lundi 4 mai 2009

World Tour kicks off

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equinoxe a dit…

Good luck!

Digital Snake® a dit…

Hi Jean Michel, Domino, Francis and Claude.
Good luck for yours and ours adventure!!

Me and all italian fans (on we hope to see you in Italy again (you have signet to me a copy of Deserted Palace in Milan on November!).

Daniele, aka Digital Snake®, admin of italian forum


Dr_Jones a dit…

I'll see you in 3 weeks in Amsterdam!

thomas07wroclaw a dit…

Bonjour de Pologne!!! - bonjour de Wrocław, Je Vous attends avec l'impatience dans notre cite - Wroclaw ...Il reste encore 2 jours jusqau le concert, Nous attendons!

Salutation cordiales!

J'espere Vous rencontrer pendant la visite a Wroclaw... pour la dejeuner a Bistro parisienne dans ma tres jolie - medieval ville ;-)


guirivaud a dit…

Bonne Chance Jean Michel et merci pour la video !
I will be at Wembley, Manchester and Birmingham and I cannot wait for your concerts !
See you soon :-)
Much energy,
Gui Rivaud
( I'm the Fan you met in 1998 after the recording of the fantasy football show in Putney,London just before the world cup ... I was wearing the French football shirt :-) and in 2000 whilst working for the Virgin Megastore in Taunton I ran a massive promotion for the release of Metarmophoses and sold 250 copies in 10 days putting you at number 32 in the Virgin megastores charts :-) and finished in the TOP 15 of the Teo & Tea internet marketing campaign ) ... Now working as professional environmental fundraiser for the past 6 years ...
A bientot Jean Michel,
Sinceres amities,

littlesister a dit…

Best wishes to the start of the tour Jean Michel ( and team, of course !! )...

Hope everything goes like clockwork for you all ...

Counting the days until seeing you again @ Wembley Arena ....

Jessica x (littlesister)

Paulo Gonçalves a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,
first of all, the best of luck for your new tour.
I hope to see you for my third time and expecting the second time in my home town, Lisbon - Portugal.

Paulo Gonçalves.

Jeanbatman a dit…

Jean Michel, I wish you the very best for this tour. What a lucky man you are, travelling around the world with such beautiful music.

Greetings to all your crew and especially Claude, Dominique and Francis.

See you in Brussels !

JB / admin,

Kanta a dit…

Dearest Jean Michel,

Good luck for the whole tour to you and your crew. See you in Wembley Arena and the NIA. Looking so much forward to it!

All my best.

Audio Coffee Productions a dit…

Break a leg, Jean Michel..! see you in Manchester :-) a dit…

Hello, Jean Michel!

Your Armenian fans wish You good tour!

Armenian Fan Club

Unknown a dit…

Dear Master:

First of all,all our love for you and your family,i´m sorry too much
the loss of your father.

I do not missing the event in Madrid.As always, it will be something magical.

Good luck.Thank you.

Vojin a dit…
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Vojin a dit…
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Vojin a dit…
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Vojin a dit…

Dear Jean-Michel,

I'm proud to post a 1st comment after Debrecen show - just after I came back to Serbia, at 8:24 AM :)
STUNNING! GREAT SETLIST! AWESOME! First JMJ World Tour 2009/10 show, I was honoured to be there and talk to you again in vivo...
Really look forward to welcome you again in Serbia in near future!!!
Yours faithfully

Vojin Sarcevic
JMJ Fan Club Serbia - OZONE

Robi a dit…

Hi Jean Micheeeeeeeeeeeeeel! :)

I saw your concert yesterday in Debrecen. What I can only say, it was the biggest concert I've ever seen and it will remain the biggest concert!

Spectacular light - and laser design, REALLY a brand new sound sytem , which is revolutonary!!! I had not seen like this, greaaaaat! :D

I travelled 250 kms there, 250 kms back from Debrecen, but it did worth the effort, money and time!!

I would like to ask for apologies in the name of Hungarian promoter, Live Nation, for being under-promoted concert, but I do think we fans created the proper mood, clapping, screaming :D and standing to near to the stage!

Jean Michel!

Bravo, you are great!

Best regards and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best regards

Dinc Arslan a dit…

rSee you in London!!!!

Unknown a dit…

Merci pour ce message
Beaucoup de succès pour cette nouvelle tournée.
@ très bientot à Bruxelles
Et encore merci pour le message lors du Festival synthetic à Rouen
Bises à toute l'équipe et bon courage...

Tim a dit…

See you in Manchester in less than 3 weeks!

Thanks so much for your music and the implicit thought which goes with it; your music has been the the dominant soundtrack to much of my life since "The Essential" released in the 1980s.... :o)

Saw you at Docklands in '88, La Defense in '90, Maine Road Manchester for 'Chronologie' in '93, Manchester MEN for Oxygene 7-13 in '96(?)... see you in Manchester again on the 23rd!

Safe journies :o)

Tim Prevett

Nino Auricchio a dit…

great from what I've seen on YT. Can't wait to see you in the UK.

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel,

maybe stil 2 things I would like to say.
There was no new music, despite you promoted. Weren't new tracks ready yet maybe...?

You also promoted HD visuals, but we couldn't have seen them.

Maybe things are being developed during this tour. (?)

Thanks for chance being possible to share our thoughts with you!


Pierre a dit…

Hi Jean Michel.

I write to you because I have the deepest respect for your work, and because I am attending your concert in Herning,
Denmark, this upcoming saturday. My first concert with you, and I am sure it will be something to remember for a long time.

Sound is more than just noice and you have proven that fact over the past many years doing what you do.

When I listen to your images of sound it is as if I am touching and participating in your dreams on a sub-concious level.
I am sure many of your other fans feel the same way. You have given us alot!

A great part of your music touches the human emotional spirit and mind in so many ways that I think you have covered
every aspect of it:

- You can rock the house and make us jump up and dance to tracks like "Calypso 1" and "Popcorn" or

- You can blow our minds with that brilliant bassline from "Chronologie 6" which you build-up to perfection with bass, drums and synths or

- You can make us weep within seconds as images of disasters and human destruction flashes by when we listen to "Zoolook 1" and other heavy-hearted tracks or

- You can make us relax or come alive when we listen to every track of "Oxygene".

Words can hardly explain which emotional buttons you push when we listen to Jarre. And great inspiration is a natuaral result from it ;o)

I know this is a bit foolish but I like the idea that you are exactly 20 years older than me. I was born August 24th 1968.

Looking forward to your performance in Herning! Maybe, if I am lucky, I can get 3 autographs from you.

Cya there ;o)

Yours Friendly

Jonazz a dit…

Hey jean michel, good luck on this tour can`t wait to see you loved you show in Skive last year and now ready for the new in Århus this year.
from Jonas Villadsen DK.

Anonyme a dit…

I hope to see you in Brazil. This year is celebreted the French in Brazil year. So long!!!!

Tanci a dit…

I saw the show last night in Debrecen. It was awesome! Great experience!

Tanci a dit…

I saw the show last night in Debrecen. It was awesome! Unique, spectacular laser lights, superb sound, unforgettable experience! Thank you, Jean Michel!

Mihai D a dit…

Hello Jean Michel!

I hope to see you again in Bucharest, Romania, or ather city

Good luck with this In Door tour

Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

Hi Jean Michel :-)
So we see you in Wrclaw tomorow :-)
you look great !!!!! :-) really
Take Care and good luck :-)

Unknown a dit…

Jean Michel, Francis, Dominique and Claude!

Thank you for the great concert last night in Debrecen!
It was a childhood dream to me to see you, and you did it in the most very professional way what I can imagine and what I saw at all!

Good luck for the rest of the tour! a dit…

It was absolutely perfect in Ostrava. Please, come back again and again!

jarreblogru a dit…
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jarreblogru a dit…

Hi, Jean Michel!
Very pleased to see you with us in the blog again!! We don't know yet but we are looking forward to seeing you in Russia.
Hope that this tour will be one of the best for you and everybody!

And one last word...)) Send our birthday greetings to your wife Ann.

Your Russian fan community from jarreblogru. (


Heidcast a dit…

Dear Jean Michel...

I really wish you all the best for this tour...

enjoy to be playing with your old friends (specially with the great Francis!!!) and the "old ladies" too...

Think about come to Barcelona... (soon!)

Show them all you are the Master!

You are awesome!




Robi a dit…

"Quelques critiques

- Mauvaise promotion

- Rien de nouveau sur le plan musical
(nouvelle muqigue? Oxygene 7...10?

- On voit rien sur la scene"

Mais bonne: Equinoxe 7, Calypso 3, Les Chants Magnetiques 1 et 2!!

Alin a dit…

New world tour seems to be great

Please come to Romania!

Zsolti a dit…

Hi Jean Michel, Francis(You know me, we meet again now between two buses :-), Claude and Dominique,

so, very-very thanks the superb concert in Debrecen. It was fantastic eighter musical or visual point of view. I enjoy to see how You play and Francis too (I sat on this side and can see the stage)... the communications between the musicians... so great!!! I know it, because I'm a musician too ;-)
And thanks for the Oxygene concert too in november, it was fantastic!!! And the concert Oxy 7-13... ;-)

Have a good tour now and good luck!!! And I hope, You can come again to Hungary soon!!!


(P.S.: for Your father... R.I.P.)

jawalka a dit…
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jawalka a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,
I do not know how should i thank you for concert in Wroclaw. It was wonderfull.. You was so energetic :)And Thank you for Calypso 3 :) I was so happy that you played it, that i cried and smile in the same time:) For me it was unforgetable night :)
Thank you thank you thank you :) :) :) Hope you will be back again to Poland :) We will wait for you :)
And i wish you fantastic time in the rest concerts in this tour :)

Sorry if my english is bad..

PS- I am so sorry for your father :( He was great man..

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel, if possible, please come back to Hungary in 2010 aswell! Or if it's won't be possible, at least, to some of the neighbours...Wienna, Bratislava, Zagreb or Belgrade...! ;-)


Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…
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Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…
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Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

Hi my friend
Thank you for the magnificent concert in Wrocław :-)
Was super !!!!
Lasers/visualisations and exposure was fantastically as you .
Was great -as always ;-p
I could not make good photo you ;-p becous you was very busy hahaha ;-p
Was difficult about good take hahaha
I hope we see you soon on next concert ;-)
Good luck on the Tour and Take care :-)
Greetings for you, Francis, Claude and Dominique :-)(for Patric too) ;-p
See you soon in Poland agin :-)

Regards and hug: Nina

Robi a dit…

When will Fotonauts site contain photos of Debrecen, Ostrava and others? I see Aarhus on line.

Tour's next destinations in Far-East and Down Under maybe...?

o2runner a dit…

Hallo liebe Jarre Freunde aus Deutschland!
Ich empfehle Euch DRINGEND: Auf nach Koblenz!
Gestern Abend war ich beim Konzert in Herning / DK. Es war GIGANTISCH. Ein komplett anderes Konzert-Ereignis als die Oxygene-Tour. Wer die Musik von ihm liebt, darf sich das nicht entgehen lassen.
Zur Set-Liste sage ich nichts, lasst Euch überraschen!
Der Sound war HERVORRAGEND, obwohl ich schräg links zur Bühne sass. JM JARRE präsentiert ein revolutionäres Sound-System. Beim Eintreten in die Halle seht Ihr keine Lautsprecher. Der Sound ist unsichtbar. Die Anlage ist versteckt hinter der Bühne! Somit wirken die Lichter und Laser besser und die Musiker sind nicht von hohen schwarzen Türmen abgesperrt. GENIAL! Licht und Laser sind PEREFKT ausgewogen und man wird nicht mit visuellen Darstellungen überschüttet. Und das schaffen die Heinis aus den Charts nicht, die uns mit ihrem Müll dichtschütten wollen!
Für mich das PERFEKTE Hallen-Konzert, keine Frage.
Ich wünsche Euch viel Spass, geniesst einen unvergesslichen Abend mit dem besten Musiker dieses Sonnensystems.

Zwoekie a dit…

Bonjour Tous!

What a great year! JMJ is really coming to town. Last year we had to travel by car and train to Paris to see the awesome O2 ?show in the Marigny Theatre, now I can drive a relaxed 20 minutes to see the "INDOORS" show.
I really have high expectations after the video Jean-Michel had sent us. Talking about invisible PA and a stunning lasershow and huge high def screen, one can only wonder.

Another thing I wondered about, this came up during a little chat with a good friend and very talented composer (he just released his 2nd album and it sounds great, pay him a visit on MySpace)
Since I write most mail on my cellphone I don't know his exact url but if you browse through my friends at You'll find him for sure. Take some time to listen to his music, its worth it.
We were talking about how absolutely brilliant it would be to be able to get in contact with someone like Jean Michel. Can you imagine what you could learn from him? But he said he tried eve everything over the years and like others no luck :-(
Is there a way to get in contact with you Jean Michel? Except of course by remixing another version of Oxygene part 3?
You always are very enthiousiastic about remixes of your early work, but wouldn't you like to hear a mix of, I don't know.... Maybe Sessions 2000 or maybe even Aero?
I'm an unsigned artist but really serious about my work. I have to be, considering the amount of money it has cost me to finally own a professional studio LOL. You've been an inspiration for over 25 years now and still are one of the most innovative and creative musical minds of our time.

In Le Marigny I sat front row looking directly at the bottom of your 2 aks synths. I could have grabbed you by your pants LOL!

I hope we all can enjoy your talent for a long time.
Again, I'm so sorry about your father. I wish you all the strenght and love you and your family need.

Yours sincerly,


Robi a dit…


There is no HD screen unfortunately this May, despite it was promised!

Anyway nice laser and light design!

Zwoekie a dit…

Hi Robi!

Thats a shame.
But even without the HD screen the show is gonna be totally awesome.

Thanks for the nfo Robi!



Neil Parsons a dit…

I wish this new tour include Spain in its itinerary and see, for my very first time in my life, Jarre in action.

Any cities suggestions? Seville, Madrid or Barcelona would be one of them, or even have a performance in each of them in one week?

It would be a wonderful night for me to remember if it's possible.

Kindly yours,
Ignacio Prini (Spain)

Unknown a dit…

Hey Jean Michel, Dominique, Claude and Francis. Thank YOU for a great show again and keeping your fans posted about your adventures. Your music is for all times and never gets me bored. That's what good music is all about.
Hope to see you soon in Holland.
Good luck and greetings,

David a dit…

Best of luck and let's enjoy.


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