lundi 11 mai 2009

After Malmö

Hi everybody, the concert in Malmö is over now, and it went rather well.
It's a strange venue, brand new, very high, and it's actually the second concert there, the first one being by Bob Dylan. The sound is interesting in the venue, it was quite all right.. We had problems with regulations for the lasers in Sweden, and particularly here, as we had to aim the lasers above the highest row of people in the balcony. So the lasers stayed quite high tonight, and we couldn't render all the effects I wanted.
Apart from that, it's work in progress, and I think each concert brings a little more confidence to the crew and the musicians. I'm looking forward to the next concert tomorrow in Gothenberg.
Good night!

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Unknown a dit…

Been a fan for roughly 15 years now, and last night in Malmö was the first time I saw you perform live. Thanks for the amazing experience!

Unknown a dit…

It was a great performance, with an incredibly rich and full-bodied sound.

I was about 30 degrees off the center line and a bit above the stage, so the height of the lasers was just fine for me. The lasers also made a beautiful pattern on the structure of bars in the ceiling.

Dr_Jones a dit…

Enjoy the days in one of Europe's most beautiful countries! Well, in my opinion of course...

Robi a dit…

I read in a Swedish newspaper that you are ( performing new music in Malmo, "testing" it in front of audience.
How about this?

C-Jay a dit…

see you in amsterdam!

Alexi a dit…

Great concert last night. Really great to hear som eold favourites that we haven't heard fo a very long time (Equinoxe 5 finally back!) Enjoy the rest of the tour in Sweden!

Anonyme a dit…

Dear Mr. Jarre,

I'm very glad to see that you perform some really fantastic classic JMJ tracks during this tour like Equinoxe 5 etc. But what about a big surprise for the audience?! You have composed so much great tracks over the last 30 years, but some of them you have never played live - and the people love those tracks.

It would be a dream to hear Arpegiator or The Overture from the China concerts. Or Globetrotter, Moon Machine... But the coolest thing would be if you would perform a track from the Music For Supermarkets album!

Mr. Jarre, don't hide these acoustic jewels! :-)

Best regards,

spirit69 a dit…
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spirit69 a dit…


Thanks from the news in the begining indoor tour

Nice lights but no visuels and i want listen Ethnicolor on stage

See you in france ( Lyon from exemple )

Enjoy Jean Michel , Claude , Francis and Dominique


Jokko a dit…

I was saw, heard and experienced the concert in Malmo last night.

I can say that I, my two close friends, my mom and her friend was in a state of foggy magic. We completely loved it.
The light show was lovely and my personal favorite was when the 5 "light machines" behind the artist was like 5 faces that observing the stage.
The music sounded very good and I love the way that there where no speakers on stage blocking the experience.

I have never had much good shivers and at the start of it all I had some happy tears in the corner of my eyes.
For me, this was an legendary experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

So thank you Jean, thank you so much.

Ekis a dit…

Last night a dream come true.
Jean Michel Jarre live on stage and I was there, in Malmö Sweden!
A really great performance and a incredibly nice sound.

Thanks Mr. Jarre for an unforgettable concert.

Robi a dit…

Globe Trotter, Ethnicolor, Orient Express...Jean Michel, belive us, you will be recognised by these too! ;-) Fans gonna appriciate big time!! :D

AndreasLindholm a dit…
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AndreasLindholm a dit…

Thank you for the concert Jean-Michel. Too bad I couldn't get through to you. I would have loved to take a few good photoes and HD-clips for you.

Karima a dit…

Just arrived home from the concert in Gothenburg. Have indeed waited for this opportunity for so long now (see my review on my blog:

Thanks so much for the tears of this evening, the joy of hearing you live, the amazing show with light and smoke. Unforgettable!

Sunny regards
Karima from Lyon (FR) and Gothenburg (SE)

Gustaf a dit…

Perhaps the lasers could hurt if someone gets a beam directly in the eye. So play safe! :-) Very much looking forward to the gig in Stockholm.

Robi a dit…

Someone's posts get cancelled all the time! No metter, sure he / she deserve! :D ;-)

jawalka a dit…

Hi Jean Michel
I agree too about Globe Trotter, Ethnicolor, Orient Express.. I would love to hear these songs at one of your concerts.. Please, think about it, because in my opinion your fans would be gratefull if they had ocasion to hear those beautiful tracks.

Best wishes, Kate from Poland :)

Unknown a dit…

Thanks for a great show in Malmö!! For me it was my first show...and if i get more chances I will join some more. I wonder is there any chance that you can put the setlist for the show in Malmö here? Thanks from Sweden and have a great day in Stockholm tomorrow!!!

bella a dit…

Thank you so much for last night in Gothenburg. It was amazing. Here's a video of Second rendez-vous, including when you hit the wrong key and got out of sync ;)

Zsolti a dit…

Hi Jean Michel, Francis, Claude and Dominique,

ehm.... in the next tour: Tokyo Kid ;-)? (Maybe not so popular, but one of my favourite, maybe... but I like all compositions of You!!!) Of course: Moonmachine, Eldorado, etc. we would hear them on the concerts!!
And respect for the Sessions 2000, very deep, good conception!!! I imagine to continue this musical lines spicing with Oxygene-Equinoxe-Chants Magnetique era ;-)

So, have a good concert in Helsinki!! (Finland is one of my best place on the World, I like it very much!!!) And please come again to Hungary!!!!!

Best wishes!

Synth Haren a dit…

Was a very fine cosert in stockholm , sweden, but i feel that we in Sweden, havenot got the full light show, due to some stupid swedish regulations regarding how lazers apparently cant is not allowed to be pointed at the public, think the light show was dissapointed, due to the lazers pointed up towards the cieling... :(

Unknown a dit…

Thanks Jean Michel for a fantastic concert in Oslo!
Great show and sound, I especially enjoyed the laser harp so big thanks. This was almost as great as the Concert pour la tolérance in Paris in 1995. Hope to see you back in Oslo soon, best regards Erik.

Hans P a dit…
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Hans P a dit…

Thank you for a great concert i Oslo. Both sound and lights/lasers was fantastic. In `97 tour you came back to Oslo to play one more time for us, are you doing that this time as well? Hope you are coming to beautiful Bergen, city in the west coast of Norway. Playing at Grieghallen (Venue Capacity 1,500), or Vestlandshallen (Venue Capacity 10,000)
Thanks a lot

Best regards
Hans Petter

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hi dear Jean Michel! :)

You 4 guys were adorable on stage 13s of May Oslo Spektrum!

I loved the whole concept..tracklist... sound... light ..your charming smiles!! lol

(The audience in Norway was a bit slow to response...they woke up right before the end of the concert! haha)

Thanks for the wonderful music memories and the great inspiration!

Turid Elisabeth

Michael1972 a dit…

Dear Jean Michel Jarre,
This time I bring my parents and my girlfriend to the concert in Malmö, and they really LOVED the show, your carisma and the music! I was playing it load(!) in their house when I was young.
For me... you make me cry of happines first time I saw your concert in La Defense. I was sitting on the bridge (waiting for 10 hours) a few hundred meters from stage. This time in Malmö I was close (5th line in front). You once again brings happy tears in my eyes when you enter the stage with Industrial Revulution, more hot and spicy than from your album :)
You make me earlier even to visit fantastic places like Mont S:t Michel and Bruxells.
I´m really looking foreward to your next BIG outdoor show! I´ll be there - where ever it will be!
For then I wish to hear Ehtnicolor (maybe in new sound and version)and once again Equinoxe 7. And thanks for playing Equinoxe 5 this time.
I not only like your tracks, I really LOVE your sound and your mysterius way to mix it. It brings my into caves, underwater, deep into space and time. Your music is biologic and breating and stand for everything around us on this planet. Today even deeper with more bass than before :)
THANK YOU JARRE FOR EVERYTHING!!! You have a big big part in my heart and in my life!!!
See you soon! :)

Best regards Michael Nilsson

Trine a dit…

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic show in Oslo May 13th :D

Everything was great; the sound, the laser show and last but not least the energy you brought on stage. I wish the audience would have followed up on that part.

If you need an idea for a location for an outdoor show, we have some spectacular mountains in the western part of Norway:

Jeanbatman a dit…

Hi jean Michel,

It seems the In-doors show is getting better at each venue. Keep up the good job, and mosu of all keep blogging ! We fans are so impatious with news from you !

Regards from France,

Isa a dit…

Hi Jean Michel
Thank You for a heavenly trip with all the good music. When You started Souvenir of China, I was flying!
I did´nt thought, as You, that it was "rather good" I thought it was thrillingly good!
Thanks ones again for a heavenly monday in Malmo!
Lots of love
Milott and Zdenek