dimanche 17 mai 2009

Flash back

Flying back to Paris before the british gigs next week, I am thinking about these past few days. The concert in Helsinki yesterday night was with Oslo, probably the best one so far. The audience was great and enthusiastic, the sound. really impressive and I gave a lot ot energy on stage. Theremin, accordion, AX-S solos went well. Laser harp on Rendez Vous 3 was great but it suddenly froze in Rendez Vous 2 for unknown reasons.. The mood was so hot that we did a second encore with a reprise of Oxygène 4. Later we did a screening of the film of the show at the hotel to adjust the lights and lasers for next week.

The show changed so much since the beginning. It is much more consistent now.

So many things happened and already really good memories. Thomas stayed with us for a week. He did so many things, time lapse shots, films, photos. He is also bringing so much to the all atmosphere of the tour day after day.

My daughter Emilie and her daughter Madeleine came to see me in Denmark and the three of us had a real good time together.

On each leg of the tour finding new keyboards or synths becomes a ritual! This time I found in Malmö an Ion Alesis quite rare and handy and a Korg PA 500 for having fun in the bus.

Claude as usual is buying the most unusual stuff from Bear paws to Gravadlaks..

Next stop Glasgow on Wednesday, then London on Friday...

26 commentaires:

Jeanbatman a dit…

Dear Jean Michel, this first part of the tour was really a please for the ears and the eyes.
The audience was incredible in Helsinki, clapping and enjoying it to the maximum !
The show with the lasers blowed me away... except I wasn't in the audience. So see you in Brussels.
Take care.

Robi a dit…

Ritual synthesizers? :) Sounds good...you gonna create magical sounds and rythms from them! ;-)

Have a good break now, wishing You great week in the UK!

Unknown a dit…

Thank you so much for a memorable concert in Stockholm. The setlist was wonderful. I think many would like to hear Téo & Téa (I know I would)

I wished we could have seen the laser show as it was intended. We have so many stupid laws, maybe that's why us Swedes are so depressed and så few were on their feet in front of the stage ;)

Good luck with the rest of the tour.


Mikis Mau a dit…

Hello from Finland and thanks for several reasons.

I could see you really impressed the audience. You were full of energy, smiling and it looked like you enjoyed so much yourself.

I was pretty sure that the problem with laser harp was intentional. Anyway, I had a honour to see the harp solos just in front of the stage. I will never forget the feeling.

Another memorable thing is that I could hear you practising or doing sound check just a couple of hours before the concert when we had a dinner behind the gates. I heard no one has done that before on that venue.

At last but not least, the cover of my "Images" is now autographed, by accident. I wish you, Francis, Dominique, Claude and the crew all the best on the tour. And good luck finding more rare instruments on your way!

jukka a dit…

Thank you very much for the great concert in Helsinki!

This was the second time I attented Your concert. The first time was in
Helsinki 1997.

I learned about the 2009 Helsinki concert back in December on the day that ticket pre-sales started in the web and immediately ordered tickets for me and my friends. Seems that I was the first as we got the center front seats.

Best money I ever spent!!

I've listened to Your music since 1987 when I was 12 and basically grown up with it. Seeing You play the Laser Harp from less than 3 meters away was an unforgettable experience and it brought tears to my eyes. From that distance the concert felt incredibly personal, almost private.

Also I am eternally grateful for the autograph. Yes, I'm the big guy in the front row with the binder... That binder is a school presentation about You that I wrote back in 1991 when I was in the 9th grade.

All the best wishes to You and your team!

Magdalena-Jarrefany a dit…

Dear Jean Michel!:)
I would like to say thank you for the concert you gave in Debrecen
you gave me such a pleasurous evening once again
Emotially I am still under its spell
You are the one who gave me the most biggest musical and concert exprerience so far
I was in the first line throughtout the whole show and it was magnificent tosee how you handled all the musical equipments and how you marvelled your fans hearts:)
Many people around me were in a trans, they gave themselves so much to the music.
I also clapped and sreamed the whole time, jumped around during your concert, i couldn't stay still, i always jumped up

why should your fans sit during during a concert like this?

And finally, i would like to thank you for coming out after the concert and giving your hungarian fans autogramms:)
Thank you oh so much:)
You should've seen me and my girlfriend dancing in joy after you came:p
How did you feel during your concert in Debrecen?
We don't know anything about this, do you love us????:p

Please come to us again, we really love you very much
You're smile is wonderful, and smile even more, you look so handsome(even) when you smile

Thanks for not deleting the concert videos on Youtube:))))

Magdalena (Budapest)

Anonyme a dit…

I attended the concert in Madrid from the Oxygène tour last year and it was a true new experience to hear your music live, especially being that album. I was so happy that when I knew you were on gig again I decided to travel from Spain to London next week with a workmate.

It is great knowing that the tour is being a success. I am anxious to attend the concert and see (and hear!) that smiling, joking Jean-Michel one more time.

Have I hope everything goes okay. See you all at the Wembley Arena. Oh, and have a good rest until it's time to fly to the UK :-D

Anonyme a dit…

Looking forward to Friday in London.

Are you on Twitter yet JMJ?

Zwoekie a dit…

Hi everybody!

I'd like to thank everyone who uploaded their clips of the "INDOORS" concerts so far to YouTube, it gave me a real good impression of what to expect in Amsterdam.
The lasers, the sound, the energy its all totally awesome!

Merci beaucoup Jean Michel!
C'est magnifique!

I'm really looking forward to it. You still prove to be the pioneer you started out to be back in the 70's when you showed the world a live show with only synths was possible you did it in Paris and you still keep on doing it.

The sound of the Roland AX is amazing!

Normund a dit…

Hi, Jean-Michel! It's nice to read your blog. Having read the last entry about the laser harp, I recalled that for me your last performance of the RV Part 3 piece, to my knowledge, was on the Houston/Lyon CD. I always tend to compare it to the original version, as heard on Les Granges Brulees in the same key of Fmin. I pity I was not awarded the meet- and-greet opportunity when you toured in Riga last year.
Take care, Normunds

francis a dit…

Cher Jean Michel,

Le jour J - 9 !!! Forest-National
à Bruxelles ! Nous avons bien
suivi le blog et vous ne savez pas
l'hâte de vous revoir après la
tournée Oxygène. Je vous souhaite
à vous et toute votre équipe un super-concert. Nous, les adeptes,
te rendrons tous nos remerciements.

Francis & Louise

-SyntheWizzard a dit…

Jean Michel !!

Merci Beaucoup avec de concert en
Helsinki =) Thank you Very much
on your concert in Helsinki

I really enjoyed it a lot=) !!
Actually it was my greatest events
on week-ends since the Oxygene tour
in 1997 when you last visited
Finland ^^

Your music has been such an inspi
ration for me and I´ve had so much
of strong emotions listening to it
Such energy and passion I gain by
listening your music.. Pure joy!

It seems that you´re as much
enthusiastic and excited to get
new synths as I am =)
I really Love the sound of my
Eminent 310 with EHX 4800 phaser
:D I am collecting my own
"small lounge of huge Jarre-sounds

I wish you very good luck on your
In-Doors world tour as well for
all the musicians and crew inclu
ded the project=) !

With sincere and Very Best wishes:

Jukka Mikael Järvinen
Tampere, Finland

Toni Lund a dit…

Thank you Jean Michel for the awasome and fantastic concert in Helsinki! I was there with my wife and we enjoyed it enormously. You said in the concert program that you want to live up to fans usual expectations. I think you exceeded them in Helsinki! It was truly amazing how much live you and your musicians were on stage. Also, really excellent tracklist and incredible laser-light show. Bravo!

strega a dit…

Nice to hear you had a good time with some of your family! Hm-Grandpa Jean Michel? No doubt you're the hottest grandpa anybody can imagine... ;-)

Best wishes for the next part of the tour- and please add some more dates for Germany this time...

Jarre a dit…

Dear Jean Michel and the rest of the tour crew, THANK YOU for visiting Helsinki! I have been listening to you ever since I was a small kid, surely over 20 years now, and last weekend was the first time I had a chance to see you live.

Truly, you have been an inspiration to me, and seeing you play live has been one of my few life-long dreams. And what an experience it was! I couldn't help tears in my eyes the moment the first notes came out of the speakers and I saw you on stage. What a concert you guys gave us! Recognizing all the tracks you played, brought back vivid memories of why in young age I got interested in electronic music in the first place.

I watched in awe all the laser trickery you had in store for us. Seeing the laser harp freeze was a funny occurence but left no one wondering whether you played live or not.

After the show, walking out of the arena I watched several times to my back if you were going to make one more encore even though the arena lights were on already. I'm sure each and everyone of us could have enjoyed the show for hours and hours.

You have always been and you remain a true inspiration to me. Please, come back to Finland really soon!

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel,

i LOVE Music For Supermarkets Part 6!!! That track is masterpiece, unfortunately in bad quality!
Jean Michel! Please, if You could, in any way, in concerts or album, please perform that pure synth mystical music in decent quality!

Thank you!

Pat Gleeson a dit…

Have a great time in the UK next week Jean-Michel. Why are you not as yet playing in Ireland with this tour? We would love to see you again ! :-)

Pat Gleeson a dit…

Have a great time in the UK next week Jean-Michel. Why are you not as yet playing in Ireland with this tour? We would love to see you again ! :-)

raisa ahonen a dit…

Dear Mr. Jarre,

Thanks for an unforgettable evening at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki!

To hear You play live some of the most fantastic pieces of music ever written - songs that have been part of the "soundtrack of my life" for a very long time - was a dream come true.

I especially want to thank You for playing Magnetic Fields, part I, in it's long version. To be honest, I never thought I would ever be experiencing that song live.

And not to mention Oxygene II in it's current metamorphosis. Purely fantastic. It was as time suddenly stood still, when the song started to emerge from the stage.

May I just ask You something? What has happened with three of Your most brilliant songs: "The Overture", "Arpegiator", and "Night in Shanghai"?
Have You ever played them live since the early Concerts in China?

Anyway, thanks for a perfect concert, with the perfect setlist. It couldn't have been better!

Lasers are great, but it is Your music that captures the heart. May it live on forever!

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

In Oslo Spektrum especially in the end.. the mood was so hot..so by myself I wished the concert could last for two hours more!:)
Or I wished I could hear "We will come back to Oslo soon again!"
Then I could look forward to a new Jarre-concert in Oslo next year!!
I would love to hear wonderful music from Zoolook- Metamorphoses-Geometry Of Love- Teo & Tea and a lot more! :)

Best wishes to granddad
and artist Jean Michel Jarre :D

Unknown a dit…

Thanks for the superb concert in Hartwall Areena, Finland!

I think that most of Finnish fans (including myself)would love to see you 3rd time in here.

ps. Have a great tour!

Mmorph a dit…

Bonjour et merci beaucoup pour le concert merveilleux à Helsinki!

I had wonderful opportunity to watch the entire show right at the front seats, next to the laser harp. This is something that I could not believe to come true and still consider as a once in a life-time opportunity. This also gave me a change to get some unforgettable pictures that I would like to share with you and rest of the crew.

I've always loved your music. If one says that a music is something painted into an invisible canvas, then this is just that! The flow of notes creates images that aren't possible to make in any other way but this. The only thing I missed was having an autograph, but now reading Jukka's comment above I'm happy that he did. I just didn't dare to try as the security guy was already in trouble with all the folk moving restlessly.

I wish you all the good and really look forward to see you at least once more in Finland. Au revoir et merci beaucoup!

JustMe a dit…

Oh! I was blessed to see your concert in Glasgow! :=) Feel thrilled...
See ya there!
I hope you will have a very good time in UK.
On next tour you should see the North of England too. Btw... There are some good arenas in Newcastle-upon-Tweed...

Unknown a dit…

Thank you very much for your nice concert in Helsinki. I hope you had nice time too.
Finnish audience is always a bit slow to warm up, but in the end they'll show their innerself and party along.
It was really nice to see your stage setup and to see that you still (want to) use those original sounds from analog synths.

All the best to you and your team. Hope to see you again in Finland

Mark Polden a dit…

Cher Jean Michel,

In the audience for the concert n Manchester tomorrow evening 23rd May and so looking forward to it!

So excited! Starting to shake already!


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