jeudi 26 juin 2008

La crème de la crème

I have been pretty busy the past few days.

I spent quite a lot of time last week with the european and french Apple teams at the occasion of the opening of their new
offices in central Paris. It has been an opportunity to discuss future projects with the music, photo and video teams at Apple and with my friend Thomas Alsina, who works in their R&D.

I also had a great time with Pascal Cagni, head of Apple Europe, Africa, Middle East and others. I like his clear vision of new media technology, his intuition for new ideas, his open mind.. a brilliant and nice human being... We also spent some time with Thomas, exploring cameras and new lenses that I would like to use for a special project involving new music with photos and videos on the net.

That same week, by coincidence, I met various people involved in copyright issues, piracy, etc.

First, I have been invited by the U.S. Embassy to discuss the future of music and visual art forms on internet, the future of copyrights and authors rights in the context of multimedia works... At lunch time, I had some good time with Nicolas Seydoux, a great figure in the french and international film industry.

Then I met with John Kennedy, President of the IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industry) who asked me to become spokesman for the artists in Brussells, like 5 years ago, to try to explain to european policy makers that musicians are not simple content providers and that music like anything else, more than anything, has a special value and deserve specific care ...

And finally I met with my dear friends from SACEM, the French Authors Rights Society, its President Bernard Miyet, Louis Dirringer and Laurence Bony to discuss about this project of law for protecting music on internet...

I did not sleep much because I also made a lot of music during the nights.

Claude Samard sent me an interesting link on the new guitar by Moog Music. I listened to the new "Christophe", the new "Coldplay "and the new "Sigur Ross " and I like all of them for differenf reasons..

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Diego a dit…

Hello Jean-Michel.

Salut from Venezuela.

Is always a pleassure to read your words on the net, I´m always following your work and obviusly the Blog.

Many many thanks for writte to us, Its always very interesting wwhat you write.

King regards.


Alvaro a dit…

hi Jean Michel!
It's Sigur Rós, not Sigur Ross ;) god bless Iceland :D
and yes, Coldplay's and Sigur Rós' new albums are great!!

Alvaro a dit…

greetings from Chile! very good blog, and what's very good is that you type the articles!!

please come here to Chile, we really want you here!
and I'm 16, so probably people of all ages will go to your show here :)

Halcyone a dit…

Bonsoir Jean Michel,
I didn't realise that music was really diing of the piracy until I involve myself in trance music production (since the Teo & Tea remix contest in fact!). Every week, I hear about talented artists who have to stop their activity because they can't earn enough money to live! They are often played in events in front of thousand people, but they have to consider Music only as a hobby. The small artists are maybe the most penalized, as the majors do not (and maybe they can't) take risks anymore.

I don't think the solution is in a law, but in the way we pay the artists, and who pay them... consumers, labels, majors, providers...

I feel common points with you, making also a lot of music during the night (discovering my new virus TI Polar and Nord Lead... keyboards you know well!)... maybe Anne and my girlfriend would feel common points too!

Thanks to Claude (a great spirit) for his link... Moog is definitively not dead, always precursor. But do I have to convince you ?!
Anyway, thanks for sharing parts of your life with us.
Allez, au lit!

Loïc / Halcyone

Hossinfeffa a dit…

You and I both seem to be musically active during the night. I just bought an Alesis Andromeda not long ago, and I love this instrument. It is just fantastic with what it can create. I'd send you a song I created with it, but don't know where to send it to! With regards to copyrights and the music industry, I think an artist's music should be protected, but at the same time not to the point of intruding on others. Such stuff like installing all of this security features in a computer hinders a person more than protecting. People will always find a way around it, too. Also, the Moog guitar is very nice, but it seems pretty expensive. Maybe Moog will come out with a cheaper one, like they did with the Little Phatty?


Svensyntetics a dit…

Hey Jean Michel....
How to protect the work of an artiist in a right way is allways the question! It is true that a lot of people downloading media for paying nothing. But on the other side it is true that some record companys pay only 5 cent per unit to their artists.
A lot of poeple like to enjoy media, so there is a market. But what has done the mediaindustry to give the consumer the feeling that is worth to pay something for movies, music etc. They just sell "one day arists", they are not want to build up artists? Do you think Aritists like Pink Floyd Queen would be possible today? In both Bands the Companys investigate a lot of time to make them big and sell a lot of records. Queen needed THREE Records to become a big Group! Three! Can you imagine a record company doing this today, to give an artist the canche to develope himselfe?
What is the point? 30 years old Queen or Pink Floyd Cds you can still sell today and earn a lot of money. But this is not possible with "one hit casting artists", who have just a production team in the backround but no artistic vision!
Consumer know this in a way, and that is why so much people don't want spend money on them. Why should somebody buy a summer Hit, when he knows next year there will be something diffrent? It is just a fashion consume article without a price! It is just crap, it is not art and it is even not pop art.
You can say, it was allways like this, but it wasn't never big like this!
The wrong way for shure is to crimilize the consumers! Give the Consumer the feeling that he has a real product or art than he will pay, and this is possible even if a CD is a massmedia. IT WAs possible in the past!
It was also a buissness in the past, but the big chiefs did know what thy selling and have a knowlege about music. Today big record companys are just faceless companys who look at the selling rate! They don't care if they sell washing machines or music! The problem is, that this "concept" which started the big companys spread on the independent lables on small arists, on one man company because the consumer even don't want to pay for this music or art. I don't have sollutions but to treat the consumer like thiefs is for shure the wrong way! Copyprotection only give the feeling to crack the protection! So go diffrent way, go doing experiments! I mean, there are a lot of great instruments out there, but they all use them so boring! Do you think we would hear to Beatles Records today if they make so boring sounds? We don't need a new Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury or Jean Michel Jarre! We need aritsts with personality what means the great guitar player, the great synth player blabla, but not a copy of all them!
I think then you all will start to sell music!

Michael a dit…

Bonjour Jean Michel,

Thanks for continuing to keep us up-to-date with developments.

Seeing as you mentioned copyright.... what is the situation regarding the dispute with FDM? I'm sure many of your fans are very concerned for you.

Best wishes from Glasgow,


Glenn a dit…

Thanks Jean Michel, for keeping us updated about your work, activities, thougts.... it is really a nice thing to do for your fans.

In fact, creating this personal link with your fans is a way of ensuring that your future artworks will be sold. If you worry about copyright in the digital age, you might want to consider how certain things cannot be downloaded, such as friendship, closeness, trust, creativity.... in short, people who build a closer relationship to an artist is more likely to buy their artworks.

I am sure everyone who reads your blog are already doing what they can. I own 3 different copies of Oxygene 2007 alone :-)

Anonyme a dit…

Apple an Jarre rocks!!

Dominika a dit…

Hey Jean Michel,
you've really been busy lately...
I should give you some piece of advice, you should relax more, not only work :D although we love what u do.

greets from Cracow.

JustMe a dit…

Oh, Jean Michel... You have such a full life, life full of meetings...

Lately I get tired of people so easyly ...
Perhaps because it's not easy to find the dialogue level you need, your soul needs...

And it's so good that we have a possibility to find more interesting people with the help of Internet, people who share the same interests and so on...
Just feel free to use your chances...

But it's in a human being nature to overuse a freedom.
And these days a person in Internet has far too much freedom, far too much...
Thus it's a time to discuss not only the question of the authors rights in Internet but the question of the human rights in Internet in general.


PS: You look great! So sleepless nights with the Music were for your advantage. :=)

Unknown a dit…

First time i heard your music at space of freedom. I know its embarrass. I was magical concert.

Its a pleasure to read about your all journeys.
I hope so that you will come to poland one more time.

greetings and kisses

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Jean Michel,

the video of the moog guitar is fantastic! Great instrument. A few days ago I have seen also an excellent new electronic "toy" from Yamaha - look at the "TENORI-ON":

Best regards,
Ludger (aka "LaDefense")

danée73 a dit…

bon soir, ähm you say that you make lot of music at night. music for a new album?

francis a dit…

Bonsoir Jean-Michel,

Louise (8 ans) et moi avons beaucoup appreciés vos deux derniers commentaires. Il est vraiment bien de pouvoir parler directement avec vous. Pour nous, "la crème de la crème" , n'est pas évident. Mais nous aussi voulons sauver la planète avec vous. Continuez !

Bisous de ma fille et salutations de ma part.

Francis & Louise

Unknown a dit…

I'm Farzad from Iran. Many Iranians love your music and your style.

We love you all, and we are looking forward for a day to come that you have a huge concert in Iran.


Anonyme a dit…

Just to share this LINK:

Unknown a dit…

Hi, Jean-Michel,

As you are discussing the subject of piracy, something has come to me that I was curious about around the time or the release of teo and tea.

Whose idea was it to release the entire album in its retail state to unregulated critics so that it ended up being top of the download charts on mininova for a week? (that is a lot of downloads)

Coldplay have just released their new album but they only released a handful of tracks from the album which actually encouraged people to buy the album instead of just downloading the whole thing and "forgetting" to buy the album when it is released.

If it was warner who decided to pull the commercial rug from under the alums feet then i totally understand your desire to part company with them. This is no more than corporate sabotage, but i digress.

I did download the album and i did buy the album when it was realased and was quite shocked to find that, apart from the DTS mix, there was no musical difference between the two discs.

In my opinion teo and tea was a good album, it is on my walkman and it gives me a lift whenever the shuffle throws up one of the tracks from it, thanks :)

I am part of a band who record and play music live and we do not rely on it to pay our bills but if we did and our record company released our stuff for free then we would have the raging hump.


Unknown a dit…

I'm listening to the new Christophe myself now. So far, it's great! The man is a genius.

TiestoEOL a dit…

Salut Jean Michel Je m'appel Jérôme j'ai 18 ans et sur Youtube j'ai trouvé un remix Trance de Souvenir de Chine c'est trop beau.

Merci, j'éspère te voir dans un concert en France j'éspère un géant pour que je puisse au moins voir un concert géant en France ça serait cool.

Allez à plus t'es trop fort. (Marigny le 21 décembre trop beau en plus après le petit bain de foule. A part Tiesto je ne connais pas beaucoup d'artiste aussi proche du public que toi). Je rêve de voir un concert géant en France.

TiestoEOL a dit…

Salut Jean Michel Je m'appel Jérôme j'ai 18 ans et sur Youtube j'ai trouvé un remix Trance de Souvenir de Chine c'est trop beau.

Merci, j'éspère te voir dans un concert en France j'éspère un géant pour que je puisse au moins voir un concert géant en France ça serait cool.

Allez à plus t'es trop fort. (Marigny le 21 décembre trop beau en plus après le petit bain de foule. A part Tiesto je ne connais pas beaucoup d'artiste aussi proche du public que toi). Je rêve de voir un concert géant en France.