lundi 15 mars 2010

Manheim, Adios Germany

The first time I went to Manheim was to see Pink Floyd's The Wall and I loved it. I said to myself, if one day I am doing indoor concerts I would like to play there.. And here we are few decades later.

This is the last concert in Germany for 2010 and we already have quite good recollections. Maybe it's the harmony in the crew. I must say that every one is top class, doing their job with dedication and talent... Everyone is improving their part everyday and we have a really good show now. I do hope that we are going to keep up like this back in France. Playing your own country is like going back to your family, warm but never easy...

Talking about family, this crew is turning into a family of its own. I feel responsible and I do care for it.. One important member is missing though, Thomas Alsina, always present for every concert since 1998. He's busy working in California on the release of yet another Apple product, but he'll be joining us in Marseille. We are all missing him.
New dates of concerts are coming in everyday from my agent in London and we have to make decisions about them. We are discussing with Alain Courieux about working with a DigiCo console for the next album and involving him in the recording and mixing process.
Peter the director for live video is doing a great job, always finding new ideas. I asked him to film some parts of the concerts. He has such a good eye. Dominique has created a new club with special backstage passes called Spam. The main character is a funny face sculpted into a potato by Domino himself.. Pierre is more and more into photography using my new Canon D7 and the results are pretty good, he knows the show by heart and he's got a good eye. You will see some of them on the blog soon. Louis from Aero prod is everywhere and it is a real pleasure to be with him on the road.

As I write this, we are on the bus, going to France, driven by Zippy. I wonder why all tour busses have such a similar style, a kind of 70's porno film type of decor, purple, black and white carpets seats and walls, with mirrors on the ceilings and glass snakes on the doors.. The Bus itself is in a dark pink robe, very chic..

And as is now usual just before going to bed, we drank sake, red wine and tasted saucisson de Lyon, the best in the world of course...

Chris, trying to make some money

My new hair dryer

This way nobody can steal my screen

Entering the arena from the back

Souvenir de Chine

Vintage-style live video feedback

Playing Big Brother like it's 1984

I like the new oblique position of lasers

We built a teleporter for Chronologie

I even get to sit

19 commentaires: a dit…

Jean Michel!!!

Please accept my congratulations for your German tour! I were with you by watching all concerts in YouTub, and feeling every moment in concert.

It is huge honor for me to know you and Fiona. And I wish you all good for your rest concerts. And I hope to attend one of them. May be in Thessalonoki....

Alexi a dit…

Damn, this looks so cool! I hope some of the new dates brings you back to Scandinavia. I know you did Malmö last year, but perhaps Copenhagen? The best of luck for your concerts in France!

Robi a dit…

Oh how much I'm waiting for 24th May... :-)) !!

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Dear Jean Michel

Thanks for the good laughter you gave to me..unforgettable!!!

Now I am only so happy I have a sofa to I have the money to come over to Paris next week and join you!!;)

Can't wait for the concert!!!!

(I am a fan who will try not to wait too much....but I hope for some nice surprises and a marvelous time!)

All my love.....♥♥♥

Between Worlds a dit…

Great Pictures of the show Jean Michel. Really looking forward to you coming Manchester now. I have second row block A, and believe me I will be first up dancing with my kids ;)

It is going to be a night to remember for sure.

Take care to you and the crew

Hulkie a dit…

I can't wait to see you in France, Jean-Mi!

Matthias a dit…

The tour was really great, thank you Jean Michel! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! The concert in Mannheim also was very good, only the unfriendly security was a letdown. Anyway, we had a great time! Thanks for always having time and friendly words for your fans!
You got rid of your crazy German fans now for a few days, but we'll be back in Strasbourg... ;-)

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you very much for your great tour here in Germany, and come back soon :)

Also give a big "thank you" to all of your crew members. They all made a great job.

vincent72 a dit…

Salut Jean-Michel,

Le concert de Mannheim était vraiment génial, encore meilleur que celui de Stuttgart. Reviens vite en Allemagne et bonne chance pour la suite de la tournée en France (particulièrement à Lyon, je suis moi-même natif de Lyon mais expatrié en Allemagne).

Heidcast a dit…
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Diego a dit…

Can this chic bus cross the Atlantic Ocean?

Unknown a dit…

Awesome pictures♥
It's sad I didn't have enough pocket money to see you live at Helsinki.. I hope you come to Finland again some time!
I'm making a presentation of you as a school work, so I will put information from this blog in good use :)

diana theiss a dit…

Mannheim was great, forgott about being ill and just felt great for 2 hrs. thanks a lot! come back soon!
didn't like the fact that some of the audience was leaving before it was really over, probably more concerned about avoiding the traffic jam. still, do come back soon!!

vanello a dit…

Ooohh,these are great pictures..i enjoyed each of them..and the comments are delicious..can't wait to see you in Bucharest!
My best!

VisualChallenge a dit…

Your music brings to me nice feelings dating from 1986 .

I like your music and I like also the visual effects in your concerts.

Maybe this time I can be more than a spectator : I have been working on a project for the last two years. It's goal is animating big crowds in concerts, stadiums ... etc

I have patented this method and I have done some tests ... the results are promising !

I want to propose this idea to you , but I have no contact .

It would be great If I can have a contact from your team , my email : visualchallenge(at)

Thank you

zoolook1980 a dit…

very nice nigth for me!
nice concert
pics of mannheim

WattSekunde a dit…

Thank you for the concert in Oberhausen!
It was WOW - WOW - WOW!
I start loving and making electronic music until today with Oxygene and Equinoxe in the 1980s.

Take care Jean Michel.

PS: The only Oberhausen live critic: It was sometimes 10dB to loud!

Innuendos & Adaggios a dit…

Monsieur Jarre
C'est un honneur de vous écrire.
J'ai eu la chance de le voir récemment à Paris (Bercy). C'était mon rêve de vous rencontrer et certainement de mon père en vie.
Nous savons que vous savez du Chili, son admiration pour la mythique île de Pâques et de l'Antarctique.
Surement vous savez de l'affection et d'admiration pour son père au Chili, qui nous a rendu visite en 1987.
Aujourd'hui, j'écris à partir de cette terre lointaine, qui il ya trois mois a souffert un violent tremblement de terre et tsunami. Nous aimerions savoir sa mail pour planifier une invitation pour vous au Chili... c'est une grande occasion pour la solidarité.

Guest a dit…

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