dimanche 14 décembre 2008

"Hanging" out in Budapest

Some images of that musician Jean Michel invited on stage in Budapest, along with his strange melodic drum.

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Robi a dit…

It brings me nice memories about the concert...
It is still almost unbeliveable i could see you in Budapest. I have not attended at too many concerts, mainly not at an international musician's concert and when i read the announcement about continuation of tour, i knew i must be there. When tickets had been begun on sale, i think i was the first one who bought tickets! :-) And 4 tickets rapidly, cause all my family wanted to be attended! ;-)
Don't forget Budapest next year, pleaaaaase! :-)

Thank you!

Have nice days!! ;-)


Jay Valambhia a dit…

Wow! Just goes to show that talent comes from within the person and show styled by the Music Industry.

Very impressive.

Unknown a dit…

Yes, cela fait tout décoler:) Cette instrument s' appelle le Hang.
Le hang est un instrument de musique acoustique inventé par Félix Rohner et Sabina Schärer de Berne en Suisse en 2000.
Il est le résultat de 25 ans d'expérience, acquise dans la construction de « steel pans » ainsi que d'une recherche acoustique et métallurgique sur beaucoup d'autres instruments du monde (gong, gamelan, ghatam, tambour, cloche, scie musicale, etc.).
Le hang a la forme d'une sphère métallique aplatie de 53 cm de diamètre et 24 d'épaisseur. Il comporte huit notes dont une fondamentale.Les notes peuvent également résonner par sympathie ce qui étend encore la gamme. Il est fabriqué dans plus de 15 gammes d'accord de ses huit notes. L'envers du hang produit une note de udu (cruche).
En dialecte bernois, « Hang » signifie main.
Merci JMJ pour ton ouverture d' esprit.

jawalka a dit…

Hello Jean- Michel,
It was great idea to invite this guy to your concert :)
Thanks a lot, that you will be with polish audience again in Wrocław next year :):):):):) I am so happy :):):)
Wish you everything the best :)

Kate from Poland :)

oxyquat a dit…

un seul mot pour moi pour qualifier cet instrument que je viens de découvrir : ENVOUTANT !!
merci pour cette superbe initiative , j'imagine le plaisir de ce musicien a se retrouver sur la scène parmi vous ....
ainsi les concerts se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas .. merci Jean Michel de toujours nous surprendre !

Magdalena-Jarrefany a dit…

Deares Jean Michel!
Please please please come to Budapest for another concert.
Prety pleeese...
We would really really love to se you:)
Hmm.The pictures of you are FANTASTIC! /blog/
Me and my girlfriend, we always download every picture of you from
the internet:)
I wish you Happy Chritmas!


Please please please....

Loads of kisses:Magdalena and Kitti

Johnny Lee Lemming a dit…

Wow! L'instrument se prête si bien à l'acoustique "Oxygène". Vraiment magnifique.

ps: JMJ en spectacle au Québec bientôt? :)

Elena R a dit…

Amazing! A beautiful melody))) Excellent idea of inviting musicians to speak, bravo!

happybird.e a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
happybird.e a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Anna a dit…

This is really a very interesting instrument! I've never seen it before! And it sounds amazingly. It's a great fortune for you to have met this guy, and it was a good idea to invite him. The improvisation was nice!

vesna a dit…

I'm not at all surprised that the street musicians are invited to the concert ... to you ... easily and simply are unknown man offered the opportunity to play with you. Lovely! Another proof that life in all possible, I never believed that process ever come to Belgrade, ... but when I got the message that process in November to keep the concert in the Arena I was convinced to play me, they are not joking, happened to ... I know that you every city promised re-arrival ... and I know that my city a little pea in the world but .... who knows, and may yet again see here. I wish you all happiness of this world ...

Unknown a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Unknown a dit…

Beautiful combination of sounds.
I hope you take him with you next time you come to Sweden :)

Looking forward to your next concert!

/Andrea - a native Hungarian from Sweden

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel,
if there is an annoying blogger, just skip it! ;-)
He just cannot find out anything new and repeating himself saying boring things. ;-)
You know, for somebody, nothing is good.

All the best & take care,

Unknown a dit…

This summer I saw someone play that instrument and I thought: "Jean Michel should use this!" And he did ^_^

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel, i just heared that you may come to Debrecen, Hungary on 4th May ?? ITS SUPER! :)

Choccy a dit…

I am so excited,just discovered you are returning to Manchester in the new year.WOW!!!!1

Anonyme a dit…

You should invite him to the next album too!

The best for 2009 to all.


Robi a dit…

JM, i hope next album will be THE ALBUM since years! ;-)

Unknown a dit…

I think I've seen that melodic drum on a live recording of the french singer "M". It didn't sound as magic as the one on that Budapest video. Attending the french concert in that small room was definitely great. Hope we can soon see the new tour will have concerts in France as well.

Robi a dit…

It is good that you are back in the real musical life and media, not only by cover of magazines has happened sometimes during recent years...

We fans and musical life also expect a real, a true JARRE ALBUM from you, from one of the pioneers in electronic field! An album that involve both fresh and traditional Jarre landscapes.

Jean Michel. You can do it!

As it is true, you are not only a composer. You are composer and artist. Let's show us you make an album that deserve the title of one of the best electronic album.

Don't get me wrong. I do like listen to Aero or Teo&Tea also, they have their own nice moments, sounds, but, from them, i'm missing that conceptual art-albums with those vintage-made weird and great effects and melodies.

But you returned to the path by making Oxygene Tour!!

I wish You the best and happy composing! I hope next year tour will be spectacular, i think we will see the best stage design and lightning effects.

Best regards

Norbert a dit…

Dear Jean Michel

I wish you wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. And I hope to see You in Warsaw next year.

Have nice day


Magdalena-Jarrefany a dit…

Dear Jean Michel!
I'm really really happy that you're
going to give a concert next year in Hungary, like you promised:)
You made my heart absolutely happy,
I'm so grateful and my friends too!!:D
I promise that we'll cheer very loud and applouse for you on the concert, so thet your concert would be an unforgetable experience and memory for you:)

I'wish you a Merry Christmas and THANK YOU:)


Kanta a dit…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009, Jean Michel, the team and the fans.

All my best.


Juan Ignacio a dit…

Extraordinário Jean Michel.
Solo un musico como tu, podia rescatar a alguien de la calle e incorporarlo a un concierto propio.
Tu talento es tan grande que eres capaz de unir cualquier instrumento por insólito que parezca con la musica mas vanguardista. Para ti la música no tiene fronteras.ENORABUENA.

Paes a dit…

MERRY CHRISTMAST JEAN MICHEL!!!! I hope Santa brought you and your family health!!!
Merry christmast for all the fans as well, especialmente para los españoles.

strega a dit…

Wow! More than just music, this was really some kind of magic! Think I saw that guy ply his Hang right in front of the Cologne Cathedral last summer... Great idea,to get him on stage. Please more of magic events like this...

senezh a dit…

Happy New Year from winter Russia!
We wish health and happiness you and your family. And we hope that coming year becomes for you successful and cheerful.

We wait for you and your command in Moscow again!

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel, just a tiny sign if you are making an anticipated new album...

Lorenza a dit…

Cher Jamie,
pour la nouvelle année je te souhaite de réaliser tous les rêves et de connaître tous ces bonheurs inattendus que ton cœur n'ose même pas imaginer.
Ta musique a tant apporté à ma vie que tu resteras à jamais dans mon cœur tel qu'une étincelle vitale, un repère lumineux et una passion inépuisable.
Vraiment merci d'être là.
Je t'embrasse très fort,

strega a dit…

Hi there,
just wanted to say Happy New Year and that 2009 will be one of the best years in your lifetime...

JustMe a dit…

Dear Jean Michel!
Mes meilleurs voeux pour l’année 2009!
Bonne et heureuse année!!!

siriusL a dit…

Que seja suave, que seja seguro,
Que seja tranqüilo o nosso futuro.
Que seja de sonhos e cores brilhantes,
Que nossos problemas se tornem diamantes.
Um ano com menos problemas e mais esperança,
Com menos aborrecimentos e mais alegrias,
Com menos tristezas e mais valentia,
Com menos lágrimas e mais determinação
Com menos partidas e mais união.

Que 2009 venha com força total de renovação !!!
Adeus tempestades, bye bye tristeza, vem chegando uma nova onda de felicidade !!!



Luciana Soares
Angra dos Reis - RJ

Robi a dit…

Have a nice day Jean Michel!

Robi a dit…

I just bought 4 tickets for concert in Debrecen, Hungary. For me, my parents and my sister. :)
Looking forward!

ugh3n a dit…

Happy New Year! Congratulations on your recent artistic choices, going from nonsense into reestablishing yourself as a respected electronic music artist. Keep the experiments going!
Professor Waffel
Hemmelig Tempo

ugh3n a dit…

Happy New Year! Congratulations on your recent artistic choices, going from nonsense into reestablishing yourself as a respected electronic music artist. Keep the experiments going!
Professor Waffel
Hemmelig Tempo


Robi a dit…

I hope this will be a really, an indeed SPECTACULAR concert-serie, with lights, laserz, HD projection...new videos on this projection...really a tour that deserves the expression "THE BEST". ;-)

With tracks like Ethnicolor, Equinoxe 5, Chronologie 4 or Magnetic Fields 2...and of course new tracks!!

Lets show JMJ to the world that you has NOT disappeared at all, that you gonna compose hits and masterpieces!

Unknown a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Unknown a dit…

Is it really Jean Michel Jarre who wrote comment ?

Robi a dit…

Jean michel, just listen to "Less than zero" soundtrack from Thomas Newman! I like that so much!
There are a lot of parts on YouTube! ;-)

francis a dit…

Bonsoir Jean-Michel,

Nous comprenons que vous profiter d'un bon repos après la tournée Oxygène. Vos messages nous manquent. De toute façon, votre initiative avec ce musicien à Budapest était génial. J'ai éxpliqué à Louise que vous êtes le seul capable de faire cela. Et je suis surtout content pour le musicien. Et vous comprenez très bien pourquoi.
Nous avons hâte de vous voir à BXL
Profitez encore de vos vacances et
à bientôt.
Bonne année à toute l'équipe Aero.

Francis & Louise

Dominika a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,
we, as your fans, really understand that you need some rest after that long and fantastic tour... But we miss youuu, come back! And write something new ;)

Waiting for Wroclaw.

Robi a dit…

On Space of Freedom forum, I read the following 'advice' for starting Equinoxe 5:

"rain, getting heavier... some slight thunder in the background....then 2-3 seconds later the lighting flashes to indicate a lightning flash.... this happens again once more, but closer timed together.... and then the 3rd time its the loudest one before crashing into the bassline for Equinoxe 5"

It sounds great, doesn' it? :D

Robi a dit…

Depeche Mode will release their new album, entitled "Sounds of the Universe"! :D
Also the spring bring a "Junior" from Royksopp...promising spring! :)

Still one album is missing, but really!! ;-)

Pixi a dit…

So lucky to find so unusual muscisian!!Great sound!!Have loved your music since I was 16,and now I will be 40 and I still love your music!! Hope to see your show in Sweden !!Wish you a great 2009! =) ,Pixi!

rB a dit…

JM, i hope you will come back with a professional production, meaning both for concerts and albums, cause despite Oxygene Tour was sold-out almost everywhere, the music itself was a bit undeserving for you. You, JMJ, a big name in electronic music, cannot let himself to be amateur...but albums after Metamorphoses unfortunately are relatively empty and poor.
What could happen after Metamorphoses...But this is not the point, the point is that you must do a well-choreographed high-tech production, as he used to do years ago. Of course with live or at least partly live music.

The recent Oxygene Tour.
The problem is not the live music. Opposite. That is the best. But you should have done carefully...For example more careful handling of Moog Liberation in Oxy 5...Oxygene, as you said, is supposed to be having point on melodies, opposite to Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. You said.

Recent concerts should not have been an introduction/exhibition of vintage synths...for example Kraftwerk did not show their synths in old concerts, but they could do a great show.

About albums.
Jean Michel. Just play. Just play with soul, as you used to do!

Let be the true Jean Michel Jarre, who shocked us with Oxygene, Chronologie, Zoolook, Chinese concerts, Houston, London, Europe in concerts...

But good that you have begun to return to musicianship with Oxygene concerts, but there are still lot more to do!

Hoping for ALBUMS and CONCERTS! :-)

Robi a dit…

I hope negotiations going well between You, Garik, UNESCO nad the sponsors!

francis a dit…

Bonjour Jean-Michel,

Nous croyons que vous profitez encore des bonnes vacances méritées après le projet Oxygène. Mais nous, les fans, voulont savoir comment tu vas et que tu nous puisse donner une piste sur le World Arena Tour. En Belgique,on vous promet un Forest-National au super-top.
Racontes-nous quelque chose...

Francis & Louise

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel!

Fingers crossed for Canary Islands project!!! I really hope you all can make a concert! The biggest concert ever!!

I just read the latest news on English edition of Fairlight Jarre (Spanish community talked with Garik)

Jean Michel! Do everything what you can! This concert sounds more than great!

Best regards from Hungary!

MOTITA2002 a dit…

Hola Jean Michel
Me gustaria pensar que leeras este comentario. Siempre he seguido su carrera artistica , bueno desde internet claro. Es maravilloso lo que logra con su musica , me encanta todo , miro los conciertos una y otra vez y creo que es muy grande en lo que hacey creo que es capaz de mucho mas. Admiro su persona y su musica , alguna vez deseo de corazon poder presenciar algun concierto en vivo y poder comentarlo con otros igual como quienes lo hacen a traves de este blog. Tambien me gustarìa saber si se siente una persona realizada o si es feliz ... bueno desde Chile un fuerte abrazo de una de sus admiradoras . Cariñosamente .Ruth

rebecca jarre a dit…

Jean michel, you have done it again. You have combined such wonderfull sounds to create such spiritual flow to grow within us.

Georgios a dit…

Very touching story and melodies... thank you JMJ!
I had the chance to be at the concert you gave at the Acropolis (Herodus Atticus Theatre), in Greece (2001). Unforgetable event. Wish you the best.

Anonyme a dit…

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