lundi 31 mars 2008

Very quick update

London, Royal Albert Hall, unique and impressive venue, people everywhere very receptive and warm. More details later..
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bfuzzy a dit…

Jean Michel
Fantastic show, nice to see you haven't lost your touch. Cant wait to see you again in another big spectacular, this was gig 8 cant wait for number 9.

Kepp up the good work and hope you manage to get some rest.

All the best

SeanH a dit…

Salut Jean Michel,
Your show last night at the Albert Hall was awesome. Thank you for sharing your masterpiece Oxygene with us. When I heard you would be performing this live in its entirety and on the original synthesisers it was unmissable and unbelievable.

I sat and grinned throughout pinching myself sometimes I would close my eyes to appreciate the splendour of the sound then only to open them and see the master himself and all those old synth
beauties performing in front of my very eyes.
Oxygene was perfectly recreated for us to enjoy and I loved your improvisations on the Theramin and the solos on the memorymoog. Lucky for me I could see you play and tweak those synths right in front of me without a BIG screen - now how many people can say that!

A memory I won't forget for a long time. Now where's my headphones let me have another listen to Oxygene!

vous etes incroyables Jean Michel!

Paes a dit…
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Paes a dit…

JMJ, you were great last night. It was my first concert though i'm your far since i was 4 years old (now 26). I just travelled to London to watch the concert.

I'll see you again in Salamanca (Spain). You're gonna be surprised by my hometown, and this time i hope to be in the 1st row and be able to hold your hand or sth.

Thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you.

Unknown a dit…

Hello, I saw you in Manchester, the first time after being a fan for 20 years (since I was seven years old). I had a lot of fun, and thanks for the autograph after the show, that made everything worthwhile!

I shot a bit of video not really competition worthy, but nevertheless!

Have fun on the rest of the tour!

DAD a dit…

Dear Jean Michel
Last night I took my seven year old son James to see you at the Albert Hall. It was his second concert. the first was "war of the worlds".
James loves your early analogue synth albums
(he likes tangerine dream too), this was an ideal chance to see you and them in action. I couldn't miss the chance of taking him as we didn't know when you'd be back again. we were up in the gods watching you play theremin through our binoculars.

James particularly enjoyed the projections of the oxygene artwork and said oxygene 6 was his favourite bit if he had to choose.

Anonyme a dit…

Cher Jean-Michel,
What can I say??? No words have been invented for it. I got my ticket only Saturday, because I wanted it so badly and there were none left. It was the most incredible show I've ever seen. I will NEVER forget!
You've made 30-something old lady very happy with your old ladies :)
Good luck with the rest of the tour, I hope it all goes very smoothly.
Thank you so much for this electro ear candy music.
Love you always

Audio Coffee Productions a dit…

I didn't want to film any of the concert and I succeeded. I wanted to capture the spirit and atmosphere of the before and the after. For me, it was important that it was captured and despite the awful weather, I maintained a steady hand. I could've moved in closer, but there were already enough people there and capturing the essence was my sole intention.

I just hope that people have the good sense at future concerts not to crowd in too much afterwards.

Unknown a dit…

JMJ, for me you are a modern JSBach
In Brazil you have thousands fans and all wants to see you in one show in our country. Think about this possibility in Salvador da Bahia or Rio de Janeiro. Thanks,

Anonyme a dit…

me again...I just wanted to add that for me, this concert was like watching Da Vinci re-drawing Mona Lisa in front of my very eyes!

I forgot to say thank you as well for keeping us so well informed here on your blog. You taking the time to communicate with us is making it very special.

All the best

malleus bardorum a dit…

I was standing in the gallery right behind the guy opertating your follow spot (paricularly for the chair at the start. nice touch), so my view wasn't the greatest.

It wasn't about visuals, though. It was all about the music. And what music! The bass up there was bowel-shaking. Literally. The hairs on my neck were standing on end during parts 2 and 3. The sound was better than any other of you shows I've seen. not surprising in the Albert Hall I suppose!

My only (slight) disappointment was during part 5 where I was expecting the droning, hypnotic bassline to have more punch than it did. It still sounded great though.

It was also a nice surprise to get part 12 as well.

It was just great that everything came together: venue, musicians, audience. Wonderful.

I'm a comparative lightweight - this was only my fifth time (Docklands night 1, Maine Road Manchester 93, Nynex Manchester 97, Aero and now this). Looking forward to the next chance to see.

I've posted about this on my own blog at: