mardi 19 mai 2009

Malmö, the fast city

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I want to see all these in Yerevan....

Great-great-great tour!!!!

-SyntheWizzard a dit…

Hmm.. isn´t that red synth next to
2 AKS´ a Clavia Nord ?? (measure 1:23 ) ??

If so, its not real analogue but
"virtual analogue" 1995-2001

It´s highly possible that I see
it incorrectly and it´s something
else synth ;).. blurry pic quality

Jeanbatman a dit…

Hopefully the real concert isn't that short :) We would miss much ! Great video anyway !

Olivier a dit…

I am too excited !!!!!!
I saw you in 1986 in Lyon, I was 7 years old.
I had my tickets to the Chronologie Tour at Lyon Gerland which was cancelled ...

... and now... 2009, London, I am fnally gonna be able to see your show !!!!! That's F A N T A S T I C !!!!!!!!

Magdalena-Jarrefany a dit…

Cher Jean Michel!
Merci beaucoup, vous l'expérience de la musique fantastique:)


Nino Auricchio a dit…

I love how the camera goes up and down according to the position of the rear lighting rig for different songs. I'm getting really excited. Seeing you three times in three years is a record for most of your fans I think! Will you be doing a meet and greet after the Wembley gig?

Zwoekie a dit…

OK, that was the fastest concert ever! Even Sepultura do not play that fast. LOL
Great to see how the crowd streams in and the show kicks off.

I love these blog entries and the fact my cellphone is telling me at 06:00 that my "friend" Jean Michel has mailed me a message about his tour. It gives me a sense of closeness, that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

Merci bien,


Toastedpig a dit…

I´ll hope this one is included on the upcoming DVD

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JustMe a dit…

Personally I prefer a slower motion... At least at the begining... ;=)
But I believe that speed isn't matter in a presence of You, Maestro!
And I'm going to have a greatest pleasure to see You and Your Gang on stage tonight.

Halcyone a dit…

Tout ça... pour ça !
Excellente idée en tout cas cette vidéo ! Je ne peux malheureusement pas venir à Londres, mais le coeur y est. Un excellent concert à Olivier, 23 ans après Lyon !
Bonne tournée anglaise.
Loïc / Halcyone

Toastedpig a dit…

There is a one with music on Youtube.

Sea a dit…

Nothing here about Manchester yet, but it was my first ever gig. Been a fan since Oxygene was released here. Amazing gig, the music and lights were mesmerising, loved it. Thanks :D

Stephen a dit…

Hi Jean Michael and Crew,

A short joking story to say thank you (from Ireland) fro Glasgow :)

In an age some little distance from here, where time is less frozen than we know it at present, where time ripples and swirls in all sorts of ways, Admiral Nelson and Long John Silver are sitting in the waiting room of a long forgotten railway station. There’s an old dusty radio on a shelf in the corner – undisturbed for years and crackling to life only when Silver shakes it furiously. Then, as if from another time, music sparkles faintly through the air, somehow familiar, somehow strange, now close, now far, in a flowing, swirling whispering tide of analogue sound waves. “Ah yes” says Nelson, “I remember this one now “how’s it go again”? and he launches into a warbling rendition of “Chronologie 6” –“I loved to play this on the accordion when I was a boy, when sometimes in the distance, far out to sea, elegant, dreamlike, sails like ghosts, crossed the clear and infinite blue”. Silver listens for a time. In one ear the radio is laying down the rhythm, gathering into strands the glistening dust motes and the painterly notes and stretches them across a space so utterly vast of land and sea and time. In the other ear Nelson is still crooning, half in and half out of tune, but he’s enjoying the memories the song brings to mind. “The old songs are the best songs, that’s what I always say” says Nelson, “Aye it’s true your worship” says Silver with a smile, “though it’s not that easy to dance to. “No”, laughs Nelson “and it’s not that easy to clap your hands to either.” The waiting room door swings open to reveal a very grumpy tramp carrying an easel and stand and spattered here and there with yellows the colour of sunflowers, reds the colour of poppies in a field of corn and deep blues the colour of nights above Notre Dame, “Damn you, will you turn that music off” says Van Gogh, “beautiful though it is, it’s not that easy to listen to…”. :)

Hope to see you in Ireland again sometime. Take care. :)

Stephen a dit…

Oops, Jean MICHEL !
Pardon monsieur !

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel!

Will you please play Oxygene 8, Rendez-vous 4, Oxygene 10 during next leg??

gillen a dit…

I just seenyou in Glasgow on 20/05/09.. What a fantastic and intimate show.. I've waited for possibly 15 years to see your work and I was not disappointed.. Great work Jean Michel and I wish you all the best for more years to come :)
Kev :)