mercredi 26 novembre 2008

Planet Vilnius

Thank you for your interesting comments. Some of them are fun/clever and full of information...

The concert in Vilnius was probably one of the best so far. No technical problem except a mobile phone buzz, in my ear-monitors from time to time, really disturbing. You can tell at once, when a venue works or not for a project and this one had the right proportions and vibes.

The audience was one of the warmest and I really would like to come back for a next project.
I am still impressed to see such a feedback for a rather difficult project in fact, because apart from three or four popular songs, the rest of the concert is rather experimental.. And the audience is reacting like in a rock concert. It is a real encouragement for the next project, being more ambitious on a production point of view.

Vilnius is a nice little town much more "central Europe" than Riga in its architecture.
Being in the same hotel as the rest of the crew, I organised a drink for everybody to let them know how much I appreciate their energy and dedication to make this tour as smooth as possible. Everybody is doing their job in a good mood, with the feeling of being part of the same family.

On top of it our french and our brits are going well together, a good omen for next year..

We also had a session with the musicians discussing next year projects and with James to talk about potential stage design for the future. I met with Nick H. who organised most of our shows in eastern Europe, and supervised the local promoters. He has a serious experience of the region including Russia. He's a very interesting british guy, living in Istambul, speaking lots of different languages, including fluent french. We travelled together. He organised concerts this year for Bjork, Kraftwerk and few other interesting acts. We talked about the music industry and the touring situation in eastern Europe. He also just finished his own movie in Paris. Looking forward seing him again..

With the Vilnius audience standing after Oxygene 4

A nap for the crew after sound check

Production manager, dear James Monkman, in front of the Vilnius arena.

Vilnius arena just before falling down!

(posted on a mobile phone)

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Robi a dit…

Good day Jean Michel!

YOU are the kind because you are sharing your thoughts, plans and works with us!

I hope you the best, wishing good health and great time in next destination, Slovakia!

Kind regards,Robi

nakodelgi a dit…

Hello, Mr. Žanai Mišeli Žarai
Thank you very much for the amazing concert last night. The mood made by the moogs was absolutely brilliant. Vilnius is already waiting for you next (or any other) year with your new projects!
It was marvelous how could "eight hands" do the job so well. So clean.
No wonder that millions of people gathered in your concerts.
In fact, I wasn't even born then! :)
Thank you again! VILNIUS LOVES YOU!!!

Tomas a dit…

Hello Jean,

I hope that you will be reading those comments’, including mine. Last night was something brilliant. I would call it a concert of the year. So natural, so clear – fulfilled with great feelings, superb music and nice atmosphere.
I am 34 years old now – I grow up with your music. I was going to sleep with your album “Waiting for Cousteau”. Now after those years I saw you playing on the stage – live. You can imagine my feelings.
So to summarize it – Thanks for great moments and sweet memories that you delivered with your concert. Thanks for very nice concert and waiting you to come to Vilnius with other (or even the same) project.
Take care,

Unknown a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,
Don't forget your promise to make big outdoor show next year in Vilnius. Looking forward for it :-)
And thanks for the yesterday's show, for your warm approach. It is something special for me (sure for lots of people too) to see the legend so close.
Till the meeting in Lithuania.

artikraitaip a dit…

Thank You Jean Michel!
I can only describe yesterday show as AWESOME. Wonderful music and visual effects...
Hope to see you again in Lithuania someday.

oxyquat a dit…

c'est devenu un rituel de consulter chaque jour le blog pour suivre presque en direct la suite de la tournée que nous avons eu le plaisir d'apprécier a Rome Prague (avec un nom prédestiné à vous accueillir "O2 arena ";-) ) et visiblement l'ambiance va croissant au fil des dates !!
Oxygène forever et a bientôt pour la suite des aventures des "4 fantastiques "!! ....
oxyquat / Marianne

wanda11111 a dit…

After a hundred years people will still listen to your music. Just like we still listen to Mozart or Bach. You are the best musician in the world and your music is unforgettable...
Have u know that u have thousands of fans in South America? m? Chile Peru,Argentina,Brazil, etc. When are we going to see u???? Brazil is a very beautiful country u can choose for a concert everyone will travel to see u including me. PLEASE consider the idea ;people from this side of the world loves your music too ;-)

Eniko a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

We should be grateful for your regular entries, pictures, that you think about us and most of all, for your music.
It's so good to hear your plans about next year's tour; we are all eager to hear you, no matter which country we live in.
Take care,

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hi Dearest Jean Michel!:)

Every time I read your makes me more and more interested to learn new languages!Especially when I read you today!
I know I should have been able to speak English much better when I was younger,and also other languages!
But the fact is,- it is never too late to learn!:)

I am happy to know about a possible new tour next year!
And I do hope I can come and enjoy the musical moments.

By myself I think it is very interesting the experimental music....and it was room for improvisation and expression that really moved the heart!
Since I did visit three of the concerts..I could feel the different atmosphere from one concert to another!:)

Take care!

With love

Peppe a dit…

"I really would like to come back for a next project."

That project being... Equinoxe in your living room? :-D

C-Jay a dit…

hi jean michel. cool blog again. nice to read.

say, i know its a long shot to ask you this, but after having made about 25 singles on vinyl and digi, i just released my first artist album on double cd!!

it came out on my own label, through EMI music holland.
the genre is ambient, progressive and a bit of trance.

i really hope you can let me know to what addresse i can send you a copy... after being a fan for 20 years, [ i was at concert in amsterdam, paris eiffel tower, brussels, lint etc. :) ] and heavily inspired by you, i would love to send you a copy of my album...

you, or maybe someone of your staff can email me at

my site: /

c-jay / amsterdam

Unknown a dit…

1. Bring the tour to North America please! NYC and Toronto, Canada would be perfect.

2. We have always loved your experimental side! Keep it up.

3. Come to North America!


tmpuser a dit…

Good evening

I have a question about your next album. What about making two versions? One flat record (as Teo&Tea is) and second with high dynamic range, which could be played on hi-fi and hi-end audio systems? I bought Teo&Tea but I can't listen to this album due to the flat, annoying, loud, pressed sounds. GoL and S2k are destroyed by mastering too (a bit less).

And second question: is this possible for you, to publish previous albums subtle mastered (to preserve high dynamic range)?

Thank you.

Nathan B a dit…

Hi Jean Michel! :D

I love your blog, it is so intresting.

Thank you for making such wonderful music, your a true legend! You inspired me to learn and play the synthesizer, so thanks!

Can you come back to England one day soon? I was there in Birmingham and you were fantastic!

Best wishes, Nathan B. :)

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hi again!

Please Jean Michel Jarre use the sound of the Slovak Fujara flute in your future music!:)
I know a kind person gave it to you as a gift!;)
The sound is so wonderful and sensitive!
It will bring softness and warmth to your music!

Where words fail, music speaks.
-Hans Christian Andersen

With love
Turid :D

Michael a dit…

Hey Jean Michel,

You're some guy! Not only do we get a series of groundbreaking concerts, we get a Michael Palin-esque travelogue thrown in free.

I've really enjoyed reading your Tour blog, and it's a joy to see how much you're loving life on the road, playing the gigs and seeing Europe old and new. Are you sure you're 60? The old dogs (and old ladies) have all the new tricks....

It looks as if you've booked a gig in Glasgow next year; I'll be there (with some whisky!) :o)

All the best,


Cathy a dit…

I am looking forward to the "next project" you mention :D

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hi dear CathyUK!

I call you if I need a room next year!:))
(I still have your phone number!)
I really look forward to next year!
And wonderful new concert projects!;)

LOVE to all!

MörE a dit…

Está genial tu blog, cada vez que me llega me involucro mucho en lo que va pasando en tus movimientos, al grado de vivir ese "backstage".
Yo soy de México, sé que es un tema dificil, pero no pierdo las esperanzas de que te acerques lo más posible al territorio mexicano (algun país vecino)para poder ir a vivir esa experiencia de un concierto tuyo, no podria morir tranquilo si no estuviera en uno. mietras viviré informado de mi idolo no. 1. gracias por tu musica y hacer vibrar las emociones...

Vic a dit…

Hi Jean and all the band,

Have you thought about doing an EARTH HOUR concert? Since seeing your wind turbine concert It made me think about my carbon footprint. I now have solar panels and a home made windturbine. Earth Hour would be a good theme in 2010 because you could sample nosies of animals and places all over the world that are in danger from global warming.The planet is precious to us so I try to do my bit. I really anjoyed the Glasgow concert as i`m from Glasgow. I seen Francis run out and have a cigarette. Instead of going over and asking for his autograph I let them man have some time to himself. He must have thought I was a bit strange standing watching him standing beside a trash bin. LOL :-) He deserved some peace an quiet!! All that time witout a smoke (tabac) hahaha!!! P.S I have been a fan for 30 years!! Love all your different style of albums and singles especially pre 1976 records.All the best to you and the band and your great works as an ambassador for Unesco.


P.S Thanks for the blog and seeing your life and learning about new places and cultures. Keep the blog running for many years please :-) even if you post 4 times a year! :-)

Unknown a dit…

Your French and your Brits are getting along?! You should consider applying for the God job.
Thank you for writing regularly, there is nothing better than reading this blog having breakfast and morning coffee.

Dominika a dit…

4 days left... :D Can't wait.

Zwoekie a dit…

Bon jour Tous!

I really like pics of all the places you've been to or the ones you'll take of the places you still are planning to visit!
Like many people say, it creates the feeling of getting an email from your best friend who's on holliday in so many countries.

When I see those empty concert halls, it reminds me of something Michael Hutchence once said (ex frontman of the Australian band INXS), he said that he really needed glasses but during a gig he took them of because that way he was only able to see the first 6 rows of audiance! He tried it with contacts or glasses once but the enormous crowd made him almost wet is pants LOL!

I was lucky, because I knew the tour manager very well, so I had "access all area" cards, so I had the oppertunity to be backstage a lot :-)
You really get to know the band.

It's a shame you couldn't give any answer to my questions, but then again if you had answered my questions, this blog would be full of people doing the same and it's about the tour.
I really would appreciate your opinion via one way or another. Maybe you'll come up with somehing, I really hope so.

I love the way your music unites people from different countries and different kinds of governments. It's all what music is about, creating peace through culture and you do a marvelous job!


Au revoir,


Almicantarada a dit…

Hola!!! I`m Fernando from Montevideo.
Hey JM!! When we will be in Montevideo or another point of South America? A good time is during November that there is good temperature (today there are 28 degrees).
It would also be interesting to know natural places of Uruguay, for example, the dunes of Cape Polonio, one of the most spectacular natural formations.
Emil Montgomery will be giving a concert in February in Montevideo.
Great greetings and congratulations for the concert in Vilnius.

Elena R a dit…

By the way, Jean-Michel you look good and gives extraordinary power! very sad that at a concert in Moscow, viewers had to sit in their seats (((

francis a dit…

Bonjour Jean-Michel,

Je vois que votre tournée dans les
pays de l'ex-Union Soviétique est un grand succes. Mais je me demande où est la difference avec l'Europe (p.e. Bruxelles que j'ai
véçu). Vous avez toujours dit que le concert "Oxygène" était prévu
dans de petites salles, pratiquement intimes.Le concert de
Bruxelles était génial, mais il
comparable avec les photos et vos commentaires que je lis et vois
vois maintenant.
Ou est-ce vraiment que dans ces pays on attend plus de vous ? De toute façons, bonne continuation.
Et comme me dit Louise: " Il rentre quand en France ? "

Bien à vous.

Francis & Louise

vesna a dit…

Hi, JMJarre
So, I see you and your team are going to Bratislava, wow,I love that town, previously I,m stayed one a month in Bratislava. Gorgeous days, especially nights. Some of my memorys: the fabulous "The Passage" city gallery, for me favourite the Church of st. Elisabeth or "Blue Church" from blue majolica and more, more blue mosaics (peace nad serenity, the mysterously like legend says Maximilian's fountain (I must to go in her because of bet, on the chance of arrest)Something for soul:the best wine is in "Pod bastov" especially in the name "Paves", unusual place like underground. Anything that I can fell is yellows and I hope you have time for small enjou... and of course, all the best to you and your friends on concert in the Sport hall Pasienky, you will see how audience can be "warm and amazing" like you says (my friends will be there)...
with love Vesna

Dominika a dit…

2 days to the concert! :D

Robi a dit…

hi Jean Michel?

When will we get more infos about nature, content of next year's tour?


Audio Coffee Productions a dit…

I only hope this image has been severely photoshopped...