mardi 9 décembre 2008

Photos from the tour

Just to let you know we updated the Concerts page with a best-of selection of the whole tour.

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equinoxe a dit…

Thanks a lot for your dedication and your work in these text and photo blogs, Thomas.

Is there any way to download the pictures? They're wonderful! :-D

Or, suggest Aero/Jarre to make a photoalbum from the tour, I'd buy it for sure!

Robi a dit…

Thanks Thomas for uploading them, nice photos!

I just heared that JM is not at EMI anymore. Just wondering a bit, but this is a decision of competent parties. For us fans this is a side-info...:P

robgs a dit…

Brilliant photographs - they would make a great book (hint, hint :-> ).

Soundswords a dit…

Jean-Michel you show us once more how creative and special your music is...for me it is exactly what I need to live each day and I feel so privileged to have met you, experience you music and enjoy your concerts each and every time. My congratulations to you and look forward very much to seeing, meeting and hearing you again and your next project xx

Unidade de Carbono no Palido ponto Azul a dit…

Video from the release of the 2nd part of the Exposition JARRE 60 YEARS in São Paulo - Brazil

A 3rd part will be happen in Aliança Francesa - Unid.Butantã - São Paulo on 19/Jan/2009

Robi a dit…

Just tell you that i'm looking forward your next album, Jean Michel! ;-)

Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

Hi Jean
very fine photos ;-)
pleass tell more about your new CD :-D
I'm from Wroclaw so I and all your fans liveing in Lower Silesia (Wroclaw) waiting for you !! 06.05.2009 :-D

LarryS a dit…

Fantastic photos!

Dominika a dit…

Hey, I can't believe that you're gonna play a concert in Wroclaw in 2009! I already have tickets :D it's gonna be amazing... but what about Cracow? ;P

Unidade de Carbono no Palido ponto Azul a dit…

Brazil will be in WORLD ARENA TOUR - 2010 ???

Martynas a dit…

Dear Jean-Michel,

I was photographer at Your concert in Vilnius, Lithuania, so I post my photos here too:

Also I posted feedback @, but it's in Lithuanian, so You won't understand a word there. :)

So, now whole Lithuania is waiting for your concert next year!

Also I wanted to ask is it possible someday to make interview with you? It would be perfect before your concert next year, don't you think! :) (I would interviw You by mail, if you are interested)


Martynas aka Morandis

Unknown a dit…

i'm 33 years old. i'm from Lithuania, Kaunas.
and i wanna say big thanks for UR music. for me, it's the biggest, never ending experience.
it's like universe.
i very proud to see U in Vilnius.
and now i wait for UR next concert.
thank U for UR Music.
thank U for the univerce

Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…


Happy New Year!!
many, many happiness,
and smiles on your face :-)
many health, phantastic ideas on the nexts projects CDs ;-p
many freetime, everything what you want !!!!!:-)

Everything your dreams to filling

Regards from Nina and all Wroclaws fans ;-):-*************

Sophie Grace a dit…

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