lundi 5 juillet 2010

The tour in pictures

JMJ and Pierre are continuing their foray into photography

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LJ.Isis a dit…

Lovely photos, Jean Michel. See you in Santiago.

Anonyme a dit…

wonderful photos! Seems to me like you're very much enjoying this leg of the tour and that's great! Keep it up and good luck :) Looking forward to seeing more photos from you.



C-Jay a dit…

great pics...very nice.

Heidcast a dit…

Dear JM
Thank you so much for the pictures...
(and for the abstract ones too!!)
See you soon...



Heidcast a dit…


Dear JM

Thanks for the pictures!
I love them!
ah! and thanks for the
abstract ones too!!! ;)



C-Jay a dit…

Great pics...well done. very nice.

Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

Fantastic pics :) very fine :)
Greet and many hugs Jean Michel :)
See you soon :)

GST a dit…

Many thanks for the magnificent extraterrestial music and the fantastic shows in Athens 9 years ago and last June.

Robi a dit…

Nice photos.

Simply Me a dit…

You are looking awesome, when will we have the pleasure of your prescence in the U.S. ?

Zwoekie a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

what else can I say then:"Nice photos!".
It's 31 degrees Celius in my studio, I expect the Devil to walk in any moment because Hell must be a bliss right now!
I thought I made synthesizer music but under the circumstances I can better start producing Black Metal again!
Mon Dieu!

Luckily I'll be at your gig in Rotterdam in November. That should make the temperature bearable. I mean this heat together with my medication is killing. But we have frontrow seats and we bought a camera which makes amazing photos in the dark.
Your last gig in the Heineken Music Hall was great with the lasers, the camera captured them fantastic, so colourful and sharp.
I hope you've solved the midi problems with laserharp. That was a party pooper, but your improv was as to be expected.

A friend of mine doesn't want to go in November.
He said he's seen 2 or 3 gigs without any new material but I've been very, very ill for the last 10 years and have never seen any of your outside gigs, sadly, that's when you really shine.
But last time he got after party tickets via his management, all I could do was stay downstairs :-( in the Heineken Music Hall.

The last time I was backstage in the Ahoy was when I was still working for INXS, you know that weird band from Australia.
Let's make a deal, throw me 2 afterparty tickets and I bring you a good deal of Dutch saucisson!
Love to talk to you and the other guys.
Got a few questions for a fellow musician.

I hope it's gonna be a blast,
it must be easy for you to contact me.
Is it wishfull thinking or is it the relentless heat in here?
Make a chronic pain patient happy and smile a lot during the gig all photos are going to be uploaded to MySpace, my own Internet site and I want to start a Facebook page as well.
I sure can use some publicity.

A bientot mon amie,

Tiki Drinker a dit…
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Unknown a dit…

Excellent pictures. I see Olympus E-P2 serves You very well.

Unknown a dit…

Dear Jean Michel:

Great concert in Santiago. I believe you enjoyed as much as us. I want to thank you the show and the previous sound tests.

For many years a question is in my mind, may be you want to answer it: "What do you think about the version Hank Marvin and The Shadows made of Equinoxe parts 5, 6 and 7?. Personally I believe it's great...

Robi a dit…

quote from the forum

"I've been looking for anything about a US tour as well...
A US tour would make me the happiest human on the planet!! Really! Come on Jean-Michel, two or three locations...would make many others just as happy! Please..."

Unknown a dit…

Bonne photos...! bravo !
dommage qu'il soit si difficile d'accéder aux coulisses pour faire quelques clichés, même si je comprends qu'il faille filtrer le "tout venant". Je fais de la photo et j'avais fait une demande auprès de la prod qui a été refusée... dommage.