samedi 13 mars 2010


Those who already saw the show know that the new Adagio track is entirely about numbers, demographics and the pressure we impose on natural resources. Those numbers are dizzying. Every week, world population increases by over 1 million. It's hard to realize, that's a new large city every week, 1 million extra people to feed through agriculture, to provide with energy, health care, sanitation.

The slightest quantity becomes impressive when you multiply them by a population. Five little grams of toothpaste every morning seem innocent, yet multiplied by Europe's population, that's 2000 tons of toothpaste that flows to the rivers daily, along with 600,000m3 of urine. 12 billion dollars spent every year on dog and cat food. For every american person to eat a steak every day, that's over 100,000 cows per day. That same day, China consumes 68,000 fully-grown trees in the form of disposable chopsticks.

But there's hope: every single hour in the world, probably over 20 million people are making love, of which about 10,000 "succeed". During this hour, the earth has travelled over 100,000 kilometers in our solar system, at about 30 kilometers per second, and people will have exchanged over 8 billion emails, of which a good proportion is spam, and the rest contains the ideas of tomorrow, love declarations, lawsuits, and my words to all the people who subscribe to this blog via email.

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Robi a dit…

This is the most interesting post you made Jean Michel ; these are shocking facts and numbers.

...Envisage, express your (new) music with the paradox of Earth-destructive life of our's...yet giving the hope that have by which we can save the beauty of Earth!


Magdalena-Jarrefany a dit…

love you very, very, Jean Michel!
Thank you for the good God, that you're here among us.
God bless you

Heidcast a dit…


Thank you Jean Michel

You are so special...

It's clear,You are the Most Wonderful Man in the World...

This is because I love You...

I love You...



Zwoekie a dit…

bon jour Jean Michel,

like Jello Biafra from the American punk band Dead Kennedys said about generations of people.
"Like father, like son. We consumer products come and go...."

that's one of the many facts about you that make me like your music.
You have a message, you want to create awareness and bring people from different cultures together to think about this beautiful creation we call "Earth".
That was the main thought behind O2 wasn't it?

It's a pitty you yourself can't get closer to your fans, but you really want to, it's ironic.
Keep that positive attitude, you don't have to play in a punk/hardcore band to make these statements. It's all about getting the message to the masses. I tried to make that clear in the early punk movement but people need guidance, can you give it to them, Jean Michel?

You're still the main man for me.
Hope to see you soon again in better times.

Au revoir,

Zwoekie a dit…

Jean Michel,

As always, you are very humanity and you concern about our earth as in 1976 when you create OXYGENE.

Well done Jean Michel!

Your Armenian fans

jawalka a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

After your concert in Merzuga "Water for life" which I saw some time ago, I began to more economically manage the water in my house.

I think that people like you are needed.I fully support your commitment to the environment.

You had excellent idea to talk about big problems on tour. People after leaving the concert may reflect on the fate of our planet and at the same time not losing a great show.

By the way you new song are great and I look forward to the whole album.

Best wishes and hugs
Kate from Poland

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Dear Jean Michel

When I listen to YOUR MUSIC..I know for sure it is a COMPOSER behind it ..and that you LOVE to share your MUSIC and THOUGHTS with other people....

When WE have a walk in the NATURE...all the BEAUTY..the seasons..the SKY that change all the time..sunrises and sunsets..all the beautiful creations..the WONDERFUL EARTH...I do believe in a DESIGNER.. GOD
. and God's original purpose for the earth will thus succeed.
I do believe in a fantastic future...and it is so important for us to keep believing...
I am sure the earth was made to be ENJOYED...
And we can for sure ENJOY the LIFE today...with OPTIMISM and HOPE!♥

I love you! :)

..and I love your MUSICAL IDEA !!♥;)

danée73 a dit…

the next step should be a outdoor concert in front of a solarpark. here in spain my ex company builted some. by the way, dont forget spain in the tour. i went extra to oberhausen to see you. oh, and please play my favourite song magneticfields part 4!!!!

Zwoekie a dit…

thank you Turid Elisabeth.

That would be my answer as well.
Jean Michel, use your musical gift to keep the people up to date about these facts.
A lot people live in total ignorance and they need to be informed about these facts.

I love your attitude and your endurance after all these years.

Take care and bless you,


LJ.Isis a dit…

Such an inspiring and informative post Jean Michel.
I'm looking forwards to the concert in Paris,
Love and hugs,
Linzi x

Zwoekie a dit…

Hello Jean Michel,

to set an example of "practice what you preach ", concerning pollution.
I don't know if anyone came up with the idea in this blog, I think I've read an entry that suggested something similar, but I could be mistaken.
I handle 80% of my email etc by cellphone so things are sometimes not so well displayed.

There was an article in the Sound On Sound or The Future Music and they built the first solar powered reording studio in the world.
And we're not talking a computer running a sequencer and one or two synthesizers, no this was a professional recording studio for a full production.
Composition, recording, mixing and mastering. All disciplines need different equipment and different spaces, as you are fully aware of but it worked perfectly.

So why not try to have a concert totally powered by alternative energy sources?
There was someone who mentioned this and he suggested to have the concert in Spain, he probably lives there. But for the sake of argument, let's say spain.
It is a country full of sun, it would be the world first, I think.

You let the Chinese people enjoy your music in 5.1 LIVE, something I would really die for to see and hear.
I understand the amount of power needed for a full blown Jean Michel Jarre outside concert willl be pretty big but there are more alternative power sources to be used and if you choose your equipment carefully I cannot see why this would be impossible.
The only problem is storage, but you have the resources to come up with a workaround.

You certainly will make a statement for the rest of the entertaiment industry.
And you're already a pioneer in other branches, Dolby surround productions, 3D presentations of your DVDs.

I still find your surround mixes the best in the world no other band comes even close, even electronica bands, which would benifit the most of this technique, but you simply are at the frontline working with cutting edge technolgy.
Yet you used for the INDOORS concert DVD only vintage synthesizers, that is cool, combining old technology with new.
I don.t know what you're planning for the 3D experience but please use polaroid instead of the coloured glasses technique, it really makes you sick and delivers you a pain in the head.
I understood you choose this technique for the DVD to add more of that 70's retro feel to the whole experience and that made sense but now you're trying to achieve something entirely different.

I have full confidence in you.
You have proven over the years to come up with especially made gear so extreme that the media has falsly accused you of playbacking while every synth from the laserharp (I know you didn't design it but you took it to the next level) to that crescent shaped synth you used in Houston, was it?
You let a little French firm made that amazing thing.

If anyone can pull this off it's you and your team.
I am still sad that I can't see your concert due to our financial situation due to the poor economic downfall we went through in 2009.
The pictures are so amazing.
In the Heineken Music Hall in Holland I witnessed my first lasershow.
I use to give lightshows in a local youthcentre and I still have that passion for it, I was so impressed by the clarity and brightness of the lasers. Until then I was used to fairy lights!!!
You blew me away with sound and lighs, kudos!
And now you have the big screens you talked about back then, it must be just like an outside concert.

Again, you are the biggest influence on my own work and there are so many questions fI have for you.
I really hope to have the honor to meet you one day and get some anwers.
Until that day, I wish you the best of luck and health and the same goes for your ever so talented and trust worthy crew.

Best regards,

Zwoekie Music

Martien van den Akker a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

I like these kind of thoughts. It sounds much like the "Sale of the Century" as an introduction to the "Digisequencer" track on "Live in Hong Kong".

I see that the Netherlands are not on your current track list. Do you have plans to pay us a visit? And do you plan to come with a DVD of this tour?

I'm looking forward to see and hear more of you.


Thomas a dit…

More accurate data about love rates

On the topic of a green concert, the concert in Vra Enge at Aalborg was mostly powered by wind energy.

Between Worlds a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

I so pleased that you are bringing this awareness to your concerts. It is time for people to re-think their habits, and break free from following the crowd. We need to heal this planet, to be one with it, and each other.

It is time to show how much we love our mother Earth, and the people within it.

Thank you for your words, and this wake up call.

My best to you

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hello again dear Jean Michel ;)

The most BEAUTIFUL MUSIC by YOU that express (as I feel) how wonderful we ALL are CHRONOLOGIE Part 6
...this music really brings tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart..



Molecular biochemist Michael Behe writes: “Over the past four decades modern biochemistry has uncovered the secrets of the cell. . . . The result of these cumulative efforts to investigate the cell—to investigate life at the molecular level—is a loud, clear, piercing cry of ‘design!’”

Quote:"For the Infinite has sowed His name in the heavens in burning stars, but on earth He has sowed His name in tender flowers.

I am really curious about the new music you talk about!! :)

With LOVE♥

Robi a dit…

Look at this link Jean Michel!

It shows the vary of four parameters (sea level, carbon-dioxid, ice extension, temperature raising) since the industrial revolution or later in the 20th century.

Hulkie a dit…

Someone here is preaching Intelligent Design? Please keep that nonsense off this great blog, I'm offended.

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hi 'Hulkie' we all have different view of things around us...and we have to respect one is not meant as is simply my way of thinking and feeling about music,art and life!

If my words bother anyone else..I do believe it will be deleted from this site!

Best wishes

Unknown a dit…

J'ai adoré la musique diffusée avant le Concert a Nice à partir de 18H30...Quelqu'un peut-il me dire les références et comment se la procurer ? Merci

L. Stelea a dit…

Dear Jean-Michel,
Thank you for posting this...

I have a wide range of acquaintances who are trained in sustainable development or ecology. They are unable to find work, or those who work are unable to do much, because there are no, or limited, money.

The economic system that is meant to pay them is fuelled by (goods and services) our wasteful habits.

Something to think about.