mardi 9 juin 2009

Life after LEG 1 - English

Back home and in the studio, I have been busy debriefing the first part of the tour.

Although I have been really pleased by your feedback and some aspects of the concerts, I really would like to improve
a few things both in the visual and in the tracklisting. I like to see this World Tour project as a work in progress. I have a lot of new ideas, which I am going to develop this summer, bringing new songs and new visual effects...

LEG 2 will be inspired by LEG 1 but will also be definitely different...

I have worked also on my new web site. Again there is a lot I want to improve. Today I recorded two videos, one in french and one in english, to explain how I envision this new website and my expectations regarding it..

This week l have scheduled screenings of the Wembley, Manchester, Brussels and Zurich gigs in order to check the sound and the visuals. Afterwards l'll have various meetings with Ignace, Alain Courieux, Chris, James, Fiona, Louis and Pierre to discuss ways to improve everything...

After having discussed with the agent, a lot of dates are about to be announced in the near future, starting by the french dates. We are working also on a different poster..

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Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hello dear Jean Michel!
Thanks for the update!Very exciting to read about your plans!!;)
To me you are the best artist in the world at the moment!!:D
I still have on my mind the concert in Oslo Spektrum..maybe I will come to France for a concert..
Wishing you a creative wonderful summer...
Your special fan

Sean McManus a dit…

Thanks for a great show in London. Hope that you're considering a DVD to accompany this tour at some stage. All the best for leg 2 and perhaps I'll catch one of those shows too!

Robi a dit…

Thanks Jean michel for sharing these!

Looking forward next In-Doors leg, having oversea dates aswell?

Also looking forward new album, seeing new visuals and effects.

Thanks for these.

Rina a dit…

Salue Jean-Michel!
Thank you for all this good news!
I saw you in Zürich and I can't find words for all the exciting feelings you gave me!
Wish you a lot of energy and fun at work!
Hope we see you soon :)
Love and kisses,

PS: Your new Homepage is superb

equinoxe a dit…

Salut Jean-Michel,

have you thought about including songs like Magnetic Fields 4, Chronologie 4, Rendez-vous 4, Millions of Stars, Arpegiator, Vintage or Velvet Road... or even some new tracks ;-) ?

Kanta a dit…

Dearest Jean Michel,

Thank you so much for blogging so soon after Leg 1 of the tour (LOL, if only you knew at this time what leg means to me). It's a joy to have a direct communication link with you via your blog regularly. Letting us know your thoughts, plans and keeping us up to date.

Your new website is looking brilliant and it's very user friendly. The latter noted by my sister. We are very keen to see the videos you have recorded, “how I envision this new website and my expectations regarding it.. “

It's exciting to know that Leg 2 of the tour will be different. My sister and I will do our best to be part of it in France. Hopefully in Paris!

Keep on blogging and take care.

Love xxx

PS You are THE BEST.

Unknown a dit…

J'espère que tu retourne à Belgique parce que Bruxelles était vraiment super.
Bonne chance avec les préparations pour 'leg 2' ;-)

MiKee007 a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

Thanks a lot for your blog. We (me, my wife and my 13 years old son) were disappointed of a little bit calm audience in Ostrava, Czech Republic. And the arena was not sold out too. But we hope you'll return to Czech Republic with your music and show as soon as possible. It would be better in Prague - Oxygene in O2 Arena was the greatest gig we have ever seen (and felt).

Thank you so much.

mathetes1963 a dit…

Greetings from the U.S. of A., Jean-Michel! I've been a fan since the early 80's, I love your music--you are the best! Please remember your fans in America when you plan "Leg 2"; I've heard you are looking at LA and NYC, but Charlotte, NC is nice too!

C U soon!

Roger Wyatt

Zwoekie a dit…

Hi Jean Michel, Louis or Thomas.

I want to thank you, Jean Michel, for your concert in Amsterdam. You have given me a lot of inspiration. I'll try to combine your music genre with that of Akira Yamaoka with a drum & bass character.
You are the one who got me starting writing my own music in the first place, well you, Vangelis and David Sylvian. Thank you for that.

Sometimes its hard to not try to get in contact with you because you're such a nice man. I've read in the tourbook that you really want to get closer to your fans but lets face it, you've become too big to realize such a thing.
But the DVDs and blogs are a good substitute.

I will always look up to you for inspiration and will try to do some cover work from Chronology.
Please ask Louis to check his aeroblog account(the account as owner of the domain), I've sent him a request, I would be very happy if he did what I asked, if its the right Louis, that is. LOL!
Sometimes I forget the huge distance between you as a performer and me as a mere fan.

I hope I'll have my new studio up and running very soon, so I can concentrate on writing music.
The modular patches I'm after will come to me in the end.

Please listen to his new cd that he gave you and the guys in Amsterdam, he would really like that. He is a great guy to mail with.

I really hope you will have a blast the rest of the tour.

If I had the money I'd buy a Roland AX keytar it sounded breath taking. I was searching for that sound since I heard "fin de ciècle" on Calypso and Vangelis' The City "nerve centre".

I wish you all @jarreteam a great time and I hope I'll have the oppertunity to talk to Jean Michel once in my life, it would be an enormous honour. But the odds are slim. Mais c'est la vie, n'est pas, mes amis?

Have a great tour and take care.

Au revoir!

Zwoekie ;-)

alvaromrocha a dit…

Do you ever rest? :-)

I'm very glad to see you always pushing the envelope and keep on bringing your trademarked kind of mistical magic to music and sharing it so magically (pardon the redundance).

I once targetted making music for a living, something that prooved not being necessary (luckily or not), and your music taught me so much without the need of words, it pushed me forward - it still does.

How do you do it? I now calmly write music to feel and share life, as I feel you give intensily in every note you produce and over see, as you most certainly share it in every concert.

That's something I'm grateful for. Your inspiration creates and forces creation, and anyone causing me to be better without resistance, if not a master, is a friend.

Thank you, Jean-Michel. Keep'em coming!

Kind Regards,

moviemaker a dit…

Please consider coming to Los Angeles.

Would be a beautiful thing plus you could see David Lynch's most recent exhibition of photos at the Michael Kohn Gallery.

May inspire you...


Col a dit…

Jean Michel,

Thank you for the first leg of the tour. I thought it was good you are right to consider major improvements for the second leg of the tour.

The light show was fantastic and I don't mind the lack of images but it was missing something but I can't quite put my finger on it....

Musically it was good and I loved Calypso 3, your solos were excellent. But the tracklisting still has some tracks you've played many times: Oxygene 12, Chronologie 6. I think it would be good to replace them with Revolutions and something from Zoolook.

With the encore it would be good to play something other than Oxygene 4 as it was only played 3 tracks before hand. It felt very strange not to end your concert with Rendezvous 4. I missed that.

I hope the French gigs will be standing and not seated! :)

Thanks again for a very good set of concerts. Good luck for the next leg.


Jens Pielawa a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

thinking of improvement is always the right way, and although the first leg was a good concert I can't wait to see the second leg next year on the proposed shows here in Germany. It's right, that some tracks were missing, and some have been worn out slightly. It was great way back in 1997 to start the show with your ingenoius "Oxygene 7" and the laser harp. It would be also great to include your vocals more on the show, some tracks from "Metamorphoses" were great, so why not play "Rendez-vous à Paris", "Hey Gagarin" oder "Bells"? Some "Aero" tracks would also fit, and although I didn't like the "Téo & Téa" album (to be honest), a track like "Touch to remember" would round up a tracklist even to the last output you had. The Gdansk concert may give you a hint of a fine selection, mix this through, add some variations and bring in your voice - I bet you'll dazzle the audience once more like you did all the time.
Have a great creative time with your team, best regards from Germany,

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel,

fans are really counting on your concerts throughout the world ! From Canada to Argentina...from France to Australia...from New-Zealand to Brasil.
Try to do your best to make them happy. ;-)

Kanta a dit…

Hi Robi,

That shows how Jean Michel is loved all around the world if fans are counting on his concerts. He will always do his best to make it happened and if not, he will try his best.

For me, I apologise for being greedy but really hope he comes back to the UK real soon.

Best regards.

Gustaf a dit…

For someone who has eagerly followed your carrer since the 80's, it's has been so reviving to suddenly get all this insight in the life around your projects. In the past, I could only relate to your albums, concert videos and what other people wrote about you. Today, I read your own words, and I see yourself talk about what you're up to. I'm moved by your efforts to approach your audience in ways that others in your position often neglect. May your new website be easy to update!

Robi a dit…

I have an important question...

JarreUK and put online news (dates in this case) when they have all confirmed!
So these are confirmed dates, then a break again and tour will continue in other month of 2010 ?

If this is the case, these dates are rather few...

Robi a dit…

New dates...? In US or Australia...?

YLT a dit…

Hi Jean Michel! Congrats for your concerts great success. You have made legendary albums, PLEASE!! a lot of people is waiting for a new "treasure" album, thanks for so many hours of musical enjoyment!!!

Yago Lamela.

Zwoekie a dit…

iHello Jean Michel!

Ok I lied.
I said if I had the money I'd buy Roland AX.
Well I got some money to buy a new synth.
I going to change my music and will leave the Jarre/Vangelis genre and will concentrate on music of the likes of The Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfold, The Chemical Brothers etc.
Mainly because it's fun and as a starting musician you have more people interested in this genre than trying to be the next Jarre or Vangelis.
Maybe later I can incorporate more of your genre into my music but for the time being I will go with phat beats and maybe produce some nice mixes of your old work.

I never had a sampler, I did everything with Cubase but I saw you bought Clavia's Nord Wave. I will do so too, it will give me so much freedom with my own samples and of course the factory sounds and all the packages you can download from their website.
What was your motivation to buy the Nord Wave and can we expect a sound package from you for the Wave?
I would love to see a couple of tweakable sounds from you, sweet!

I wish you all a great time for what lies ahead and I hope you will be able to find my mixes of your music on Youtube.

Many greetings,

Robi a dit…

When will really the new dates come?

jawalka a dit…

Hi Jean Michel :)
Today is your birthday :) So I want to wish you everything the best.. In Poland we say "Sto lat".
I am so happy, that you will visit our country again in march 2010. I study in Katowice and my biggest dream comes true that you will play a concert in Spodek once again. :):):):)
Thank you for making me happy again :)

Have a nice birthday :)

Kate From Poland :)

Tim a dit…

All the best for your birthday, too - Tim P (from Britain, though currently in the USA)

Anonyme a dit…

2010 is also a good name for the new record..

how about some new music preview?


Robi a dit…

Why are you hoping for US ?
He won't go there!

Peter Szilveszter a dit…

Would be great if you could complete the World tour with Australia included!

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