mercredi 18 juin 2008

Back from Tenerife

Canary Islands are not only a famous destination for getting sun and drinking beer, it has also amongst the most extraordinary landscapes in the world. After La Palma and its amazing observatory, we went yesterday to Teide, the other observatory with solar telescopes, at around 3000m. of altitude.
It looks like a martian village.
The natural park around is also extraordinary, made of tortured rocks red, brown and black. If La Palma observatory looked like a friendly moon, this place seems to belong to a distant planet out from our solar system. They filmed here part of the Empire Strikes Back and Planet of Apes. Another stunning place for a concert.
We discussed with the local government about the unique opportunity to put together such a project for their country. We left the following morning after having discussed different ideas for the concert with Gary. I am also keeping the contact, obviously, with Brian May while he is very busy with the starting of the new Queen world tour. This journey has been very inspiring for the coming music and concerts projects.

Gary, me and the clouds

Mirror to the sky

R2D2's father

Inside the dome

Trying to repair

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RoxanneMarie22 a dit…

Hi Jean-Michel,

I enjoyed looking at your photos, the Canary Islands seem beautiful.Best of luck for your concert project with Brian May!

I hope you could someday do a concert here in South Africa, you would love Cape Town.But even if not, I would love to travel to another country some day soon to experience one of your concerts, I am making it a definite life goal!



Michael a dit…

LA PALMA. Great. FRANK DUVAL, a very GREAT composer and massive user of SYNTHESIZERS lives there since a very long time. For me he is number 2 after Jean Michel.

What do you think of a cooperation with him, if you really would do a concert there, Jean Michel? He also has a foundation for poor children. His website is:

A concert at La Palma together with Frank Duval, I am sure that would be absolutely great.

Unknown a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

I'm looking forward to hear more about your new album project. What I would find amazing is, when you would bring the Stradivaris and Steinways of electronic music together with the real Stradivaris and Steinways. An album with a mixture between electronic and classical music would be really great.

I also really enjoy reading your blog. I'm actually studying astrophysics. A musical project combining your music and astrophysics ... that would be a dream come true. Maybe a suggestion for the album title: AEON.

Live long and prosper


Timewind a dit…

Bonjour Jean-Michel,

there was also another famous movie shot in that mountains: One Million Years B.C. in 1966 :)

Great photos! You've posted earlier then I've got few of them from Garik :)

by the way, are you also a fan of making 3D photos, like Brian? he is experimenting and posting results in his soapbox...

Will you compose new composition specially for that concert?? Or may be a whole album?

Unknown a dit…

I will waiting for your concerts!

Xevi a dit…

and after a concert in the Canary Islands, please, come to the Montserrat mountain near Barcelona! hehehe

Halcyone a dit…

Mmmmmh, I think you are just posing in front of a blue screen! Everything behind you seems to have been created at the skywalker ranch!!! :D
Anyway, it's a good place for suurrrround! I hope you are having a good time and you will meet people who understand you. It will represent a lot of work for sure, but the project is... wow! I thought it was Jean Michel live from Myst or Riven, but it's a live concert from Tatooine... Are there two suns in those landscapes?

On croise les doigts!

Loïc / Halcyone

Dominika a dit…

WOW, those pics look so amazing, that even a bit not natural...

greetings from Poland [again] ;)

JMJ a dit…

Happy to see you enjoying Spanish Canarian Islands. Well, now we know you're going to visit us more often I think you may (not Briam ;() know a few Deep Spanish expressions:

-OAM. Operacion Alicatada Mortal. Is a term wich defines a long and happy drinking session. You can take beer or Wolpas (the most alcoholic drinking). You're invited to the first one in the XI Rendez-Vous in Tenerife (19-21 September).

-El Cable Está Torcío. If your Memory (stick) Moog doesn't sound it's possible that its "cable está torcío": His wire is break. ¿Ok? A very used terms when you work with "old ladies" ("viejunas" in Spanish.

-Putas del Rey. A clean and good looking Tinerfean Hotel, were the people who'll attend the XI rendez-Vous in tenerife is going to sleep.

-Paco. A very Typical Spanish personal name. If you call RIMBERT "Paco" is right, because is the same that FRANCIS.

Well, I hope this fisrt masterclass will help you in your next visits to Spain. Hope we will meet you in Tenerife.

equinoxe a dit…

LOL, funny comment Zzero.

Great pictures, Jean-Michel. The place looks really incredible.

Eduardo Cassús a dit…

Salut, Jean-Michel.
J'ai découvert votre musique quand j'ai vu à la télé l'historique concert à Houston.
Il est étonnant de voir comment la technologie a évolué et m'a permis de prendre contact avec vous. Son travail est une source d'inspiration pour moi.
Je voudrais vraiment vous voir jouer ici à Rio. Vous avez plusieurs fans ici.
L'année prochaine sera l'année de la France au Brésil, je suis sûr que ce serait une occasion idéale pour un concert ici.

Je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès!


Carl P a dit…

Hi Jean-Michel,

Great blog posting. I wonder, did Gary let you listen to his star recordings (you mentioned them in an earlier posting)? Are they something we are likely to hear on the next album?



Timewind a dit…

Hi there Carl...

I have interview with Garik, on Russian TV channel, where you can hear and see some demos from his research, even a brief experimental composition with voices recorded from stars...

I will ask him today if I can post it in youtube. If yes then I will post and will put the link here...


francis a dit…

Cher Jean-Michel,

Je suis tellement content de vous avoir connu à travers se blog. Je sais,
parfois il n'est pas facil de pouvoir contacter un artiste
(bien que je n'aime pas tellement ce mot) que quelqu'un apprecie.J'ai très
bien compris vos messages à travers votre blog et je peux
seulement vous demander de continuer. Vous êtes plus qu'une "Nuit
Electronique", malheureusement pas trop de personnes le comprennent.
L'idée de Tenerife et Teide est super. Je connais par casualitée cet
observatoir (j'y étais en vacances).J' éspère aussi si vous avez
vraiment l'ambition de faire un concert là-bas, que cela soit réalisable. Je
crois que Brian May est la personne pour le "grand coup
de main".Jean-Michel (excusez-moi cette familiarisation), tentez le coup, je
viendrai avec ma fille voir vos "OBSERVATIONS".

Toy, toy , toy.


PS: Ne m'en voulez pas pour certaines fautes d'orthographe.

pazolesky a dit…

Hi Jean Michel:

Wellcome again to spain, go on with your concert's project in Tenerife, I hope that if at the end it is celebrated, please in july or august.


JustMe a dit…

Canary Islands... It's amazing land... One of the places where you feel that your soul belong to the Universe.
It's the best of the all places on the Planet the Earth to suit the sound of Your Music.
Maestro, You've been blessed by God and God helps You!
With the best regards,
Just Me

danée73 a dit…

I hope this will happen. My girlfriend also wants to share this momment. Please do it if its possible Jean Michel. do you read this commentaires??? I mean its done fast.

Anonyme a dit…

Jean-Michel. I live in Canary Islands, and love both your music and astronomy. If this goes well, it will be a dream come true for many many friends of mine who also love your music and the stars. God-speed!

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Jean Michel, I am from italy, and I live in a small town near Treviso/Venice, called Asolo ( Canary Island are very beautiful, but also here you can have a singular place, and many people of all age that love you. I never had seen a your concert from live, but really I want and I want to go in one in one time. Do you have some new dates? In italy or in Europe? I think that is time to make a very big concert for all! Have a very nice day, and you are always welcome here in Asolo!! Daniele.

Audio Coffee Productions a dit…

If you can spare a few moments, Jodrell Bank needs your support as it's been threatened with closure. It's one of the most important facilities in the UK and it just recently celebrated it's 50th Birthday. In fact, when you're at Manchester Airport, you can see it from there (best viewed from the spectator terrace on the 13th level of the multi-story car park!)
There are talks going on now to hammer a deal out, but, the more high-profile support gets behind it to ensure it's there for future generations, the better!

L:Q a dit…

I can´t believe you had been here, in Tenerife, and I didn´t know it. I had heard that you are going to do a concert in Roque de los Muchachos next year, but I thought it was a rumour. I hope you had like our islands; from I was a child I thought that you like it. I hope you had enjoyed in Teide, the "clouds sea", our telescopes, our forests, our especial views. See you soon Jean Michel; good look from Tenerife

Tatan Jarre a dit…

Cher Jean Michel Jarre, il paraît que je m'adresse directement à vous en écrivant ici.
Pour vous, une occasion = un concert... Sautez sur cette occasion alors, avec "Oxygène" vous êtes très pris et on n'entend plus parler de vous, pas comme à la Cité Interdite, et d'ailleurs, merci pour ce concert à Pékin, pourquoi ? Je ne connaissais pas trop Jean Michel Jarre, le jour de la diffusion du concert sur w9, que dire de plus que c'est à partir de ce moment que je suis devenu fan et où j'ai réelement décidé de prendre des cours de piano (je ne jouais qu'à l'oreille, j'ai 17 ans aujourd'hui).
Petit détail à part, un concert devient tellement rare maintenant avec vous, depuis mes 14 ans j'ai eu le temps de rattraper tout le temps perdu où je ne vous connaissez pas, mais maintenant je n'ai plus l'habitude de n'avoir rien à regarder du grand Jean Michel... Le DVD de Merzouga est attendu par beaucoup de monde, ainsi que ceux des anciens concerts (avec bonus et compagnie). J'éspère un jour vous rencontrer, mon rêve serait de passer une journée avec mon "Maître" (c'est comme ça que je vous surnomme chez moi), jouer avec lui, quitte à faire un concert après, faire de la harpe laser (j'ai les plans mais pas les moyens)...
Bref, faites nous rêver, une occasion se presente, donc il y a forcement un concert derrière (même si à mon âge je ne pourrais pas vous voir à ce concert, je le verrai en DVD, et je vous verrais peut être un jour, si jamais je reussi à devenir musicien, de musique electronique bien sûr...)
A bientôt j'espère mon "Maître", si jamais c'est bien à vous que je m'adresse, alors j'ai déjà appelé Jean Michel Jarre par son surnom, la classe non ?
Amicalement, Jonathan, alias Tatan Jarre

Globe-trotter a dit…

Hi Jean Michel and everybody here on site from Moscow, Russia!

Wow! Incredible! For me as amateur astronomer and JMJ fan (or probably JMJ fan and amateur astronomer) news regarding upcoming concert on Canary Isles sounds like something incredible and unique. It's a destiny, of course I'll be there!

In case JMJ will check out my comment I want to describe some ideas about concert. I hope you'll find them useful and amazing:

1. The best time to make this concert: when Moon 100% disapeared and visitors can enjoy clear, dark and starry Canarian skies. It's easy to calculate when Moon will be disapeared for desired month in 2009. For example, 22th of June.

2. Many amateur and professional astronomers around the world adore JMJ music and can play on different instruments. It should be great to make international astronomical "band" on stage and allow them to play some JMJ's compositions and remixes. Or maybe JMJ will play composition composed by some astronomer? Should be funny!

3. It should be great to place monitors or big screens on stage and show deepsky objects or Solar images grabbed from telescopes located worldwide: on Canary Isles, in Chile, Australia, Russia, some European countries, USA and Canada etc. Should be great to grab such images in real time. And of course amateur astronomers with their telescopes can also be involved to this image generation. Idea is to show astronomy as worldwide hobby and worldwide science.

4. It should be also great to place huge lights balls (filled with helium gas or so) 100-200 meters above the stage. In dark starry night it's should be fantastic view if you'll project images of Moon and planet surfaces on these balls. The view is like planets become closer to visitors and space just here on stage.

I hope this concert will be truth.
And hope to see you all on Canary Isles.

Globe-trotter a dit…

In addition to my presious posting: in case Jean Michel will play "Souvenir of China" or "Millions of stars", it should be great if visitors will bring red flashlights and turn them on during this composition. From one hand, red flashlight is #1 gadget for all amateur astronomers (red flashlight allow to read star maps in the dark, find eyepieces and other stuff and not prevent night vision). From another hand it's pretty good view: million of stars on the sky and hundres of small light lights near the scene.

javierdsn a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

My name is Javier, from Chile, we are wating for you many years, we need that you give us a concert in our country. Exist a lot of people that following your music here in Chile.
We are going to recive you very well.

Let me say you thanks for all this years, your music is incredible and fill our souls.

Now in Spanish.
Esperamos que contactes a nuestra presidenta y vengas pronto a visitarnos somos miles de chilenos que seguimos fielmente tu musica y la llevamos dentro de nuestra alma. La primera vez que escuche unos de tus discos yo tenía 7 años y ahora con 39 sigo escuchando y viendo tus DVDs.

Un fuerte abrazo y de verdad te esperamos.

Best Regards

CTR Distribucion LTDA a dit…


Demas felicitarte.

Creo que tu nuevo albun tendrá que llamrse "Aurora Boreal"

Para cuando visites la Antartida al Sur del mundo.que invito a que lo hagas allí será espectacular ya veras.....................

Sergio Contreras Liberona
Santiago Chile.

bathmate a dit…

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JackJohnson a dit…
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