lundi 9 juin 2008

Introducing new old ladies

Original Syntar and ARP Quadra

CRUMAR Multiman S and brown Moog Liberation

Roland CR-8000

Ace Tone Rythm Ace

ARP ProSoloist (thanks to JC), MFB and a rare Eminent Solina

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16 commentaires:

Caroline^_^ a dit…

Wow!!! Very good blog! I've never see better!!! But I have one question. Well, I live in Poland and I love Your music. I regret very much, but I didn't see your concert. Will you come to Poland again? Maybe this time to Wroclaw?;-)

Paes a dit…

Woww!!! I'm looking forward to see you playing you new "old ladies".

I'm sure you'll get the best of this instruments!!!

Hossinfeffa a dit…

Very nice instruments! I heard a demo of the ARP Quadra a while back. It's absolutely fantastic sounding. I love it. I also noticed you have an RE-20 hidden off to the side. I thought you had the original RE-201, but you maybe using the RE-20 for reliability? Also glad to see the CR-8000 getting more use. I was going to get a KR-55 for $25 not long ago, but someone bought it before me. Anyways, great choice of instruments. Looking very forward to what you create!

Unknown a dit…

you come from the year 4008 in this year! you are the best in the galexy :)
we are sure you'll get the best of everything!!!

JG a dit…

These new girls are pretty sexy. ;)

Oh btw, JM - you do know that there is a dusty white KR55 rhythm machine lying under Claude's mixing desk, right? :D

All ze best

Dominika a dit…

Caroline, above: No Wroclaw, but Cracow! ;)

JMJ, I don't know these instruments, but they look pretty cool and I'm sure their sound will be amazing - we're waiting for the effect!
I'm also pleased it's already your second piece of news in just two days ;)

all the best

Beata a dit…

I'm very excited to hear about new projects and instruments!

I have been listening to you since I was born (thank you dad!). Can't wait to hear what you think of next :)

And thank you for this blog :) Us fans love hearing about all the fun stuff (and not so fun like equipment failing! lol) stuff you experience.

Halcyone a dit…

So sexxxxxy !

Nino Auricchio a dit…

If I'd known you were after a CR8000, I would have sold you mine ;-)

CYBORG a dit…

Very good, dream instruments for me and very nice blog.
I wait with impatience for this new album.
You are the best.


=== CYBORG ===

LarryS a dit…

Fantastic to see those old keys still giving new life!
I've been a fan of yours ever since I was bought a toy keyboard when I was about 12. First thing I played on it was Oxygene 4! Or tried to ;)

Youve been a huge inspiration and I'm sure you will continue to inspire new fans!

Tazeltoro a dit…

Hello Jean Michel.

Nice instruments. Concerning the Roland CR-8000: where did you get it ?

I had one that my grand dad' offered me 15 years ago and I sold it in Bordeaux 12 years ago. It would be funny that the one you've just buy used to me mine, isn't it ?

I'm hoping that it will be used in your next album.

I just want to add that your blog is a very good one. Have some good holidays ;)

See You, Patrice (Eaubonne, 95, FRANCE)

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Melinawatson a dit…

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