samedi 22 mars 2008

A day off

Hello blog. Yesterday in Paris photo session with Viviane, interesting photographer who uses only black and white backgrounds. Bought a new book about A. Warhol writings. Just landed in Munich with musicians, Louis and Pierre; Thomas is joining us by train later on. We are going to prepare other things for the blog. I am curious to see how it goes tonight on stage. Promo and TV show this afternoon. Meeting also with people from Doepfer and Ludwig Rehberg, from EMS, both makers of great instruments.
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Anonyme a dit…

Hello Jean Michel,

I'm very glad about your trip to Germany and your four concerts here. I will see you at the Berlin concert in two weeks - it will be a fantastic retro evening! Or as you said in the "Steamroller fly" video: retro futuristic... But now I wish you all the best for the gig tonight in Munich and for the next two months of the tour.

Best regards,
Ludger (aka "LaDefense")

P.S.: in which german tv channel will be broadcast the new promotion? And what's the title?

Christophe a dit…
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Christophe a dit…
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Christophe a dit…

Hello Jean Michel,

Nice to hear from you about an interesting photosession with Viviane! I can't wait to see these photo's! I like the fact that she used only black and white backgrounds...

Succes tonight at the concert in Münich and see you in Brussels,


Kanta a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

It's superb that you have a blog of your own. I really enjoy reading it. I hope you will carry on with your blog for a long time to come.

The photo session that you had yesterday, I hope you get a chance to share these photo here. Good luck with tonight's concert. I will see you very soon at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham and at the Royal Albert Hall, London. I am looking very forward to the concerts.


Unknown a dit…
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Unknown a dit…

Como está?

La musica Jean Michel Jarre.

Molto stretta musica---->hair,nose musica au Jean Michel Jarre.

english, no good.

Unknown a dit…

Hi Mr Jarre! My name is Fernando Charro, I am an artist from Spain.
You talk about the work of Viviane Sassen, I´m photographer too but very different from Viviane. I know very well your music and I know that your´re always interested in technical advances. I have designed some original methods to capture movement and to illuminate photographic spaces. So I want to invite you and all people here to visit my gallery:
kind regards!