dimanche 16 novembre 2008

To Moscow and beyond

I am in the plane on my way to Moscow for a russian week. Lots of things to do.. Very curious to see how the city has changed since last time I was there.

Fashion victim


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JustMe a dit…

Have a very good time in Russia, Maestro! :=)

Globe-trotter a dit…

Welcome to Russia!!!

A lot of your long-time anf emotional fans will be on concerts all these days. You'll see that do not matter how country and cities are changed, your fans always the same!

Unknown a dit…

Thank you sooo much for writing so often, it always feels as if you're sending the mail to me/us (fans) personally.

Kanta a dit…
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Kanta a dit…

Dear Jean Michel and team,

I dedicate From Russia With Love by Matt Monro track to you all at this time: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=LfJ0eLdkfqk

Love xxx

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Dear Jean Michel!

It's only me again!

I wish you and your team a wonderful time in Russia!

I am so happy for you Jean Michel,- all of your dreams came true!

With LOVE :)

Globe-trotter a dit…

I just came from the concert! Although sound in the beginning wasn't quite good, it was great concert with great warm atmosphere! Some warm fluids of energey came from audience to Jarre and contact was greatful! Jarre played 2 (two!) bis songs: Oxygene 13 and Oxygene IV. We applaused as much and as long as we can and I can't feel my palms now :-) I hope this atmosphere of the event will stay in souls both audience and Jarre.