mercredi 10 mars 2010

A night in Stuttgart

After two days off, I came back to Germany by train with my friend the musician/producer/dj Joachim Garraud. We spent a lot of time talking new instruments, new plug-ins, tours, new media and future projects... It is always a rare pleasure to spend some time with Joachim.

Then I arrived in Stuttgart for soundcheck. I met Eric Mandel from the french sunday paper JDD, a nice guy with who we talked about the tour and lots of other things.

Stuttgart has a reputation of being quite austere like some cities of south Germany, but it is not necessarily true. Tonight I had a good time on stage and for a tuesday night quite a warm audience. The concert went rather well and we seemed to have now found a consistent level of energy..

Next stage Leipzig..  

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Robi a dit…

Thank you for keeping us informed Jean Michel.

A collaboration again with Joachim for touring and/or album-wise?
Keep us informed about this too please!

Your new piece of music is really nice with its calm, ambient and simple features.

Unknown a dit…

Jean Michel, I really enjoyed your concert in Stuttgart yesterday!

So good to see you alive and kicking. I've listened to your music since my childhood and loved the way each song was presented with a different visual theme. A lot of the animations reminded me of the demoscene, which is also part of my childhood.

If you want to relax during the tour, take a look at these great cloud pictures.

Merci beaucoup pour tout!

PS: You sure love your MIDI crash cymbals :-)

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hello dear Jean Michel :)

Also this year I will come to your concert...and for the third time I will go to Paris..
So many nice things have happened these last 10 years.
And I know I will really enjoy every minute of your performance this time too.
Maybe you will also come back to Oslo?

I always love you!

The very best for you and all those dear around you


Sea a dit…

Am so glad you are on tour again. My son and I have already got our tickets for the Manchester date. :)
Was there in May last year, after being a fan since 1977 it was the first time I'd ever seen you live. Am still speechless if someone asks about the concert.

Heidcast a dit…

Thanks Dear Jean Michel!

You know we love You post it all!

Cheers for You and
for Francis, Domino & Claude...
and for Joachim too!

what a musicians!!!

with love...

Heidie ;)

Robi a dit…


what about the tour of 5 continents?

Robi a dit…

It wouldn't be a problem to start to promote Budapest posters, nor articles (ecxept for the announcement-articles)...

Christiane a dit…

Thank you, Jean Michel, for a great evening in Stuttgart. My husband and I´ve enjoyed the concert so much, the mixture between laser, lights, images and your wonderful music made this concert a very special one. Good luck for the next concerts!

Stephen a dit…

Hi Jean Michel and all reading this. Just wanted to respond to Sea's comment by saying that's lovely and that we understand what you mean - speechless - warmest best wishes to you and to your son and hope you enjoy the concert :)

Also wanted to thank Robi for giving us more and more opportunities to be tolerant - joke, joke! :)

To all going to the concerts or just wishing that they could but who cannot for whatever reason all fans send you their best wishes - inspired by those magic moments we all share when listening to this most inspirational and life-enhancing music.

Thanks JMJ, Dominique, Francis and Claude - and even those plishy little cymbal things which to be honest we really don't like...but will tolerate, I suppose :)

Night from Ireland

Col a dit…

it would be great if you were to work with Joachim again - Metamorphoses and the Egypt concert sounded amazing because of his work

vincent72 a dit…

Salut Jean Michel,

Merci pour le concert génial de mardi soir à Stuttgart. Le concert m'a tellement plu que j'ai acheté un billet pour le concert de ce soir à Mannheim. A ce soir! Je suis fan de toi depuis mon enfance.