samedi 16 mai 2009

A few photos

Finally some pictures from the tour, click on the cities for the specific concerts.

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Anonyme a dit…

How about Portugal this year?



sergiosobarzo a dit…


Mmm... I've just remember today... where is the prize JMJ promised for the best videoclip on youtube at the end of his Oxygene 2008 tour? My video was here :-)



Jeanbatman a dit…

All these pictures are great, he can feel you're really enjoying yourself on stage, as well as your fellow musicians. But I have a simple question : will you do a recording of these concert for a DVD/Blue-Ray recording ?


MörE a dit…

What about some place near of mexico for a concert this year???... pleaseee..

Zwoekie a dit…

Hi Jean Michel!
Thanks for the text message about Sweden and Finland.
I can't wait to see you in Amsterdam.
I'm glad to hear the show is taking the shape you intended it to be.

Aaahhhh, a protorype synth from Roland, a nice chat with the guys from Clavia.
Oh, lets pick up a new synth while we're here anyway. LOL!
The perks of the job.
Sometimes I envy you but then again, its not always like this. The stress, annoying fans complaining about hick ups at the beginning of the tour, like its as easy as getting your daily baguette at the backery on the corner of the street!
But sometimes ...... ;-)

I just made Steinberg a happy company as I bought my legal version of Cubase 5!
But I needed a better pc as well running on Vista (millions of drivers to download and reconfigure everything again).
I wonder, do you do this kind of work yourself or do you have a bunch of handymen lying around to do all the new Pro Tools installations or reconfiguring?

Anyway, I'm glad you're coming this way.
As I said in the kick off section, its just impossible to get in contact with you.
But you keep inspiring me with each song you make!
I totally love "fishing junks at sunset" especially the live version in China.
Will you ever compose something with Japan in mind? I hope so.
My two loves all in one!
Music from you and Japan!



The Author a dit…

Hey! What about Peru or U. S. A. for the near future? best regards!

strega a dit…

Simply amazing photos! Thanks so much to Thomas for sharing!