mercredi 11 juin 2008


I am in the Canary Islands for a concert project for 2009, the U.N. Year for Astronomy, with Brian May, former guitarist of Queen and now an astrophysician.
Today we visited the site where the biggest telescope has just been built, with Doctor Garik Israelian, an Astrophysician like Brian.
He is currently making some research on acoustic Astronomy and on the sounds produced by the stars.
He asked me to create a concert with Brian May at the Observatory of the Canary Islands, a unique place above the clouds.

(Photo from Flickr - JMJ didn't send his own yet)

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JG a dit…

That seems to be an extraordinawesome idea :)

Good luck ;)

Dominika a dit…

Hey JM, it's already the third message in three days! Awesome.
So, are you going to play this concert above the clouds? I regret I can't attend it... It's too long way to go.
Still waiting in Poland :P


equinoxe a dit…

Such a concert would be great!! your music, specially Oxygene and Equinoxe, has always been linked to the cosmos, the space... Please don't drop this project :-) (oh! and it'd be great to have a collab of you with Brian May in the guitar!)

Halcyone a dit…

Great mister Jean Michel. I'm ready to do the travel (I miss you since Marigny)!
Always a great place, which reminds me the atmosphere of the videogames : "Myst", "Riven", etc.
I hope you will soon post your own photos ;)
I think this place will give you a lot of inspiration (who said like always ?!?)

Loïc / Halcyone

Beata a dit…

Sounds of the stars... sounds like something you would want to use for a composition or two ;)

Halcyone: Myst was such an awesome game. So immersive, and beautiful.

Paes a dit…

Oh my God!! I've been praying for this concert to happen since you told us that Brian May offered you that posibility after the concert in Albert Hall.

Queen's music is mi 2nd favourite after yours, so watching play together Brain May and You... No words!!!!!

But also, i study physics and i love astronomy and cosmology... it can't be better.

Please work hard on this idea because it can sth extraordinary.


Anonyme a dit…

Ara Garik jan, ahper, tishta ases! Apres!

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hi Dear Jean Michel

I think it was in high time for you to go to Tenerife...
..for a concert!;)

I did read a lot about Tenerife when I was younger..and i did visit the island much later..I really liked the people there!

Best wishes for you..lots of creaivity and joy..

Cathy a dit…

:-) this news has made me very very happy!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Waiting for Awesome Music and Ideas... The sound from stars/sky contains more "musical" surprises, it remind Jarre'style. I think...the composition of project, it will be "easy" to you Doctor Jarre...

Anonyme a dit…
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Carlos a dit…

Hi Jean Michel. I'm a big Barcelona's fan of you since 1986 (first time I saw your Houston concert). Nice concert in Barcelona. You are the only musician I have seen playing music in a big concert (first time in 1993).
Please find a Japanese artist called ISAO TOMITA. I think he was the first person who tried to make music from physical impulses made from stars and received on Earth. (

Thanks for your music and your big talent.

Anonyme a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

My name is Armond. I'm a mechanical engineer who works for NASA. I love you music..grew up with it. I think Oxygene is a masterpiece and there's nothing like it.

My dream would be to work with and for any capacity...just a crew member. I know this is a crazy crazy idea but I figured I have nothing to lose to ask....but I'd really enjoy the opportunity to work with you and just be part of your team.

If you think there may be even a 1% chance for this, please email me anytime and I can introduce myself more fully so you know who I am, what I do, and I actually am a real person!

Thank you very much for your wonderful music and down-to-earth humanity.


Juan Ignacio a dit…

Hola Jean Michel:
Como siempre, será un proyecto extraordinario.¿Que tal incorporar algunas partes de Equinoxe, con otras de Magnetic Fields?.El lugar sería inmejorable,y el encanto de nuestras querias islas de ensueño.
Muchas gracias por continuar con este interesantísimo blog.Un saludo desde Asturias (España).

Unknown a dit…

I have a big problem with your weblog. the page of comments is Franch and I can't understand it!

Ethnicolor a dit…

Great idea for a location - imagine Equinoxe on the Summit! But is it easy to get to such a high altitude?

Stevo a dit…

It should be interesting to hear how the "Old Ladies" behave at such an altitude.....might sound like a totally new album !!!!

danée73 a dit…

I always dream about a concert on a ship in front of niagara falls. another idea could be a concert on a solar panel plot, I am working in that area. Anyway, Tenerife would be my 4th rendez-vous with you, and thank you for signing my map after the madrid concert.

francis a dit…

Hallo Jean-Michel,
I'm so happy to have this blog as I was one of your first fans in the 70's. I saw you in Paris, the Docklands and in Brussels in March.
(I was the one who shouted "Jean-Michel ! Jean-Michel !) before you got out of your 'cocoon'. Superb concert ! I was dreaming to have you on the Antwerp "Docklands" once. Go on to save our planet with your music. I have to give you a "grand bisou de ma part" from my daughter Louise, she's only 8.
I'll follow your blog daily,now.

Keep on working! Best regards from


Anonyme a dit…

Hello again!

This time I would like to launch a survey among all the JMJ blogger fans.

How should be named the next Jean Michel Jarre new original album?

Here is my suggestion: HYDROGEN, total running time at least [60 minutes of sound] ... Much Appreciated!



francis a dit…

Hi JM and Nuno,

What about "OBSERVATIONS".

Kind regards.


Anonyme a dit…

Hello Francis

Yes, why not.

Let´s wait for more ideas...


Xevi a dit…

Jean Michel,

pour quoi non fais un concert à la montaigne de Montserrat, à Barcelona? N'existe pas un lieu plus énigmatique que cette montaigne... Regarde, par example, la Monalisa o Gioconda... Les montaignes du fons sont Montserrat! :)

Au revoire!

Staff a dit…

Someone would said: Fab! Because Freddie lives in the stars..and He make a very special sound around the stars too!!
A Good Idea!!

danée73 a dit…

come on jean michel. be your self!

Timewind a dit…

Hello Jean-Michel,
I'm another great fan of you and your music...

Finally you will have a real linkage with your music and space...

Garik is my uncle, and he told me some details.
That's amazing, I think this would be the greatest project...

waiting for your updates and new materials ... hope to meet you next year in Tenerife... good luck!


CYBORG a dit…


Je me suis rendu compte que beaucoup de monde vous contacte pour essayer de présenter leur propre musique,leur desir ou plutôt,rêve ultime, à savoir collaborer avec vous...
Ainsi je vais tenter de ne pas faire de meme car cela serait vain.

Il est également inutile et déplacé de préciser que je suis véritablement fan de votre empreinte en ce monde, ainsi, je vais me contenter de vous avouer que c'est votre oeuvre qui a insufflée en mon ame, notamment lors de mon enfance, le gout de la musique et de l'emotion qu'elle à le pouvoir véhiculer.

Dès lors cette fascination, ce mystère, ne m'a jamais plus quitté.
Dès lors j'ai travaillé dans le but de comprendre, et d'exploiter moi aussi ce mystère.

Tout ceci, pour vous dire que j'espère sincérement, et d'une manière non interéssée, que vous avez trouvez le temps d'ecouter mon modeste album ,ANACHRONISME, je suis conscient que vous recevez des centaines de cd, de messages dans ce genre, et que cela n'est pas votre role d'y répondre.
J'éspére simplement, et je me plait à croire que peut être l'avez vous eut, de la main de Dominique Perrier à qui je l'avais confié lors d'une représentation au théatre marigny, croire que peut être l'avez vous écouté et que peut être avez vous apprécié certains passages.

Croire en cela m'aide quelque-peu parfois à garder espoir, car comme bon nombre de personnes, je suis seul et inconsidéré.

Merci beaucoup.

=== CYBORG ===

Santi Espejo a dit…

Hi Jean Michel From Spain... Illusionat words. I say you the true. For us isn´t very excitant your collaboration with May. Is excitant a collaboration of May WITH you, hehehe.

The illusion in your words on your new project, linked to the extraordinary, martian landscapes of Tenerife, is very very nice to read!

My own martian music: