mardi 18 novembre 2008

Jean Michel Jarre awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by the Russian Academy of Sciences

Following the steps of Margaret Thatcher, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and a few others, french musician Jean Michel Jarre was decorated «for his outstanding contribution to the promotion of music as a culture and his commitment to protecting the environment ».
The official ceremony took place in an amphitheater at the Moscow Faculty of Sciences. The Rector bestowed the honor and the uniform upon Jean Michel Jarre before students and members of the russian press and TV. A short tribute concert was then played by the university orchestra and choir.

The distinction was granted to Jean Michel Jarre during his stay in Russia, where he is to perform two concerts at the Kremlin Palace, and another one in St. Petersburg.

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Kanta a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

Congratulations on your award. :D

Love xxx

Eniko a dit…

Very many congratulations, Jean Michel!

Unknown a dit…

Hello Jean-Michel,

lots of congrats from one of your biggest fans from Hungary, Budapest...

Audio Coffee Productions a dit…


Jay Valambhia a dit…

Congratulations to you and your team.

Well deserved.


Kitti a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

I and my girlfriend Magdi we would like to congratulate on your award.:D

You are our favourite musician.:)

Love Kitti and Magdi.:)

Svensyntetics a dit…

Congratulations !

Sandra a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

Congratulations to you and your team.
You really deserve it!!!!!

Best regards from Belgrade.

oxyquat a dit…

Felicitations Jean Michel !
et merci pour le rappel d'oxy4 a Prague !ou l'ambiance était en effet bcp plus intense qu'à Rome

Unknown a dit…

nice one!

well done.

JustMe a dit…

Vivat, crescat, floreat!


jawalka a dit…

Congratulations Jean-Michel,
I think that you deserve it.

Best wishes,

Kate from Poland

Kanta a dit…

Dear all,

A video is available showing Jean Michel receiving his award:

Best regards.

Juan Ignacio a dit…

Muchas felicidades querido MAESTRO.
Creo que es un galardón mas que merecido.Tu campaña en la lucha por salvar el medio ambiente es algo que todos teniamos que agradecerte, ya que en ello reside el futuro de este nuestro planeta.
El próximo premio debería de ser el Premio Principe de Asturias.


ibtech a dit…

We only have what we deserve...and you truly deserve this new distinction! Bravo!!!

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tdream88 a dit…

L'honneur doit être un éperon pour la vertu, et non pas un étrier pour l'orgueil. [Charles Cahier]

BRAVO Jean Michel !

Unknown a dit…

Congratulations, Dr Jean-Michel:)!

Zwoekie a dit…

congratulations Jean Michel!
Very much deserved for all your hard work over the years.


For me you're a pioneer and inspirator on so many fronts.

I know there are many more talented people who began using electronic instruments in 70's like Herbie Hancock and Joe Zawinul to name a few, but they didn't take it to the level you've done!

again BRAVO!


Eniko a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

In Budapest, the instrument played by Norbert Pavel, the 'Hang'; its name means simply 'voice' in Hungarian.
The arena there really was too big but so many people wanted to hear you that it was kind of necessary... You really should have to cme more often to Budapest :-)
Thank you very much for your fascinating music, it makes me feel so alive.

Wish you all the best from Budapest.


Almicantarada a dit…

Dear JM, congratulations from Montevideo, Uruguay!!! UP FOR THE MASTER!!!!!


Norbert a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

Congratulations. Thank you for your music. Good luck and see you in Warsaw.


Jorge Jorquera a dit…

Big congrats, you deserved it

Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…
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Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

Wow Mr.Jasiu
My grand and serious congratulations for you !!!!!!!!
you look beauty :-)
Greetings 4 U :-*******
See you soon in Warsaw :-)
Grang peck for you :-********* :-)

Enrico a dit…

WOW Jean Michel,

Congratulations on your award.


Robi a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

thanks for this blog!
Glad you have a great time in Russia.

We, in Budapest, were waiting also hours, but you couldn't come for giving autograph.
Hope next time!


Unknown a dit…

Bravo! Congratulations! And, besides the prestigeous title, now you have a really cool cloak for playing Batman ;)