samedi 13 mars 2010

Intimist Bamberg

Probably the smallest venue of the tour but one of the best sound so far.. All my choruses with the Moog Liberation and the AX-S sounded really great and the bass and drum sounds were quite precise. Everyday it seems that we are progressing by doing solid sounchecks where I check every track, sound-wise and visual-wise.

Christine Ferreyra has done really good photos soon published on the blog...

Tomorrow, en route to Munich... Good night..

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jawalka a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

It is nice to hear some news from you.
I am glad, that the tour is better from concert to concert..

I am waiting for some photos, and another concert in Poland.

Keep a smile on your face every day.

Kisses and hugs

Kate from Poland

fabbri a dit…


I saw your concert in Rome
of December 2008 :
it was wonderful!

Is it possible to see another your concert in Italy?



Unknown a dit…

Hi, Jean Michel!

Hope you are doing fine and are in fine form throughout the tour!! By the way I am so excited about my first Jarre show since Vizitors show!! See you in Toulouse!! Love and peace!!

Robi a dit…

...Getting excited about Budapest gig... :)

Heidcast a dit…

I really like when you play the Moog, anyway!

Post some pics soon!




Matthias a dit…

Bamberg really had a special atmosphere: the small arena, the audience in a good mood...
I hope the photo you made from me from the stage had become good... ;-)
Hoping for another aftershow, a little longer next time...

Fjóla a dit…

Cher Jean Michel,
saw your show in Bamberg. Your music brought so many emotions and memories from former times of mine back to the surface. It has been two incredible hours for me. Ta composition est à l'autre univers.
Hope you take the best insprirations with you made by great encounters in Germany.
And please, maintain your impressive charisma and energy! You enchant everyone you touch.
Reviens bientôt et laisse nous prendre part aux nouveaux concerts!

maniha shah a dit…

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