lundi 15 mars 2010

Munich, 2:00 AM

Saturday night in Munich was great, The show seems to be consistent now... The beginning was quite religious and then became hot and groovy, we all had a good time except Julien who had an argument with his console.

Then we were all invited by Klaus, the german promoter and his wife for dinner to celebrate this german tour ending the next day at Manheim. Everybody seemed working well all together, and Klaus said he really would like to put together a 2011 tour in the country. They're nice people to work with and we'll be back then...

Pierre has done a lot of photos tonight with his new camera and turns out to be quite good at it..

Tomorrow we leave quite early to Manheim, good night.

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Nino Auricchio a dit…

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland! I just can't wait for the O2 gig in October. I really hope some more new material makes it to the set. If 'Adagio' is anything to go by, we'll have a new album to be proud of.

What about those collaborations with Moby and others you've been speaking about? How about doing an NYC gig with him at the new stadium for the Yankees and Mets?


Svensyntetics a dit…

Hello Jarre and Crew,

I saw the Munich Gig and it was awesome...the ideas with the Lasers and the Camdrive through Moog was fantastic. I saw you and the Guys now the forth time and it was hearable that Julien had Problems with his Console. I never had Soundproblems at a Jarre Concert, and this was not so nice...but anyway it was a Plessure to see you and a Plessure to see how much fun you have on Stage. Maybe the next time you come to Germany you could play something from Zoolook and Cousteau..Something what i allways like when going to a Jarre Concert is listenig to Waiting for Cousteau before the concert. It is like: It is true you there again...
By the way: The First Track of the Concert is great: The Bassline is sooooooo FAT.....



Robi a dit…

Hope the idea of 2011 German tour will improve and so go ahead!

Matthias a dit…

From the 5 concerts I attended, Munich was definitely the best. You rocked the arena!
It was a very special moment when you told me after the show that you saw me and that I was a big help that night.
Great to hear that you might be back in 2011! Please come to Frankfurt then!

Bis bald!

Fabienlyon4 a dit…

Bonjour Jean-Michel,

Je te remercie de tenir ce blog, ça nous tellement plaisir de voir que tu fais l'effort de créer ce lien avec nous et de nous livrer tes impressions "à chaud".

Je voulais aussi te remercier, et encore ce mot est faible, d'avoir passé ce moment avec nous au siège du Progrès en Octobre dans ta ville natale. Ca restera comme une petite lumière qui me tiendra chaud pendant un bon bout de temps..

Et je tenais aussi à te dire à quel point j'étais impatient de venir enfin te voir sur scène à Marseille, puis dans ta ville, qui est aussi la mienne, Lyon. Crois-moi que tous les Lyonnais t'attendent avec beaucoup d'impatience. Je serai avec ma copine à Marseille et avec 3 ami(e)s à Lyon. Je sais déjà que ce moment sera magique. On va tout faire pour te réserver un accueil qui sera à la hauteur de ton talent et de l'attente.

Merci pour ce que tu nous apportes. Merci de ne pas vouloir grandir, merci pour ta folie. Merci de rêver et de nous faire encore rêver.

See you à Marseille et à Lyon.

Fabien de la pochette Aero.


Hi Jean Michel

I listen to your music everyday, reminds me of Home, in a planet far away.

I hope you are doing great and I hope you come to Mexico!!


Zwoekie a dit…

hello Jean Michel!

Enough about the Adagio thread.
I will go and watch platoon again if I recieve another mail from that thread.
Give a green concert and everybody is happy!
The mood is changing and not for the better.

You must really check out your tourbus comany!
Or maybe they expect a certain beviour from you rockstarcharacters LOL!
You are all the same complaining about everything, but at the same time drinking sake and red wine with saussison de Lyon!
The saussison from the Dordogne are to die 4 as well, and I know my dried sausages!
It's one of the reason to visit La France once in a while! Only you Parisiens should not plunder the walnut trees overthere!
Do you do that Jean Michel? hahaha
You may only pick the ones which lay on the ground outside the land of the owner!

I really like your way of reporting your tour to us.
I still remember the piece you road when you took the Red Arrow to Moscow.
And this gigantic Russian woman wanted to feed you warm stew with sausauges in the morning.
I nearly fainted from laughing, aw man, good times!

I just wondered, when are you going to do a mega gig in Japan. Since you like suchi and sake and knowing you have no shortage in the cash department it 's probably the best sushi and sake you can get.

I saw a 5.1 gig on dvd from Kitaro the other day and this isn't to dis Kitaro, because I love his music too much, but although the stage was awesome, a very old Japanese Temple, the mix was not. You have a fantastic team to produce the surround result. I can't wait for the dvd to come out.

I loved the photo's btw.
When you're close to Holland make a little detour and pick me up, we have so much in common we should eat saussison and suchi, I can't drink any more due to my painkillers (alcohol doesn't go well with valium and morphine). It not so bad.
I used to taste rare single malts as a hobby, yeah that sucked to give up.

hey, did you ever do something with those old Russian synthesizers they gave you?

Well, have fun on the road drinking sake and red wine and eating saussison in your Moulin Rouge Tourbus!

I love you all,

domo arigato gozaimachita,


Hania a dit…

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