mardi 2 juin 2009

Zurich, the last of leg One

Zurich, one of my favourite hall. The black one! Such great vibes.. Sunny everywhere outside and inside... This one was the last one of In-Doors part 1. We were all very excited.

First of all, I would like to thank all the Fans. I feel very lucky having you as fans, you've been great all along. It is a true feeling of warmth and an encouragement to try to do better for you in the first place. You are giving me strength and energy to go on...

This concert was special. I really wanted it to be a tribute also to all the crew:
The sound team with Alain Courieux and all his delightful family, the fifth member of the band did a wonderful job, with his son Cedric and Arno, who is part of the belgium crew as well!!
Thanks to Vincent the sixth member of the band, doing the mix in our ears.. to Alex and co....
As usual my dear Patrick did a fantastic job with "Alex 2" at the backline and so much more.

The laser team became part of the gang as well with Hugo Bunk, Peter and Co.. They did such a brilliant work.
Thanks to our tour manager Chris Rowley who organised this tour in a perfect way. Thanks Chris for the good vibes, cups of sake, smiles, energy making our life so easy in an invisible and magical way.
Thanks to our production manager James Monkman for taking care day after day of everything on site with such elegance.
Thanks to my friend Pierre "Herr Garnier", for his eye and his ears..
Thanks to Fiona, my little sister, for being such a good manager.
Thanks to Louis being so reliable and to Thomas for so many different reasons.
Thank you again Ignace, Glenn (with two "n"!) and all the EML team for the unique lighting....
Thanks to Arpege for giving me the opportunity to get such an incredible sound.

Thank you to Christian Heil for your amazing K-1 PA system.
Thanks to Digico for their support.

Thanks Jeroen and everybody at Roland Central Europe and Roland Japan for your trust in my work.

Thanks to Jemma and all the catering team for such a great food, an important ingredient to a successful tour. Thank you to all the truck and bus drivers who drove us across Europe. Thank you Paul Charles for what you did and thank you Neil Warnock for what you are doing and will achieve....

Thanks to Edith for taking care of me.
Thanks to everybody at LD publicity for their great job.

At last, thank you Dominique, Claude and Francis sharing the stage with me with such talent.

See you soon...

With Fiona

With Pierre

With Glennnn

Jemma, Queen of Catering

Two Dominique, One Fiona

Cool Francis in our elegant dressing room

Egyptian sound check in Zurich

The venue in Zurich

In-doors Mafia

Enjoying the catering

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SLC a dit…

Congratulations with completing your tour. (Or are you really done since you mentioned "part 1"?)

I watched your show in Oslo and it was all I hoped for it to be. (OK, I was hoping for Rendez Vous IV, but I did get to hear all of my other favorites :) ).

I really hope you will return to Norway. When I left the concert hall I was just left wanting to watch more. This was my first time seeing your performance live, and time passed too quickly. So again, PLEASE RETURN! I want to see more lasers! :-)

Robi a dit…

We also thank for everything you gave us Jean Michel! Also thank for Francis, Dominique and Claude.

From the music itself, through spectacles to great energy you gave to the audience as well...

Best wishes for the continuation, wherever you are going to, Australia or Canada.

Peter a dit…
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Peter a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

thank you and your team for this great event in Zurich. Can't couch my feelings I felt sitting in the audience. I hope, that you'll find your way to Austria in leg Two =)

Merci beacoup d'Autriche


Rina a dit…

Merci Jean-Michel!
I really enjoied your concert in Zürich. Just FANTASTIC! It was a dream to see you - at the beginning I couldn't believe that this dream becomes true right now! Thanks for your Team too!
I hope you come back to Switzerland and make your promise true :) But it's not so important to learn german - Music is the best language!
With big respect, best wishes and kisses for you,

Svensyntetics a dit…

Zürich was fat! But please Jean Michel, for the second part of tour no chairs in the audience! You rock like hell, junping arround, doing fat sounds,and the most time we sit on our fat bottoms...

Merci pour ta musique


Kanta a dit…

Dear Jean Michel and everyone,

The May 2009 tour has been very successful from our point of view. The best thing that has happened for my sister and I, this year! Thank you all for the hard work and such dedication. Time for some rest and relaxation before the next part of the tour. Enjoy, cause you all deserve it so much.

Really like the photos. They show just how close you all are.

All my best to everyone,
Love xxx

The Author a dit…

...can't wait to read when will be the next parts of the tour... hope you can reach the North and South of America...

zoolook1980 a dit…

Very Nice Concert !
Congratulation for the Staff, musiciens, techniciens, prod....

Un grand merci aussi pour la disponibilité des artistes à la fin du show ( dedicasse; photos, discutions...)
et un merci à Jean Michel pour la bise !! ( pari gagné !!)


vincent- zlk1980

video of concert:

LutonStevey a dit…
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Glenn a dit…

Jean Michel, thanks for this tour! It was a pleasure to see and hear you in Oslo, and I am sure everyone else who enjoyed this opportunity welcome you back, either for more of the same or another new project, somewhere, sometime.... You always prove to be innovative, experimental and energized, so whatever you have in store for us, we look forward to it!

Some of my pics from Oslo are now online at (click the LOOK button).

LutonStevey a dit…

Part 1 finished... part 2, 3, 4 to go??? I can't imagine how much hard work goes into a tour like that. But well done to you, your band and crew for entertaining us so well!

I'm guessing you'll be touring in your native land La France next since you haven't gigged there on this tour. Just a short hop over the Channel on the Eurostar for us UK fans :)

Hmm if you end up playing the USA, and Houston in particular, that "see you in 150 years" comment was a bit premature?? :oP

Anyway, I thought I'd share a little artwork picture of mine to readers of the blog...

Dan a dit…
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Dan a dit…

Hi Jean Michel, I saw you in Zürich and it was amazing. Thank you for the great feeling inside my body during listening your sounds. All the years I have been waitnig for this moment to see you live on stage. I hope we will see you soon. And a great wish is to see you live outdoor...because i have all the concerts on Video and i love it.
Thanks for the expirence in the "black-hall". And for your next time on stage it is important that: THERE ARE NO CHAIRS IN THE HALL.PLEASE,because i can not sit down when i hear your great sounds.

Jorge Jorquera a dit…

great pics and words Jean Michel, see you in America! a dit…

My dear Jean Michel Jarre and also AERO team!

Thank You very much for such marvelous concert. Because it is not possible for me to attend one of Your In Door concert, I watch all it on YouTube. I can find words to describe my feelings.

Dear Jarre, please come to ARMENIA with this tour. I promise that it will be very fantastic project in Armenia and I think it will be as Your Concerts in China in 1981.

I wish all you, all the best!!!

Your friend AHL and

cgeff a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

Thank you for these shows.
I hope that we will see you again with Francis Claude and Dominique in 2010.

Present at the Zurich venue, it was a great concert !

Thank you for your music, your vitality, your smile... so thank you !

Etant Français, je vais ajouter quelques mots dans la langue de Molière.
Je pense ne pas être la seul à espérer entendre votre nouvel album d'ici la fin de l'année et également l'édition du DVD de la Défense.

Merci de nous faire voyager avec votre musique. Merci aux musiciens et toute l'équipe qui a bossé sur cette première partie de tournée.

Rendez vous en 2010 en France !

patrick a dit…

Brussels was magic Jean Michel.
It was an unforgettable evening, and we hope to see you again soon.

Thank you and your crew !

A fan for life.

Popsi a dit…

Hello Jean-Michel !

Les années passent, et mon admiration ne cesse de croître...
J'étais à Zurich, une salle décidément très classe.
Le concert était un petit bijou de musique, avec des morceaux qu'on n'avait plus entendu depuis tant d'années... quel régal !
Quelle pêche aussi ! Autant de puissance sur scène... Faut nous donner la marque de tes jus de fruit ,parce que là, ça a dégommé !!!

Que dire de plus: c'était tout simplement parfait.
J'ai un seul regret: après le concert on a attendu ta sortie devant le portail - je me suis engouffré avec les fans que tu as rencontré devant la porte, mais j'ai été un peu plus timide et je suis fais refouler à 5 mètres de vous rencontrer par un gardien zélé qui ne pouvait plus refouler ceux qui discutaient déjà, mais s'est rattrapé sur notre groupe... Heureusement Francis est venu nous saluer, et nous étions dans le groupe qui a vu partir le car- sans avoir pu t'approcher :-(

A bientôt donc. Et MERCI pour tant de bonheur !!!

jawalka a dit…

Hi Jean-Michel,

First of all thank you for those warm words about your fans.. :) Remember, if you are on stage for us (your fans),then we always be on the audience for you :) And of course for Claude,Dominique and Francis :):)
During the concerts you feel energy and warm from us..We feel the same from you:) And thank You for it :)
Hope, that you wil always have so much energy, that you have today:)

Congratulations that you completed the first part of this tour :) I wish you that the secon one will be also great or even better :)

I wonder, why you did not write anything about your concert in Wroclaw.. I hope, that you enjoyed that too..

And remember that Poland always wait for you :)

Best wishes and kisses Kate from Poland :) :*

MOTITA2002 a dit…

Salut Je veux aussi fotgrafiarme avec Jarre, et surtout lui donner une bonne embrassade .-

Un salut affectueux de son fans 1


Anna_Poland a dit…

I really enjoied your music in WROCLAW again and "en attendant Cousteau" Sunday
in "Planetarium Torun" in Poland.
Your music is everywhere. Your music and stars.... - fantastic! It was like a dream.
I hope you come back to Poland soon.
Merci Jean-Michel!

Robi a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

please listen to this. Oxygene 4 in a nice version from US!