mardi 25 mars 2008


Tonight Amsterdam. We arrived by train under a crazy snow. Best venue so far: the theater looked great, with a lot of big chandeliers and red velvet, quite decadent... The audience was really into the music and the show. We had a lot of fun.
The crew is exhausted as we played in Brusssels and Amsterdam back-to-back, and they couldn't really sleep. Disassembling all the instruments, lighting, sound systems and reassembling it is a feat they accomplish everyday. Meeting with the fans after the concert is always a special moment. I finallly checked the merchandising. All the gear for sale is quite fun and very close to what I wanted. Time to head to the UK now.

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Unknown a dit…

Thanks for a great concert. Carre is a beautiful venue with a long history of performances. A kind of holy ground for comedians.

I think they should have renamed Carre to Jarre yesterday :-)

Eilt a dit…

What a performance! Fantastic perfomance from your team. Even though Carre is not my living room, yesterday evening it felt like that. Please don't wait another 10 or 15 years before coming back to the Netherlands. As you stated, that's where it all begun ;-) Merci!!

Anonyme a dit…

A fantactic concert. I loved every minute and hope to see you again in The Netherlands!

Turid Elisabeth a dit…


It's so nice to read the blog,thank you...

Amsterdam this time..I was not there..but London Royal Albert Hall next Sunday...
Paris 15th of Desember..I loved the concert..

Kind Regards

Antigoon a dit…

It was a huge dissapointment for me... not having to travel to see a concert ;-)

Usualy seeing a Jarre concert isn't so close to home, and I like to see a bit of the world also.

Concert was great and I can't wait for The Royal Albert Hall and Copenhagen concerts I'm planning to see.

A bientot!

Cathy a dit…

The wait is almost over for me - I will begin my mini UK tour in Birmingham, then Manchester followed by the Royal Albert Hall.

I am really looking forward to it and have been finding it really hard to get through these last few days. The only thing that helps me get through it is to listen to your music wherever I go, so that in my head I am already there!

See you very very soon!


Unknown a dit…

Thank you JMJ for your great concert. The Carre theatre has an intimate atmosphere, a real living room. However I am a fan for at least 20 years it was my first visit to a Jarre concert. But I will never forget. Hope to see you very soon again (Not 10 years). As you stated The Netherlands are special for you. And you are always welcome in our country. I'll be there, for sure!

Audio Coffee Productions a dit…
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PW a dit…

Thank you for the fantastic, great concert. You made me very happy!
The mirror was a great idea! I loved it.
I sat 2nd row, but unfortunately I was too shy to walk towards the stage to shake hands - so: my handshake now anyway :-)

Please return for Equinoxe as well!

littlesister a dit…

Really looking forward to seeing the concert @ the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday ... almost time for me to entry into your magical musical realm again ... cannot wait ;-)

Unknown a dit…

It has been worth the waiting after eleven years back in les Pays Bas.

Hope it won't take another eleven years for Jarre to come to our country.

Jose a dit…
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Jeannette a dit…

Bon soir monsieur Jarre
Je suis tres heureuse que je connu votre music.
Le concert a le Pays Bas Carre Amsterdam est formidable.
C'est le deuxieme concert.
The other concert was in Brussel 1993.
What i would like to say is: keep on going and please dont wait for so long to come back.
Your music brings me happiness into my life.
Mercie beaucoup et just qua un autre temps.

Unknown a dit…

This was easily and by far the best Jarre concert I've attended. And that means a lot, since I've been to Docklands, Mt. St. Michel, La Defense, and Rotterdam too.

It was a great pleasure to actually see and hear THE album that started my love for electronic music being performed live and in such a nice venue.

More (fan) comments about this and other shows from the tour, as well as pictures from the show at Carré can be found at emportal dot info, the Gateway to Electronic Music.

Unknown a dit…

A realy great Concert. I had to wait 32 years to finally visit a concert and it was even better than in my dreams! For the first time I heard Oxygene as it should sound! Please don't let me wait another 32 years for my next concert!


Anonyme a dit…

Hi there. I´m a big fan of jean michel early works like oxygene and enjoyed the new release of "Oxygene Live in Your Living Room".

I am also a big lover of old electronic instruments, but maybe you can help me out : what´s the instrument played by Dominique ?(the one that´s on one side of the Mellotron)

It seems to be something quite new, with a backlit LCD screen and leds, and a row of colour-coded outputs.

It resembles a Moog Vogayer, but i think it's something different.