoekie a dit…

Hello Jean Michel!

Like I said earlier I loved your show in Amsterdam, it was awesome!
The lasershow was jawdropping :) I never saw anything like it, even DVD doesn't capture the whole surreal ambience which is created.
I saw you met my friend, his lastest cd is definately recommended. I write a mix of western electronic music and traditional east Asian (Chinees/Japaness) music. "fishing junnks at sunset" performed life is something I strife for, it's so beautiful!

Jean Michel, I built my studio with a certain music style in mind. Among other synths I own a Nord Modular G2, Access Virus TI, Arturias Moog Modular, ARP 2600 and CS80 and a Reaktor 5, there are more softsynths but I think the Nord and Virus can do the job.
I searched the internet for books, tutorials for the first two about how to create patches like "waiting for Cousteau". I love those earie ambient sounds but haven't been able to produce them.

I know this is a shot in the dark, but can I get in contact with Claude, Francis, Dominique or maybe yourself for some help? Maybe someone else from the soundteam?
You already said in the tourbook how difficult you find it to get in touch with fans and I understand, but After the O2 gig in Paris and now Amsterdam I'm so psyched, I want to create those sounds for my music.

Can you help little old me?

Jean Michel, Dominique, Claude, Francis you are pioneers! You invented those sounds. Anyone??

Please help me.

Thanks in advance....

You know how to reach someone if you want to.

I hope you have a great tour and release a great DTS DVD (with a talk through, please, then you're really "INDOORS" in my livingroom LOL!)

Matthias a dit…

Thanks a lot for the great concerts in Koblenz and Zurich. The new Magnetic Fields 2 Version really rocks!
Hope you enjoyed the sightseeing in Zurich. It was a nice surprise to run into you and Francis... ;-)
I'm looking forward to the 12 concerts in Germany you told me about.

Best regards