jeudi 22 janvier 2009

Jean Michel Jarre "IN-DOORS" World Tour 2009-2010

Jean Michel Jarre is back on tour with a brand new production !
"IN-DOORS" World Tour 2009-2010 will start in May in Europe and will continue around the world as of September 2009 (update will follow soon).

Jean Michel Jarre est de retour sur scène avec une toute nouvelle production !
"IN-DOORS" World Tour 2009-2010 débutera au mois de Mai en Europe et continuera autour du monde dès Septembre 2009 (Plus d'informations prochainement).

Box office info

04/05/09 - Debrecen, Hungary - Főnix Csarnok (Phoenix Hall)
Time: 20:00 - Tickets: HUF
Tickets On Sale -

05/05/09 - Ostrava, Czech Republic - CEZ Arena
Time: 20:00 - Tickets: CZK
Tickets On Sale

06/05/09 - Wroclaw, Poland - Hala Stulecia (Centennial Hall)
Time: 20:00 - Tickets: Zloty 175/195
Tickets On Sale -

08/05/09 - Aarhus, Denmark - Atletion - NRGi Arena
Time: 20:00 - Tickets: Kr 595/695/795
Tickets On Sale -

09/05/09 - Herning, Denmark - MCH Messecenter Herning
Time: 20:00 - Tickets: Kr 550/750/775/975
Tickets On Sale -

11/05/09 - Malmo, Sweden - Malmo Arena
Time: 19:30 - Tickets: SEK 470/570
Tickets On Sale -

12/05/09 - Goteborg, Sweden - Scandinavium
Time: 19:30 - Tickets: SEK 470/570
Tickets On Sale -

13/05/09 - Oslo, Norway - Oslo Spektrum
Time: 19:30 - Tickets: NOK 450/550
Tickets On Sale -

14/05/09 - Stockholm, Sweden - Hovet (The Court)
Time: 19:30 - Tickets: SEK 570/670
Tickets On Sale -

16/05/09 - Helsinki, Finland - Hartwall Areena (Helsinki Arena)
Time: 20:00 - Tickets: € 68.70/73.70/78.70
Tickets On Sale -

20/05/09 - Glasgow, Scotland - SECC - Clyde Auditorium
Time: 19:00 - Tickets: £40/£50
Tickets On Sale - &

22/05/09 - London, England - Wembley Arena
Time: 19:00 - Tickets: £45
Tickets On Sale - &

23/05/09 - Manchester, England - Manchester Evening News (MEN) Arena
Time: 20:00 - Tickets: £43.50
Tickets On Sale -

24/05/09 - Birmingham, England - National Indoor Arena (NIA)
Time: 20:00 - Tickets: £43.50
Tickets On Sale -

26/05/09 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Heineken Music Hall
Time: 20:00 - Tickets: € 59/64/69
Tickets On Sale -

27/05/09 - Brussels, Belgium - Vorst Nationaal (Forest National)
Time: 20:00 - Tickets: € 50/55/60/65/75
Tickets On Sale -

30/05/09 - Zurich, Switzerland - Hallenstadion
Time: 20:00 - Tickets: CHF 77/88/99/110/130
Tickets On Sale -

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon !

148 commentaires:

Kanta a dit…

Bonjour Jean Michel,

Thanxs for the info. :D I already have my ticket for the NIA, Birmingham concert and I’m waiting for the Wembley Arena, London concert ticket to arrive in the post.

I hope there will be a date/venue in Paris.

Can’t wait.

Love and hugs.


Guillaume a dit…

Still no date in France ? :x
I hope we'll see you in your hometown ^^

Robi a dit…

Sounds cool! ;-)

Thanks Pierre for the update!

So Debrecen will be the first ?!
Jean Michel, will you respect us as being the first destination? :)
Thank you! :)

You know, can't wait to hear and see You, also Francis, Dominique, Claude...and...? :) Who knows? :)

Gonna experience an indoor extravaganza in Debrecen! That town is beautiful! You should look around it then! ;-)

"All the fingers" :D are crossed for Canary project also!

Take care!
/Take enough vitamins and fruits for avoiding flu! ;-)

Ricardo a dit…


Exhibition of photos on Jarre beats world record in Brazil

A traveling exhibition of photos, Lights and Colors of a Maestro: 60 years of Jean Michel Jarre, has just broken the world record of stay in one place.
The achievements of belgian Jacques de Selliers referring to concerts by Jarre, in the 80´s and 90´s, stayed 76 days in the gallery of French Alliance - Brooklyn unit - São Paulo - Brazil (from October 1 to December 16, 2008).
There is no knowledge in the world, another exhibition of photos on the concerts of French musician who has remained so long in one place.
Other exhibitions of photos about Jean Michel Jarre, such as: Concert D'Images in Paris during 1989 and Souvenirs of China, also held in the "city light" between 2004 and 2005, remained 72 and 70 days respectively.
Remember that the exhibition of photographs by Jacques de Selliers continue in Brazil during 2009.

Ricardo a dit…

On last January 19th had launched the third traveling brazilian exhibition "Lights and Colors of a Conductor: 60 years of Jean Michel Jarre" that will be up on February 26th at the Alliance Française Butanta in Sao Paulo.
We have to thank Ms. Márcia Brito, from Atelier Caixadagua 33, author of the action figure Jarre Doll (highlight of the night).
Among the novelties of this third stage of the exhibition are the aforementioned Jarre Doll action figure and a replica of the Golden Disc Award received by Jean Michel Jarre in Brazil in 1987, even without ever having been made in the country.
The 4th exhibition will soon be announced. A strong hug to all and please see the photos of the event at
Note: For security reasons and by being an exclusive and unique piece, the action figure Jarre Doll not will be present in the rest of the exhibition, but will return in new exhibiions together with other news.

Ricardo a dit…


Jorge Jorquera a dit…

If this is a "World Tour", i want to see you here in Chile! :D

or at last somewhere in South America!

Best Regards and Good Luck!

Peter a dit…

Already booked for Switzerland =)

Thank you for the information!

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel, have you ever heared about Manuel Göttsching?
Listen to his music "New age of Earth" ! Really good!

synthtopia a dit…

I hope you announce some North America dates!

I put up a link about this at Synthtopia. Maybe we can convince you that you have fans in the US?

DeepBLueRo a dit…

Any news for a return to Romania soon? Last year I was at the Bucharest concert and you promissed to return this year ! :P Thanks!

Best wishes,


denislaing a dit…

Jean Michel,

Venez au Canada!

RePete a dit…

Hmmm...I wonder if "World Tour" will include Down Under or somewhere in South East Asia...*Touches wood*

robgs a dit…

Got my ticket - can't wait.... :-)

Halcyone a dit…

Ah, voilà une nouvelle qui fait plaisir au réveil !
Pleins de nouvelles destinations à découvrir !
Quel est le projet ? Toujours Oxygène en Live ou on passe à Equinoxe ?!? Un nouvel album ?
Ok, je fais mon fan de base... wait & see.
Quand je pense qu'en + de cette tournée il faudra planifier le concert aux canaries... 2009 s'annonce bien et c'est tant mieux.
Evidemment, une tournée en France ferait plaisir, wait & see again.
Merci Louis pour ces infos.

Loïc / Halcyone

Robi a dit…

I meant "thanks Louis" for the update!
/I wrote "thanks Pierre" accidently :o

EJ1507 a dit…

De nouveau sur la route...super
Une date ou deux en France serait les bienvenues.
En attendant la suite de la tournée...

Mihai A. Dumitrica a dit…

Hi Jean Michel

I hope you have Roumania(Bucharest) on your new tour list.
The Oxygene concert was amazing. I was excited to see you in the flesh in my country and believe me you have not disappointed enybody.I'm looking to buy the DVD with Oxygene 3D version but hard to find'it, stocks are exhausted. I hope to show again that I can have it in my collection.

Can't wait to see you again

Dominique a dit…

Yessss! I already got tickets for Wroclaw ! :)

newhorizons a dit…

Hello Jean Michel!!! Your GREAT RUSSIAN FANS really hope that soon we'll see our country in the list!!! Come to Russia with your tour please!!!! We are waiting!!

Best wishes)))

Robi a dit…


according to Galaxie in Amneville, tour would begin in 2010?

/If you mind, you can delete this message, just would like you to read following link./Thanks.

Robi a dit…

correction : in France !

Robi a dit…

I hope IN-DOOR World Tour this time will mean World tour!
Lot of fans are waiting for your concert Jean michel in Australia or South-America

zwoekie a dit…

bonjours a Tous!

it's fantastic that you're visiting the lowlands again! I've already got my tickets. As soon as I got the heads up I bought my tickets.
according to the ad. it will be an awesome show with lasers, a Big HD screen and a lot of other goodies, I can't wait.
The O2 tour was fantastic but a little bit sober, but that was the goal I think, to let people totally focus on all the analog equipment.
Well it got me going in my studio!

have you already done some work with those Russian synths btw?
I'm dying to hear what you got in store for us now Jean Michel

You're an inspiration for so many composers all over the world. Without your work the synthesizer would still be a machine only used for special fx in movies.

Thank you for that.


Robi a dit…

"Without your work the synthesizer would still be a machine only used for special fx in movies."

Agree on this, Zwoekie!

LetMeBeClear a dit…

North American Tour, Please. Been a fan since 1979.

Robi a dit…

Hope to hear new great arrangments, new intros, meantime keeping the originality...syncronised to stunning visual performance.

Robi a dit…

I wonder what In-Doors is about? What does this mean?

strega a dit…

Any more informations about what will come after the dates in May? What about shows in Germany? We love you and we're waiting for you...

Felix Pfeiffer a dit…


are there any plans for one or more concerts in germany?
I would love to see JMJ in the TUI-Arena in Hannover next to the EXPO2000 area.
So, please add some dates here for your german fans.


Robi a dit…

Please pay attention on proper promotion.
I thought the first step of 2-years-period tour will be from April to June...
No prob :)

"Wait & see" :D

newhorizons a dit…

Dear Jean Michel!!! Thank you so much that we have YOU and your wonderful blog to read!!!! Thank you for your visiting Russia in 2008 with Oxygene! But now your fans in Russia are waiting for you with your other hits!! You should know that your popularity in Russia didn't end in the 90's!!!! We are the representatives of a new generation of your devoted russian fans that love YOU and and what YOU do not less than our parents did!) No matter where you will set your next concert, in Moscow or in Saint-Petersburg, we will be glad to see you everyewhere!!! Russia is always ready to see you!!! Looking forward to seeing YOU here as soon as possible!!!

Thank you.
(Your blog translators in Russia: Oxygenation and Olga Samsonova.)

Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

All Wrocław waiting for you !!!!!!!!
grands pecks for you :-******
and see you soon 6 may 09 ;-)

Mark a dit…

Is anyone able to put a better picture of JMJ on the Wikipedia page?

Poiter a dit…

Hope there is going to be an Australian concert. Would be great JMJ if this would happen.

danée73 a dit…

You said in Madrid, next concert will be outdoor. I dont mind if its indoor but comeback to Madrid.

Eniko a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

Great news! Can't wait to welcome you back in Hungary!


Boscal (Matías Ignacio) a dit…

Jorge Jorquera a dit...

If this is a "World Tour", I want to see you here in Chile! :D

or at last somewhere in South America!

Yeeah! We've waited too much time for you. I believe that it's the momento for come here and pay that "doubt" with South America. Too, you can to travel through this beautiful continent: surely it would inspire you to create new excelent music.

Matías Valenzuela, 16 years, for Santiago de Chile

Robi a dit…

Hi Jean Michel! :)

This is my turn, what do you think? :D

Equinoxe 7
Oxygene 2
Equinoxe 4
Chronologie 4
Oxygene 7
Magnetic Fields 2
Magnetic Fields 1
Oxygene 8
Oxygene 10
Revolution Industrielle 1
Chronologie 6
Rendez-vous 4
Calypso 3

+new music

Jukka a dit…

Hi and thanks for a decision to come in Finland!

I have tiny suggestions for the tracklist:

Ethnicolor 1
Ok, do it fast
something new material

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel, you should work with Michel Gondry making any kind of videos, single videos...

littlesister a dit…

I have no desire ( or right ) to tell you what to do Jean Michel ... I'm just someone who is waiting patiently ( or as patiently as I can ... ;-) ) for May and the concerts in the UK to come ... *hee hee* ... one of the quieter elements of the masses.

As for what the concerts might or will be like, or what tracks are or are not going to be played .... I leave that to my imagination for now .... I, for one, am going with an open mind,willing to be surprised,challenged,uplifted,mystified,elated,transported, educated and captivated by what I might see and hear .... and I very much doubt I will be disappointed ....

At the end of the day, I am just pleased to have the opportunity to see and hear you in concert again, and so soon after the last time @ the Royal Albert Hall .... thank you !

Jessica (littlesister)

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel!
Will you visit Southern Hemisphere this autumn? :-) ;-)

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel,
yesterday the official site has been updating, but nothing new info on that. Will only the concert section be updated or a design also can be seen then?

When will details be revealed? Musicians...drummer also??
When will you make it public?
Many musical acts goes on tour or release new staff this year (for example Depeche Mode release new album then goes on tour, Simply Red start their 2-years world tour), when will you announce your tour to the public, to the press?

OK, sorry just my fan is talking from me. :))

Have a nice day,
Best regards!

Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

Hi Jean Michel I have question
when will be redy your CD ''IN DOOR''and when will be may to buying thys CD ??

Thank you so much for your concert who will be in Wrocław at 06.May 2009
big kiss :-******
and many hugs from my and all Polish Fans !!!!!!!!

Robi a dit…

Really nice design on official site!

Jardin de Senderos a dit…

Mr. Jarre, do not forget the city of Houston, if you decide to visit North America it would be nice for Houston and Texas to see Mr. Jarre in an outdoor and indoor concert, I remember the 1986 concert as magical, more than one million spectators can´t be top, but perhaps the "intimacy" of an arena will provide a different but as enjoyable experience.

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hello Jean Michel! :)

Did I tell you how nice it was to see you in London?:D

I really look forward to see you all in Oslo in May!:D

I have a good feeling it will be brilliant....
I love to listen to nearly all kind of music,and you know your music is different!
Thanks for all those wonderful moments!
Téo&Téa is a special album..all of your albums are special!
I do love the albums Metamorphoses and still brings tears in my eyes to listen!

I wish you all a wonderful "In- Door" World Tour 2009-2010

...and thanks for this blog!

Best wishes ♥‏

Robi a dit…

Looking for the spectacle in Debrecen! :) I think you will deliver the best shows ever through this tour!

Robi a dit…

i meant "looking forward".

Robi a dit…

Hope we could finally hear another tracklist than AEROtracklist - Beijing, Gdanks, Merzouga...Ethnicolor, for example, or Oxygene 10, or Chronologie 1 for example...would be nice

Efigênia Coutinho a dit…

Desire to leave express my admiration to the beautiful work of this Blog, yours truly, Efigênia Coutinho (Mallemont)

Robi a dit…

Hi Jean Michel,

just seen photos about Acer Arena in Sydney. A perfect venue for a Jean Michel Jarre concert! ;-)

Diego a dit…

Hello from Venezuela!

Hope is the last thing that we can forget.

I hope to see you soon, in my country or near.

Remember Mag. Fields 4!

See you


Robi a dit…

I hope JM, you will be as much glad about your next album as Depeche Mode does for their 'Sounds of the Universe' !
They are greatly happy with the result, with pretty nice confidence, it will be the Violator of the 21. century, as they say...It will be a retro-futuristic album, with load of vintage intruments...
Would be nice to hear the Oxygene or Equinoxe of the 21. century! :)

Robi a dit…

Please push promoters to make (more) adverts for the concert(s)!! More adverts are needed and the management is very general...
With a poster, with more informations, with TV - radio commercials. I think you all know this better than me, but for example in Debrecen, the tickets sales are low.

Domingos Moreira a dit…

Merci pour la continuation de la tournée.

J'aimerais que tous voyaient ce video:

Magdalena-Jarrefany a dit…

Dear Jean Michel!
I!ts been a long time since you last wrote here, on your blog for us.
I miss you...
I!m really looking forward to your
Concert May.. :D
Loads of kisses.

Robi a dit…

May Michel Geiss be involved in tour - and new album works?

stephane a dit…

Jean Michel...Rappelles-toi la promesse fait à la Rockhal!!
Tu reviendras, as-tu dit!!
On t'attends avec impatience, surtout si tu nous mets sur la liste de ta tour 2009..
Une belle date serait le 22 Juin au soir, la veille de notre fête nationale du 23 JUin!!
Déjà les feux d'artifices géants partout, Belval comme scène et ta musique pour couronner le tout!!
Ce serait le rêve!!

Alin a dit…

PLEASE Jean-Michel come back to Romania as soon as possible!

There are a lot of fans waiting for a new exciting concert!


Robi a dit…

So update follow soon...

Robi a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

we, fans, would like to congratulate for Your father, Maurice, who received the lifetime award in Berlin!

MOTITA2002 a dit…

Me alegro por todas las personas que tendràn la posibilidad de escuchar y presenciar conciertos de tan maravilloso personaje J.Michel Jarre.
Espero en alguna oportunidad piense en Chile , paRA DELEITARNOS DE TAN MARAVILLOSA MUSICA.
I love Jarre

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel, what about Canary project...?

Robi a dit…

How is it possible to buy your products, Aeroframe??
The site is only French also...English would be better and may more order one...

How long has this project done?


Robi a dit…

So one more date in May...Koblenz on 28th May...:-)

Robi a dit…

Whats new? :-)

Robi a dit…

Dear Aero Production!

Here in Budapest there will be a Madonna concert in August! For this, there are plenty of promotion!
Now i cannot see and hear any adverts for Jean Michel Jarre IN-DOOR world tour, but his concert scheduled for May, till what we have only a bit more than 2 months.

I can't understand the reason of lack of information. But you must be confident about tickets will be sold out...

For Debrecen concert the sales is on low level. But this is the situation for UK shows, i read on forum.

Or you are not interseted in sold-out venues?

I think you should now really start some campaign, otherwise you might face to partly empty arenas.

We have hoped the advert-campaign will be decent this time.

So hoping you or concert-promoter will do something, Best regards


Robi a dit…

For Debrecen, around 15% of the tickets have been sold.

This can be due to the issue has happened in November:
A sitting sector was accomodated in front of standing sector, but concert was promoted as standing visitor will be in very front of the stage. All this without previous announcement! People who bought standing ticket were angry...
Now a ticket office told me that sales are rather low because of this, maybe because of this...

And due to extremely low volume of advertising.

Hope concert promoter will find out something to draw the attention.

zoolook1980 a dit…

One very nice cover of "Revoltution"

Robi a dit…

jean Michel,

congratulation for you for taking part in World Sky Race!
It has a nice aim and serve as a noble activity!

Rendez-vous á Debrecen! :)


mahnameis a dit…


I've been a fan of your music for as long as I can remember. My first memories of your music is that I am about 3-4 years old and listening to Les Chants Magnétiques-songs aswell as Oxygéne-tracks.

The last 13 years I've suffored from anxienty/panicattacks aswell as agoraphobia. And therefor I've never had the chance to see you perform live when you've been in Stockholm/Sweden.

My fiancé (girlfriend.. I've never got that right - fiancé or fiancée) showed me that you are going to play in Hovet/Stockholm. That is about a 10 minute carride from where I live. I am _so_ happy aswell as so nervous, as I really wanna go this time and see your show.

No matter what I'll buy tickets for the show and hope for the best that my agoraphobia/anxienty doesn't stop me from going to see you.

All the best to you, family and friends! I'll hopefully see you in May!

Robi a dit…

Isn't it matter if this tour is not as promoted as other major artist's tour/concert?
For Depeche Mode, Beyonce, Lenny Kravitz...all these have decent promotion. For Jean Michel Jarre's IN-DOORS world arena tour i cannot see anything.
Almost anything, because there have been 1-2 things...but not "serious"...

csaga a dit…

I have ticket to Debrecen and I am a huge fan from Transylvania. The show and my birthday are at the same time! Thanks!

Mehdi a dit…

Bonjour Jean-Michel, Louis et Thomas!

I would love to sing C'est la vie in one of your shows....

Do not hesitate to contact me at ;O)

Bonne continuation.


Fani a dit…

Thanks for the information.

We wait Jean Michel Jarre in Greece as well!

Good luck,


Jukka a dit…

I hope, that there are some pyrotechnics used in the concert!

Sam a dit…

Mr. Jarre,

Amongst the many stops planned/being planned for the 2009 World Tour, will there happen be a small chance of a stop on the other side of the Great Pond; northeastern US and/or southeastern Canada, perhaps?

Not contempt with that, another thought crossed mind. It would make a spectacular and unforgettable experience, if just so happen so that a laser light show of yours may lighten up Niagara Falls, with another potential backdrop on the opposite being one of those high-rise hotels; similarly to the first show you've produced in 80s in Chicago?

Precursors to such grandeur projects are present: you already have music for oxygen and air. May there chance, I fancy, another piece being in the working, tacitly named "H2O" to match such miracle? But I digress into details unknown to me, although worthy thinking is it.

Wanted to let you know that your shows are awesome sight; really, coming back to the arena of mysterious interaction between men and a sound.

Your music is a precious treasure and an endless source of inspiration to many. Wishing you luck and having success following you.

Would honestly be honored to shake your hand, the same hand that written and played so much exquisite music, if I chance to attend your show and find you to thank personally for all the music you shared with us.

May the Creator of all things artistic be with you and inspire you more. And may he bless you with good happenings marking your World Tour day with pleasant events aplenty. In short, good luck :-)

Sam SoundFlint

Robi a dit…


JMJ has never been to Chicago, he made concert in Houston in 1986.

Anyway, i agree with your post!

Ádám a dit…

Hello Jean-Michel,

I've been to all of your 3 concerts in Budapest, and i also bought my ticket for the Debrecen one. Me and my friends (like Robi) are some of your greatest fans. We all know that you are pretty busy at the beginning of the tour, but it would be a great pleasure to meet you personally before (or even after) the Debrecen concert dedicating and to make some photos together. If it's possible, can you or your manager(s) get in contact with me at for details? It really would be a grat pleasure for us.

Thank You in advace, long live oxygene! :)

Adam from Budapest

Hubert a dit…

impossible, every time I want to see JMJ he is giving concert in another country. Now I'm not in Germany/France anymore since 2 years and he gives a concert in Koblenz! I hope he will come to Hong Kong. And no matter what it will cost, I will be there!!! This time I'm not going to miss him.

Karol a dit…

Hello Jean Michel,

We hope to see you in Chile sometime, I've been a fan since Metamorphoses but my houseband loves your music since almost 30 years ago, please tell us (the southamerican fans) if are you planning get into here with your world tour?

Thanks! and we hope to see a new album soon. =)

valbrussell a dit…

Bonjour Jean Michel,

Although you are highly unlikely to make a stop near the island in Canada where I live, I wish you a wonderful and creatively fulfilling tour. May the muse and the reflection of love be with you.

Lina a dit…

First of all,thanks for so interesting,magic,free and beautiful music!!!:)
Yeah (and thanks) that there are many new concerts again this year. But I'm not see any concerts in Lithuania. I believe,that IT will be. Thanks:))

zoolook a dit…

"world tour" doesn't include Argentina... You should rename the tour as "another europe tour"

Thanks :-(

Robi a dit…

It is because JMJ team consider as an enourmous, almost impossible step to go outside of Europe for touring.
But it is not the end of the tour. Hopefully he will visit South-America too! a dit…

Jean Michel!

Your Armenian fans waiting for your concert in Yerevan.

GVieira a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

One year ago, here in my hometown, Porto (Portugal), you made Magic happen.
This day was and it still is, one of the most special days of my life.
I remember how fantastic you were on stage and your sympathy in the signature session.
I wish to have another oportunity to see you here again... add a date for your portuguese fans, please!

Have a Great Tour 2009! ;)

Big Hug!

equinoxe a dit…

equinus4 a dit…

Is it really a World Tour, considering all the dates are in Europe? Oh yeah, are we ever going to see him in the US? I believe Houston has been long enough!!!!

Carsten Berggreen (Denmark) a dit…

Bonjour Jean Michel,
this is a greeting from a very happy guy in Aarhus/Denmark.

We have just had the wonderfull experience of your show from 4th row. I felt I could almost touch the Laserharp and the magically lasers above our heads.

What an awesome experience. This was my 5th concert with you. (seen you in Valby/Copenhagen, Paris infront of Eiffel, Vrå/AERO, Randers/"unplugged" and now today in NRGI ARENA).

Come to Århus/Denmark, anytime - anywhere... I will truely be there - with all your other friends. Yes, we feel welcome like friends when you are on the stage.

Thanks for yet another superb performance.

I think we missed "Teo & Tea" and many of your other "greatest hits" from newer albums, but perhaps we are lucky next time you visit Århus... so as you said: "maybe soon"... oooh yes please! more more more! :o)

Wished that I could just have come up there on the stage and shaked your hand for tonights performance. :oP

Nb. nice feature with the "hidden sound". Good thinking. The bass was smooth and stroke right into our body, but there seemed to be a few minor problems with the stereo in some of the tunes.

Big applause for everything though!

Btw. a short thing, have you ever heard a loop of your own Chronologie 6 in downspeed? as a "very basic keyboardplayer/computer-composer" I have studyied your tunes a lot and especially this loop is sooo nice and relaxing and I can't stop myself from beginning to humm secondary tunes along with that. Always puts me in a special good mood. It's like flying over Grand Canyon or something as big.

Lastly, sorry about your dad. :(

Carsten Berggreen

Robi a dit…

This show does not include things what press release said beforehand : HD screen and new music.
Look at U2 and Depeche Mode stages : no concert without screen! Both bands, and other band can produce new music for a world tour, what is still well-promoted. But this is not taken care of in this case, as among others.
And i agree with the opinion : this is another European tour! Just now the title sounds better! ;.)
But good that the music is live and there are tracks that had not been performed for long time! But with this level of advertising and professionalism this world tour project does not sounds as good as it used to sound when we got the news last December : JMJ is going to a world tour.
Wonder if the tour will be expanded at all...

Darren a dit…

I live in South East trying to find out about dates for perfomances in the region...will your world tour be coming to Vietnam / Malaysia / Thailand / HK?


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

tolerance a dit…

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