jeudi 11 mars 2010

Great audience in Leipzig

It is a privilege to play the city of Bach.. After a perfect sound check and some adjustments that I wanted to make with Olivier and Ansar for the Lights and Lasers, the concert started on time. Everybody was in a good mood. The photographer, Christine Ferreyra, arrived today. She has done amongst the best photos of the previous concerts and it is great to have her around for a few days..

The concert went rather well, with good energy on stage, I got a few problems with my in-ear monitors, and Francis had MIDI issues on his Synthex right in the middle of RV2, despite that the audience was really grooving up until the end.

Tomorrow, I would like to add some new video on Oxygene 4 which I originally planned..

I decided to add new tracks (apart from the Adagio I am playing at the Statistics moment) after March because I really want to focus on the sound, performance and visuals first. Fans will have quite a few surprises during the year anyway.

By the way, thank you for your great comments since the beginning of this leg of the 2010 tour, I really appreciate, and I'm trying my best to improve the show night after night.

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Thomas a dit…

For those who know JMJ, starting a show on time is an extraordinary feat...

Nino Auricchio a dit…

Great to hear more new tracks will be coming after March. Maybe you could ring the changes with some of your hits and change them around. I bet the public would love to hear Revolutions again! The show is looking better and better. I like the new reflected laser in Equinoxe 5, it looks like light towers rising into the sky. See you in London in October

Heidcast a dit…

((Hey Thomas!
If you are who say that... ;) lol))

Hello dear JMJ!

I really love your postings!
You make me feel I'm "on the roads" too!!!

I can't wait for your new traks!
I bet they are lovely for sure!!!

Thank you JMJ!

see you soon.. xo

equinoxe a dit…

So, the new piece is called "Adagio"? Sound a bit like Ron's Piece, calm and nice :-)

RetroSound a dit…

I was yesterday in Leipzig. :)
For me was this the best Jarre concert ever!
Fantanstic sound, a nice laser show and over 2 hours the Best Of J.-M. Jarre.

C-Jay a dit…

hey there..
thanks for keeping us posted..always nice to read the blog... could u add some "behind the scenes" pics again every now and than, like last year? would be cool..

im coming to liege march 28..
i sooooooo hope there will be a slight change in the tracklist... even though its still march.
fingers crossed!
(first show ever was brussels chrono tour for me to see u 17 years ago...time flies)

Unknown a dit…


I'm tunisian and i'm a big fan about what you are doing you are the best :)

here in tunisia we have thounds of fans and we want to know if is there a chance that you play a concert in Tunisia (maybe in the desert like Merzouga)as you have already done concerts in arabic countries like in Morocco and Egypt.

I hope so much to assist to your concert.

Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

Bonjur Jean Michel :)how're you? :)I can't wait the new CD as all ;p

Can you tell more about thys tracks ? or all CD ;)

I wait on the next your show in Poland that fantastic as last in Katowice :)

Pleass can you confirm your arrive in November to Plock on opening the Hall ? pleass say yes !! :D :D

Good luck my friend much health and see you soon :)
Nina :)

Zwoekie a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

although I can't see you live, I still enjoy the photos you and the fans make.
I was there when you didn't have the big screens at the back and I must say I envy the people who see these shows now a bit, it looks awesome!

I love the images of the analog aquipment.
I couldn't make out if the moog modular is pic originally taken from your own gear or the one Arturia uses for their software version of it.
I totally love it, wish I could be there......

Man, this sucks big time!
Make a damn good DVD with a lot of extras, will you?

you were the person who made me wanted to play keyboards almost 30 years ago.
I thank you for that.
And of course you still remain a big influence on my work.

Just a question on the side, why don't you play some tracks from Teo and Tea?
I hope to meet you once in person there are so many questions about music.
But that is probably wishful thinking.
I must admit that you seem somewhat relaxter in the east of europe than when you play in the west.
I hear about handshakes, giving autopgraphs etc.

I sat in le Marigny at the front row, I could almost smell your aftershave LOL!
But after the show it was thanks and au revoir.
Same thing in Holland in the Heineken Music hall.

I leave the answer to you because you don't reply ever.

Have fun and don't try to break your gear, like you did last time. :-)


Between Worlds a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

Looking foward to hearing you again in Manchester. I am bringing my wife and Children with me for the first time, and they are exited.

I do like your new track, and I am looking forward to hearing other new pieces.

Good luck with the rest of the tour..

Regards a dit…

Dear Jean Michel and Fiona and all Team!

Greatengs from sunly Armenia! We wish you good tour. We are with you and we love you very much!

Your Armenian fans

Almicantarada a dit…

Jean Michel, can you travel to South America on this time??? Concerts?? Many regards