samedi 16 mai 2009

Scandinavian ellipsis

In the plane on the way to Helsinki..
Finally the concert in Oslo started sounding and looking close to my expectations. There is something special with this venue, the audience (who was really great that night, many thanks to them) is really close to the stage, and it gives a feeling of proximity quite unique. In addition you don't have these far too strict regulations like in Sweden for lasers, so the audience could be truly immersed in the waves of light.

In Stockholm, yesterday the sound was really good but lasers pointed a bit too high. I am now starting to control the laser harp rather well, but maybe I should make a few intentional mistakes for people to really understand that it is live!!

I am really enjoying the touch of the AX-Synth, the prototype that Roland Europe kindly got me before its July release for the solo in Fin de Siecle. I think this instrument sounds really great. We had to cover it in black for lighting reasons, I know that Roland Japan is preparing a special version for me to fit the project. I really appreciate.

Talking about instruments, after the gig in Stockholm, with Dominique, Claude and Francis we met all the team from Clavia. We had a good time talking about new ideas for future projects. We were also impressed by the Nord Electro 3 and the Nordwave, which we really would have to get for the next leg of the tour, specially for America and Australia.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to playing Helsinki. I like this city. The Railway Station is a great piece of architecture. During the cold war, the Russians, who were not allowed to come to the West, were coming from Moscow, just to spend some time and money in the restaurant of the station transformed in a casino where they could play blackjack, roulette..etc. And then going back home by the next train. You can still imagine KGB spies being around..

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Patrik Eriksson a dit…

Hello Jean Michel.
I want to thank you for your magnificent performance in Scandinavium. It was the third time I saw you perform live, and it sure was a lot dryer than when I saw your concert in the windmill park back in Denmark 2002. ;-)
I think the setlist is very good with a lot of my favourites being played. I was very thrilled that you performed Equinoxe V again. It's been a long wait.
Give my regards to the rest of the musicians, especially to Francis who I, together with a group of other fans managed to meet after the concert. He's a wonderful guy.
Last, I do hope that there will be a DVD release from this tour.
Good luck with the rest of the tour.

Robi a dit…

Thanks for this writings JM!

Hope you will get "Terra Australis" in this tour and Aussis can hear and see your great concerts! You deserve this world tour, including Australia ; and Aussis deserve you too!

Good luck Jean Michel, feel good...even if I have some critics must know...all we wish you succes and happiness.

C-Jay a dit…

almost amsterdam time.. cant wait. :)
and i would also love to have this tour on dvd, i hope u will release an official recordings of the show. and please make it special, with lots of extras like backstage footage, making of, footage from the bus / travelling... wicked!

Toastedpig a dit…

THX for the great concert in Göteborg. But I´m a little disappointed that You didn´t show up at the security-gate after the concert.
But it was fun to meet Francis Rimbert.
Welcome back

A lot of photos from Göteborg can Youi see att this site.

Tommy Christiansen a dit…

Thanks for a great show in Oslo!
I'm a longtime-fan, and I also had the pleasure of taking som reasonable shots of the show.
Pictures can be seen here;

Thanks again for the great show, Jean Michel,- I will probably try to see the show it you take it to Latin-America too....time will show if you get that far.

Good luck with the tour.


Jeanbatman a dit…

I hope yoy're able to sleep enough to get through all the concerts that are ahead of you !
See you in Brussels in great shape (as usual) !


Robert Kojan a dit…

Thank you for a great show in Oslo!
You are simply the best!

Please come back, we miss you already :-)

Arthur a dit…

Dear Mr. Jarre,
Your concert in Oslo was my first ever concert. I've longed for something like this for over 5 years (I'm 17 now).

And I was not disappointed. It was well worth to take the plane, all alone from the north of Norway, take the bus into Oslo and wait several hours for the show.
Then travel by train to some relatives of mine, and finally get home again by plane.
It wasn't cheap for a 17 year old boy, but it was well worth it.

Regarding the show, I have 3 bad things to say about it, and 2 of them were completely out of your control.

Firstly, people were way too late. It seemed that almost half of the audience came after 19:30.
Secondly, the audience was a bit dull in the beginning and middle of the show. Things really heatened up later on though.
And last, but not least, we weren't allowed to bring any cameras with us.

Despite this, it was truly MAGNIFICENT!
Keep up the good work; I really want another album from you as soon as possible. ;)

Jorge Jorquera a dit…

Jean Michel, is really great to read that you have plans for "America". I hope that this also means "South-America".

If i could help in something, let me know. Best regards.

Jorge a dit…

Jean Michel,

I look videos in YouTube every day, because I haven't opportunity to participate. But I share your feelings every day!

Thank You for your music and all that you do!

Jenny B a dit…

Hi, thank you for your concert in Stockholm! I have been a fan for 25 years, but this is the first time I got to hear you live. Wonderful. I wrote about it here:

Good luck and enjoy yourself on the rest of your tour!

Anonyme a dit…

Dear Jean Michel Jarre

Thanks for the news!! I really expect that South America and specially Brazil could be a part of this tour.
If you come on day in Brazil please come to my city Belo Horizonte and also Sao Paulo/ Rio de Janeiro ;)

Robi a dit…

So this year will see other continents...?
Or this year is Europe yet, then 2010 will have Australia, America, Asia and Africa?

Unknown a dit…

Oxygène en long, en large et en travers...

Rendez-vous 2 deux fois, rendez-vous 3 deux fois...

Mais de rendez-vous 4, aucun signe!



On s'est quand même bien amusé :-)

Sammy a dit…

Hello Jean-Michel
Sorry for a bit delayed comment, but THANK YOU for the great consert in Helsinki. I was there right in front of the stage. You may have seen me, I was the one with the display that had images of your CD covers rollin on it. I have no idea how well (if any) it was visible to the stage, but it was something different so I just had to try it :-)

By the way, I have some images that I took at the consert with my digicam. If you want to get a copy just ask :-)

Patrik Eriksson a dit…

Hello again Jean Michel.
Like Sammy I too have a lot of images from the concert taken with my digital camera. I too offer to share those for an imagebank from Göteborg and Scandinavium.
I sat at row 8 so I got quite good pics both at the stage as well as the lightshow.

I hope that you will return to Sweden with an encore of the show later during the tour.

Glenn Henriksen "Electronic Secret" a dit…

Hello Jean Michel Jarre :)

I hope you had some time to listen to my "Electronic Secret" that I gave to you in Oslo.
I'm in the studio now and writing music to my next cd "Electronic Message"
Thank you for many years of insperation...

Best regards from Glenn Henriksen

Glenn Henriksen "Electronic Secret" a dit…
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