samedi 22 mars 2008

A note about fan videos

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GVieira a dit…
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GVieira a dit…

Hello Jean Michel.

I'm 28 years old, I live in Portugal
and I still don't believe that you will
come to Porto with your tour, this
is so Great! And of course, I'll be there!! This will be my first time I'll see you!

Congratulations for this blog, this is a way
to feel that you are more closer of the fans.

Saying "Thank You" is not enough to someone
who gave an heart to synthesizers, who
gave emotions to the world through these
machines, who inspired so many musicians and movie directors, who always has a message to pass in every concert..
You're UNIQUE!

I don't know if after the concert will have any signature
session, but if there's a chance of meeting you, it will
be my child's dream come true..

See you in Porto in 27th April

And please, don't stop playing, never! ;)

(Forgive-me the bad english),

Gilberto Vieira

famille hellio jp a dit…

Merci jean Michel, merci thomas, merci louis pour toutes ces impressions...jour après jours.
Après les concerts de Marigny, cette tournée s'annonce des plus interressante . Et vous voir improviser et jouer 100% live...Waouuu...quelle claque....Je dois avouer que je préfère cependant la réelle improvisation à la saturation et à la déformations des sons... La mélodie..;aux bruits...déformés....
Je vous fait je sens que depuis quelques temps vous retrouver avec plaisir et joies les touches noires et blanches des clavier, comme tout vrai créateur...
Je pars aujourd'hui pour suivre vos concerts de Bruxelles, amsterdam, et Londres...
A très bientot donc...;
jipe69 alias jean philippe(modérateur sur aerozone) un admirateur qui vous suis depuis 14 juillet 1979... dans le respect de votre travail, et toujours avec discrétion...
Grand bonjour à toute l'équipe...Francis, Dominique, claude, Marie laure, patrick, fiona, pierre, thomas, alain...

Unknown a dit…

A good initiative! I lost my youtube account because I had a 10 seconds video of Variation 3, a song which is not even owned by the guy who claims i'm doing illegal stuff. Ah well, I filed a countermeasure :-)

jeanbatman a dit…

Hi Jean Michel. I'm really, like most of us fans, very pleased by your annoucement. Perfoming your music makes me so happy, I would get frustrated if I couldn't share this excitement with other people around the world.

Your contest idea is a real excitement for everyone !

Christophe a dit…

Hello Jean Michel,

Nice idea about the short movies filmed by Jarrefans at your concerts...

See you in Brussels,


tdream88 a dit…

Bonjour Jean Michel,

Tout d'abord mes meilleurs souhaits de Pâques à toi et toute ton équipe ()_() ! Également, un excellent séjour en Allemagne que je rêve de visiter depuis fort longtemps !

Pour ma part, le "tribute" que j'aime le plus de la part d'un fan est celui-ci :

L'anachronisme qui me fait le plus rigoler sur cette vidéo est le fait que le gars fume une cigarette pour honorer Oxygène ! Le titre devrait être davantge "Co2 Tribute" l0lll!

Merci pour ce blog :)

OXY a dit…

Bonjour Jean Michel et merci pour votre grande musique!!!.
Je sois argentine et parle l'espagnol et l'italienne.
Jarre...the NUMBER ONE!

Darkaos Skyggen a dit…

gracias!!!, thanks!!!, merci!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Bon Jour Jean Michel Jarre!

C'est Dlaivison! How are you doing?

It's quite amazing to know that you have a tool to contact your fans directly ... The blog!

Your message to youtube covers is very interesting from now once all fans respecting the right terms they can publish the covers! ;)

I expect that you someday come to Brazil... your music is very special for us.

Greetings from Belo Horizonte (brazilian city)

CLUBMIX a dit…

Hello, this is Oliver from Switzerland, and I am very much looking forward to the Zurich gig in May...

Please, could you take into consideration of adding another two links in the "Jarrelinks" section of this blog, which are (another great and important Jarre related forum, as well as, as this is the wold's most comprehensive discography website.

Thank you very much for this tour, for these statements about self made videos (was about time someone reacted :-) ), for this blog and of course: thank you for the music!!

João Solimeo a dit…

Those are good news. It´s good to know that fan made videos, within reason, will be not only tolerated, but approved by you. I have friends who play your musig really well and one of them had a video taken out of youtbe some time ago.
This tour looks really interesting...good to see you back with the old instruments. Come down here to South America some day, you have a lot of fans here.

Joao Solimeo (Vinhedo, Brasil)

M .dust a dit…

This is a new level of interactivity between fans and artist
I hope to make something interesting with your beautiful work


Anonyme a dit…


I am just an young student (19) Ninu from Portugal and I was visitn aboard and I saw the show of yours and it was bit of disapointed for the some parts of it to me but I can be easily disapointed because I know it would have been better one too as notes would be real too. I saw many dufferent kind lights and there the lights was music more and I tokk many photos for my home country to my girlfriend. Also from my girlfriend whome does not know what she does as she is bit of lost from herself and numb. She has nice house where I go but herself have no soul, how you say so I listen music. She doesnt like of your music but I don`t care. I like the lights and some music. The woman is stupid but seems that some music is too but lights are bright still and you too but then me again not so I listen. I will go back to numb girl and I can think I was abroad. It is music to me then and I am happy that I am 19 not 60 and I have my girl. I will come again to see the lights and music.

Unknown a dit…


hello!!, in Chile we will preparate a new concert for 30 years of equinoxe this years!!!!

Alvaro Alonso

Unknown a dit…
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Unknown a dit…
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Unknown a dit…
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Unknown a dit…

Mr. Jarre, to many years I waited for a more direct contact with you... My name is Rivaldo Lima, your fan.
I am 32 years old, and I increased hearing and loving his/her music...
nowadays I am a keyboard player, after having attended your concert in
86 in houston for the tv... I knew that were the instruments us which
your should work... I already played in bands, as keyboard player,
but my dedication was in it to arrive more close to the perfection,
trying to play the music yours in the most perfection...I don't have
professional keyboards, use a humble MIDI controller, with softwares VSTi,
what helps me a lot to play their music...

I had in the youtube many videos, that the murderers removed of the air...
they were 70 videos!!! But it would like you to up some minutes of
his time, to attend some of my videos dedicated to you and your music...
I am redoing my profile in the youtube, but already some exist music in
available videos, and it would like very even that could take a small look...
I am a Brazilian fan, companions of other thousands that wait for your
visit to Brazil...

In the orkut we have 2 interesting communities, Jean Michel Jarre Brasil,
and the fan club JarreFan Brazil...Please, attend my videos dedicated to
your beautiful music, and please, come to Brazil. A suit hug of a dedicated
fan. Forgive me my limited English, I get to do better in the keyboards :)
My 3 year-old son calls himself Jean in your felicity...
Come to Brazil to know us, please,for all Brazilian Fans.
And my son that early, he doesn't sleep while he doesn't hear the album Oxygene.

JG a dit…

Haha. I really enjoyed how you just farted mr. D in his face :)

Excellent blog - love it!

Oh - don't forget to add to your links!


Anonyme a dit…

Hallo aus Deutland! Ah, Ja! Die show was nicht so gut aber ja! "Fart" musik auf english est ist der musik auf Jean Michel Jarre´s musik. So ist das und es ist spiele auch in luft, "fart" musik.

Domingos Moreira a dit…

Jean Michel, I'm 43 yo and a Jarre fan since for 30 years! I'm from Portugal and I already own my tickets to see you in Porto. Visit my site ( and you'll see I am! I'm astonished as I see a lot of fan sites, webpages, blogs, forums, etc, all about you and your music. I thought i was alone!
About your issue on sampling your music: I don't lke to see/hear music of you other FROM you, but I understand that people are willing to show the way they like you. And playing your music is one of the many ways to show it! My brother plays a tube organ of more than 100 years, in a church and already played JMJ music in plain services!
Thank you for your life and pleasure you gave to millions of people like me!
Domingos Moreira, Lousada, Portugal.

Paulo Gonçalves a dit…

Hello Jean Michel,
my name is Paulo Gonçalves, I'm a 30 year old portuguese fan and I would like to tell you that I'm anxiously expecting to attend to your concerts in Lisbon and Oporto (Yes, I will attend to both of them).
After the experience of attend to your concert in Monaco, it’s real a honor and a privilege to me to see you live in my home town (Lisbon).
I am so grateful to be able to see you live (again) after being your fan for over 22 years. I still have images of your concert in Houston – Texas, concert that was broadcasted in Portuguese public tv channel in 1986/87, in my mind.
I thought it was impossible to me to see you live but when I went to Monaco, it wasn’t a dream come true but its was an achievement of a life gold and because of that I must thank you so much for that experience.
Good luck with the Oxygene Tour.
I’ll see you in Lisbon and Oporto.

Unknown a dit…
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Unknown a dit…
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Unknown a dit…
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Unknown a dit…

Dear Mr. Jarre, for several years Im dedicated to play your wonderful music, without commercial proposes, only for pleasure. One day, I dreamed that your music - interpreted by me - arrived your ears. Well, I would like a lot if you listen these versions a little time. They arent remixes, but similar versions from the originals... Indeed, with a very Brazilian touch.

In this file that I am sending you, I made a selection of several musics that
I consider important in my life, programmed from zero. Nineteen songs that I had a great pleasure to execute.

Humbly, I don't ask for recognition. I just want to show you what a simple Brazilian
fan is capable to do for your music.

In this compilation you will find...

Calypso 2
Chronologie 2
Equinoxe 4
Equinoxe 5
Magnetic Fields 1
Magnetic Fields 1 - final part
Magnetic Fields 4
Music For Supermarkets 1
Orient Express
Ouverture 1,2,3
Oxygene 1
Oxygene 8
Rendez-Vous 4
Rendez-vous 5
Rendez-vous 3
Rendez-vous 2

Best regards, my friend.

Sean McManus a dit…

This is great news: Thank you for recognising the way the web enables artists to engage creatively with other musicians who happen to be fans. I've announced this on my blog

Anne Jan a dit…

Hi Jean-Michel,

Great was your concert on the 25th march in Carré, Amsterdam. I hope you will soon back in the Netherlands.

Many people making videos with phones and camera's on that evening. Me too.

I post a video on YouTube:

But, today I get a e-mail from Youtube: This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Francis Dreyfus Music.

Why is that illegal? You can't almost see Francis.

Could you please write me back, please.
Thank you in forward.