dimanche 27 juin 2010

Special message to the fans

Dear Friends,

First of all, I would like to pay tribute to all my fans around the world who are supporting my work constantly.

It has been one of the most encouraging elements of my life, and particularly this past year, for all the reasons you know.

The feedback, I receive from you all, night after night, in each city I am playing at the moment, is just great and gives me the energy to go on.

I want you to know that I share this Mojo Award with you all, around the world, because in a sense I feel that you deserve it also...


Jean Michel Jarre

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Nino Auricchio a dit…

It is your music, talent, commitment, creativity and tenacity that give us the reason to support and follow you.

thanks you for sharing this award with us.


Heidcast a dit…







Bodega Ateneo a dit…

JMJ, I was in 1997 at the doors of Madrid, when the falling rain brouk our dreams, and now I´m preparing the travel to Santiago, to see your live concert 13 years later, and all is for you, for your music and how this music inspire us...thank you JMJ..

J.Bed. a dit…

You write that we support you. It is probably that your music is the support for us, at least to me. So it works both ways. And it is beautiful. Thanks for everything, thank you for being by your music I experience full freedom, harmony and happiness. It's like you're dreams fulfilled.

I was in 2005 in Gdansk, on your concert and wait longer for your show in Poland in November. I'll be there.

You are the best, you are a genius, who does nothing by force, you're full of what other artists are missing. Are you the best. I remember that.

Love! :)


jmjyiannis a dit…
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jmjyiannis a dit…

Dear Jean Michel, on 30 May 2010 in Thessaloniki, one of my craziest dreams came true. I saw you playing an I was no more than 5 meters away from you.... I still can not believe it.

Now, I am writing in this blog. I have no idea in there is a possibility that once you will read these lines composed by me. If this happens.... I want just to tell you... thank you for being in my life for more than 15 years.

Yannis (or "Jean" if you prefer)

Unknown a dit…

Gracias Maestro... Saludos a la BANDA... más hermosa del mundo.

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Jean Michel Jarre,

I guess just to say your music is wonderfull it's not enough. Your music is beyond of that.
I am a fan of your music for long time and I really dont know a better way to say thank you for all your inspiration and music.

For those who believes in God or a superior conception I really think that sometimes he makes present in our hearts by certain elements. I believe trully your music is a kind of this connection.

Please keep going on this road your music is universal and unique.

Dlaivison R. Silva

Non-Linear Music a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

you've been an inspiration for me since O2.
Although you experimented with all kinds of music genres the essence of your music is always the same, a calm but progressive force that will spread joy amongst the people.
You could have stopped after equinoxe or maybe some later albums but your commitment to the music is also one of the key elements we love.

And whoever complains that your post "analog" work (meaning: everything after equinox) is somehow less interesting, they should have let their ears and brains checked.
Because you proved that your music has become timeless and will be listened to many decades after everyone who's alive now, by new generations and they will also learn to appreciate not only "The old Ladies" but also the new stuff.

Thank you for all your effort and may we all enjoy your compositions and the ones to come for a long time!


Non-Linear Music

pka13 a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

It's a real pleasure to hear you every day with your music since my childhood.

Your last concert in Paris Bercy was really nice. I hope that you prepare a few surprises for your fans.

Thanks for your blog and your Twitter account. Please keep this contact with your fans.

Pascal ( @pka13 )

Unknown a dit…

Your music (and instruments) gave me the inspiration to try myself some composition work when I was something around 16 years old and I'm still on that road.

thank you for that!

Unknown a dit…

Thank you Jean Michel for these wonderful words to your fans.
We love to support you, because of the beautiful music and inspiration you give. Your Award is very well deserved. You set a new standard in EM, and your way of working, using some kind of EM museum on stage is so different from other artists. I mean, who takes 4 Eminents and a Mellotron with him every performance? It's the you who wants to give the fans the best he has: the organic original analog sound.
And the visual aspects of your shows are typical YOU. It's clear you "paint" with sounds.
Thanks for all you've done Jean Michel.

I will see you in Rotterdam this year.


Svensyntetics a dit…

Yesterday evening i listen the Oxygene Album in the dark and today there was your post in my mail...
For the first time i had pictures in my mind; a meadow with wildflowers on it moving in the air or in the oxygene..

your work is great, your music is fantatic...



chris a dit…

Jean Michel , comme j'ai déjà eu l occasion de te le dire et encore récemment a Rouen , c'est que du bonheur ce que tu m apporte et ce que tu apporte a ton public , continu encore longtemps a nous faire rêver et a faire briller nos yeux et nos oreilles, encore merci pour tout


chris a dit…
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guirivaud a dit…

Merci Jean Mi ...
You are the best and always will be !
A bientot au Royaume Uni !

Anonyme a dit…

Merci pour tout ce que tu fais pour tes fans, Jean Michel.
Bon courage dans ces épreuves.

Nous t'aimons aussi.


Ursula a dit…

Cher Jean-Michel, je ne peux qu'affirmer que vous êtes une des personnes les plus aimables et douées que je connais. Ceci se montre non seulement par votre musique mais également par votre charisme. Souvent je pense à vous et quand j'ai beaucoup de problèmes à résoudre, je vous écoute et il y a vraiment toujours des paroles dans votre musique qui aident à trouver une solution. Restez comme vous êtes! Amicalement

vanello a dit…



Robi a dit…

Dear Jean Michel !

First, I must be greatful for my father, who has bought Oxygene vinyl back in the early 80s in Yugoslavia.

I was listenning to your album in my little childhood, though later I forgot the album...

It was November 15, 1998, when I re-found and rediscovered your great music by Oxygene! I am not kidding !!! I remember well about the date, because since then I've been following you, and because that album made a great impact and effect on me!!

I started to buy your albums...your music has been doing big effect during my youth...and doing right now aswell!

I can tell I have attended at 3 of your Hungarian concerts. At the latest, a month ago in Budapest, you walked 5 metres by me and as 'Vanello' said above, I felt your energy, no doubt! You caused and cause/make youngness wherever you are...during a concert or by listenning to your album.
Be yourself. Stay yourself. You are an exceptional artist, a human.
Just make your music that can cause different thoughts and feelings...when it is waving in different moods...from happiness to obscure mood.

Thank you and all the best!


Cyrilaero a dit…

Merci à vous cher Jean Michel!

Vous êtes véritablement un être humain exceptionnel qui prend toujours le temps de s'adresser à ses fans, toutes nationalités confondues et on vous en remerciera toujours ;-)

Moi qui vous suit depuis 24 ans (j'en ai 28), je suis toujours aussi admiratif et reconnaissant envers vous, pour tout le bonheur et l'amour que vous transposez dans votre travail. Mes amitiés les plus sincères


Unknown a dit…

Oh no, mon ami, we thank you, for your creativity, your unwavering pioneer spirit, and your commitment to your fans.
The award was well-deserved, ansd only confirms what we all knew all along, you deserve a place in music history.

Andy Ford a dit…

Thank Jean Michel, we love you too. You are the reason I'm now collecting synths and learning to play. The inspiration I have had from you over the years is simply out of this world :)

All the best

-Andy Ford

JMJ a dit…


Thanks foir sharing this award with us. But I think that today you have to share this great sucess with a persona that passed away las Saturday: MR. FRANCIS DREYFUS.

All we know that you have some troubles and differences in your bussiness. But, anyway, if there's a person who help you to get what you have and be whart you're today this person is MR. DREYFUS.

I really prefer to read from you today that you dedicate this award to his memory, two days after he died, that to all your whole fans that will be with you everyday, in every concert, with every new record.

Thanks in advance.

Kanta a dit…

Dearest Jean Michel,

Thank you so much for your special message to your fans. I am very proud to call myself a Jean Michel Jarre fan. I am your devoted follower and give thanks to have been part of your magnificent presence with your brilliant music and your spectacular concerts. Listening to your music gives me great comfort and pleasure. You are a very talented and a gifted musician and if not for you, my life would have turned out differently.

I am very pleased and happy that MOJO recognized you as a unique artist by giving you a Lifetime Achievement Award. It is very special that you share this award with us.

Love, hugs and much respect.


Unknown a dit…

not a prob.

even though you did make my teenage years more difficult than they needed to be, by having to explain to the other kids the merits of ethnicolor over iron maiden.

would not want to know what my life would have been like if i had never discovered your art.

keep on.

Osvaldo Rodríguez a dit…

Cam to Chile, pleas.

Osvaldo Rodríguez a dit…

Cam to Chile, pleas.

Osvaldo Rodríguez a dit…
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aiméestern a dit…
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Robi a dit…

Still adding to my comment above : looking forward to your new studio album! ;-)

jarreblogru a dit…

Dear Jean Michel, thank You for your words and thank You for that we have You!!!


patrick a dit…

I always felt and feel connected to the music of Jean Michel from the moment I first 'picked-up' equinoxe 5 on the radio.
It hasn't lost a single sparkle of it's initial beauty and power. This together with all the things he realised and the way he takes care of his fans makes jean Michel an exceptional person and artist.
I'm convinced his work will be discovered and rediscovered by many people and future generations.
Looking back on his work I would say:
"my god , it's full of stars ..."

Deepest respect,

Atta a dit…

Thank you Jean Michel - your shows and music give energy to your fans, too. This is a massive circle, you have been giving inspirations to people.

Magdalena-Jarrefany a dit…

Dear Jean Michel!
Thank you for your dear message
I hope you feel how much we love. You're a wonderful person, it seems that everything you do. You're the only one who has such a relationship with the fans.
Other stars are too ambitious, they are: (
But it seems that you like the fans:))
You are the music world's energy or bombs ..
I love what you do and you ..

Many many kisses and hugs

Robi a dit…

I have told you so Jean Michel, but I tell it again : I like Oxygene5 / Variation 3 duo in the performance !!!!!!!
Keep it in the setlist!! Improve it, experience it!!


I so nice you follow world cup aswell! :)

Julliet a dit…

Dear JMJ :)
Thank you for those words,
Thank you for the beautiful music,
Thank you for the concerts in Poland,
We are waiting for you in Poland.
I send warm greetings from me and also from the my family (Mada and Arcanos) with whom we go to your concerts
See you in November :))
Gosia (Julliet)

Julliet a dit…
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Robi a dit…

If the Australian tour would be a little bit more difficult to have it for 2011, this may be a possibility...Arts & Music Tour called 'EarthDream2012'


Robi a dit…

Hi JM !

You write on Twitter you listenned to Chemical Brother's new album.
Well I heared only 'Escape Velocity' from it, but it's great, isn't it?

But you were, you are and will be my musical idol ever!

I am, we are loooooooking forward to your new album, that must be a world hit, you know ?!

Velodynamic a dit…

Being a fan of your music since 1985 this Mojo price is just yet an other proof of how unique you are in this world Jean-Michel jarre. The most humble artist with fans and with this planet we're all living on, that I've ever came across. So keep on rocking and fully enjoy this price now and also the continuing ride we are all taking part of with you into the future. Congratz and thank you JMJ for being here with us today. :)

Simply Me a dit…

It's not easy the loss of someone so essential and loved in our lives. I could only say that because of her we all have the immense fortune of you. So here is to her, this award. Thank you for your unremarkable musical creations. You have been an important part of my development as a person through your music.
Merci :-)

bambam a dit…

Congratulations on the well deserved MOJO award, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us through this blog, most of all thank you for the great music you have created over the years.

Thank you JMJ

Robi a dit…

quote from the forum :

"I've been looking for anything about a US tour as well...
A US tour would make me the happiest human on the planet!! Really! Come on Jean-Michel, two or three locations...would make many others just as happy! Please..."

aiméestern a dit…
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