dimanche 10 mai 2009

Tuning the show

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tdream88 a dit…

I hope you come to the "Bell Center" in Montreal before the end of 2010! Best regards :-)

J'espère que vous viendrez au "Centre Bell" à Montréal avant la fin de 2010 ! Meilleures salutations :-)

jarre.am a dit…

Jean Michel, thank You for your fantastic tour!!!

We hope to see You in Armenia.

Your Armenian fan club,

Halcyone a dit…

Keep tuning... and be ready for the greatest show in... Marseille ?! Plus sérieusement, dur de résister à la tentation de regarder les vidéos déjà présentes sur youtube pour ne pas se spoiler. Le bonjour à toute cette formidable équipe.

Cathy a dit…

thank you for your updates
I have just 9 days to go until I join you in Glasgow :D I can't wait.

Jeanbatman a dit…

Can this show be improved ? It's yet perfect. Can't wait to see you in Brussels !

Unknown a dit…

Dear Jean Michel, I had the great oportunity to meet you again in Debrecen. Despite the technical problems that you mentioned it was a fantastic concert, a great show. Thank you for everything.
You gave, you are still giving so much to this world. All the answers from your fans, are they satisfactory? Do you receive what you expect? A big question: are you happy? Really happy? I see something in your eyes, I feel something behind your words. Maybe I am wrong :).
Wish you luck in this tour, and I hope I'll see you soon.

Unknown a dit…

!Don´t forget Spain!.

We are waiting anxiously!.

Nino Auricchio a dit…

Thanks for the update. I hope we get some of those 'new' tracks when you come to the UK. See you soon

jawalka a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,
thank you for this video. I am glad that you are still remember about your fans :)
I wish you a lot of energy for the rest of your concerts on this tour..
And also i wish you more smile, because i think that you have hard time after your father passed away.. But i believe that you get lots of positive feelings from the concerts, from your fans and obviously from your frends.

And thank you once again for wonderful concert in Wroclaw.. I will remember it for the rest of my life.. :)

Best wishes and hugs- Kate from Poland :)

Johanfrc a dit…

Thank you for a great night at Aarhus. Despite the delay and a few technical problems it was a fantastic night. The techinal and musical problems only did the concert even more "live" and better. There was a special feeling between you, the musicians and the the crowd in the arena.

I'll remember the night for a very long time. I hope you'll come to Copenhagen later on the tour. I'll be there for sure.

Unknown a dit…

See you tomorrow in Gotheburg :)

Ethnicolor a dit…

Good luck with the tour guys, and *PLEASE* come back to Ireland!

Jonazz a dit…

thx for the show in Århus it was one of the ar.. cant speak becourse im still chockt over the show it was a big moment in my life it really was!
the show was perfect! thx jean michel!

from Jonas villadsen

Unknown a dit…

Thank you for a wonderful show in Herning! Also thanks for coming out after the show. I hope you were not too bothered by the fact that the venue wasn't sold out - if only people know what they were missing. But those of us who were there LOVED the show, so please keep coming back to Denmark :-)

My personal highlights were Industrial Revolution, Equinoxe 5, Chronologie 2 and the always brilliant Rendez-Vous 2.

The fact that it was so live made it the best of your shows I have been to so far! I hope you will make a great DVD release of this tour, and please keep the sound as "live" as the shows. It makes so much of a difference!

Thanks, Jean Michel!

jarre.am a dit…
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jarre.am a dit…

Jean Michel,

Look! You unite so much different people...

Your Armenian Friends,

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel,

will you really perform NEW music in Malmö? 'Cause you mentionned new music in March aswell, but you are not giving *new* piece of music till now.
...Or the old tracks in "new dress"? If so, then it's better to say old tracks with new sounds.

kirsten:-) a dit…


We just want to thank you for a wonderful concert and show in Herning, saturday.
It was a great experience.
It was our first concert with you, despite the fact that we have been fans of you since high scool in the eighties:-)

Pia, Kirsten DK

Dj Ziggy a dit…
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Dj Ziggy a dit…

Hope to see you soon on my birthday on the 26th of may.
And don't even think of wearing that same sweater then:
This is why:
(work in progress)

Mudibi a dit…

Thank you very much for the concert in Herning!
It was the best birthday gift I ever get! I very enjoyed the whole performance. And thank you for coming out after the show. It was a really big pleasure to meet you. I put some pictures of the meeting on my homepage. I like espacially this one: http://www,mudibi.de/bilder/jarremeeting.jpg It seems that you had also much fun. I hope I'll meet you again soon. I wish you all the best! Krzysztof

Anonyme a dit…

Fantastic concert in Herning!!!

Helle a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

Thank your for a wonderful concert in Herning!
It was an absolutely magic and mind-blowing experience.
As I left the concert I believed I could fly, there was nothing left in my mind but music, light and beautiful colours. A night that will stay with me forever.

Shine on you crazy diamond!

Best wishes for you all!

Helle Merete DK Copenhagen