lundi 30 août 2010

Mise au point

"Suite à une mauvaise interprétation, voire une mauvaise traduction d'une interview que j'ai donnée récemment au magazine anglais Uncut, je souhaite rectifier les propos qui me sont prêtés et qui courent un peu partout sur le net depuis ce matin.

Je n'ai jamais dit que l'Internet était mort, pas plus que je n'ai évoqué l'expression "imposture moche" à propos d'internet, qui est un outil dont je n'ai pas à vanter les évidents mérites!

J'ai simplement avancé l'idée, qu'après une époque où Internet est considéré comme un espace de liberté, une grande toile fraternelle sur laquelle tout le monde échange tout, plus ou moins gratuitement, il se pourrait bien que les rebelles de la prochaine génération "prennent le maquis" du web en considérant qu'il est devenu la plus grande machine d'exploitation de tous les temps, contrôlé par des multinationales bien plus puissantes que les majors du disque ne l'ont été par exemple, dans le domaine de la musique ces dernières années...

Ceci est un exemple, parmi d'autres, nous montrant que, constamment, n'importe quelle info circule, n'importe comment, sur le web. Notre responsabilité et la plus grande difficulté de notre relation, dans les années à venir avec le web, va être de vérifier la véracité du flot d'informations que nous recevons à chaque seconde, en particulier quand on les relaie.. Bon courage.

Jean Michel Jarre

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Sea a dit…

I could only pick out bits of this post. My French is not good enough to read it all. J'ai dit et comprend un petit peu l'Francais.
Hope that is correct.
Am looking forward to your MEN gig on 9th October. :)

AMR a dit…

Point taken.

Jean Michel Jarre speaks about being poorly interpreted or quoted out of context about an article and sets the correct approach to his point of view, about the Internet, in this message.

I'm sure an English version is in queue. :-)

Kind Regards,

CathyUK a dit…
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CathyUK a dit…

I totally agree, life is like the swinging of a pendulum clock, each swing reverting to the old. I think with society the way it is today, another swing is inevitable.
This does all remind me of George Orwell's 1984

Anonyme a dit…

Comme n'importe quel média, ils tournent les arguments avec des phrases qui choquent afin d'attirer les regards ... Quitte à déformer la vérité!
D'où la raison de la création de mon propre site. En même temps j'essaye d'avoir le plus d'autonomie possible.
Je ne met pas le lien car je ne veux pas utiliser votre blogue comme annuaire et en plus je suis seulement en train de créer l'album "Maison" ce qui donne qu'il n'y a rien d'extra ordinaire à voir.

Je pense qu'avec les outils qu'Internet nous offre, notre avenir et de faire nous même nos propres promotions etc... Je vous l'accorde, tout ça demande du temps et un peu de connaissance ... Dans tous les cas la roue tourne, et le monde change!

Vous devriez demander des excuses publiques au magasine en question, quoique cela fera polémique donc plus de vente pour eux ^^. Restez au réseau sociaux & blog ;) .

Bonne continuation et bon courage pour vos concerts.

Sébastien Celtalys.

zwoekie a dit…

bon jour tous!

These are moments I wish my French was much better.
But what I understood and together with the comments of AMR, merci bien, I do understand the whole point.
It's always a risk for a person who is succesful and sometimes, maybe unwillingly is beeng seen as a spokesperson for a large group (e.g. Michael Stipe or Kurt Cobain) to speak his mind.
Somehow the media likes to take the things being said in an interview out of its context and try to make their own point.
Maybe to diss the person or to achieve support for their own twisted opinion.
That's why you as a reader of such information always have to be objective and never take anything for granted just because its in the papers or a magazine.

You never know if the author has a hidden agenda. We all know similar things have happen in the past to others, maybe in the music industry or in the movie industry.
Just see what a problems the Beatles got themselves into when John Lennon said that the youth were more into their music than into religion.
The media were verry quick to turn this into "the Beatles find themselves better or greater than God".

Don't always believe what you read or hear.
It's a messed up world and you never know what some people are trying to achieve.

I step of my soapbox now :)

nal a dit…

I agree with your opinion, Jean Michel. The Internet is a strange thing. It doesn't have "the first Internet site" or "the last Internet site. Indeed, it is not any "Internet director".
When I studied journalism once (when the commercial Internet did not exist ...), lecturer us instilling wise idea. In my opinion you must not feel ashamed, you should take your sign under it. And it works on the internet and in the life.

Svensyntetics a dit…

The Internet is dead was a comment Prince did earlier this year, cause you are not able to buy his new record on the internet. I think he also said this cause his last webside was a deasater. He sell his new record with newspapers, that is why he said something like this, for marketing reasons. The Media jump on this bus and get some attention, maybe they try it with you now. If media don't have a story, they made one of theire own.
The World of Media is like a Wave with a uncontrolable releasetime on a syntheziser, sometimes they create a long sound sometimes just a short sound (but you never know), and this seem the try to make a short sound longer, on the back of yours. That is why it is fine you are very present on the web, cause here and on the recommended sides i get first hand informations.

Au revoir

Arka a dit…

Copie carbone de mon commentaire sur Numerama:

Je suis d'accord avec JMJ et j'avais bien compris son message, proche de ce que fustige Benjamin Bayart conférence après conférence: la convergence vers les gros commerciaux.

Ironie du sort: JMJ tient un blog hébergé sur Blogspot, appartenant justement à l'un des gros qui déforment internet: Google.

Il met le doigt sur la "vérification de la véracité du flot d'informations sur le web": il a trop limité la racine du problème. Le problème ce n'est pas les flots d'informations, le problème c'est le web. Le web ce n'est plus de l'internet, car le web est centralisé. Minitel 2.0, typiquement.

Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

Don't worry JM it's normal situations in this industry ;)
you must to be hard and resistand :)

Many kisses and hugs :)

Take care :) Nina

JustMe a dit…

Total freedom is a straight way to the total chaos... Internet must be controled. And I think that now it is a time for spesial Internet Police... And I'm not joking...
And one more, Jean Michel... It doesn't bother people who really love you what did you say and what any media says about what you said... But whatever you do it will look wrong from the point of view of the people who don't love you.

PS: An advise for everybody who don't understand French - use any on-line translator. It's easy! ;=)

stretta a dit…

I'm definitely missing something in the google translation.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the sense I'm getting is JMJ is saying we're out of the frying pan (record industry conglomerates) and into the fire (internet technology conglomerates), as if the destiny of music is controlled by google (or others).

If this is what JMJ thinks, then I'd like to hear more context for this comment. Examples. How the shift to the internet has affected him. What this means for established artists and unknowns and consumers. What about creative commons? Who stands to benefit the most? Who has the most to lose?

Berggreen (Denmark) a dit…

Dont worry people, you can still get a lot of usefull translation help from Google's automatic translation service.

Its not perfect, but Jarre's french is still understandable after translation.

Have fun,
Carsten Berggreen

Robi a dit…

Except of Europe, will there be ever any oversea dates for this very WORLD tour?
5 continents, let me see...Europe, then Europe...later still Europe, also there is still Europe and Europe.

I really wouldn't call '2010' a world tour.
...Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, UK, Ireland...the same countries over again, in Europe, Europe, Europe...

From an Australian or US fan for example, have years of 2009 and 2010 been providing dates around the world?

Andrew a dit…

Jean-Michel, why don't you produce your next album exclusively with FREE software synthesizers? I believe that would be the most appropriate follow-up act to "Music for Supermarkets". Just think about it, you can use your laptop and you don't even need to be in Croissy all the time...

Andy J.

aiméestern a dit…
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Robi a dit…

@Andrew: because JM is not fond of crap software synths! He is fortunately back to real instruments, analog synths.
Though I guess he will use digital, even software synths(?)on new album, because he told often that his next albums would stand by mixture of analog and digital devices.

zwoekie a dit…
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Andrew a dit…

@Robi: do you still believe software synths are crap? Actually there are softsynths that sound better than most of the "physical" VA synths available out there.
You just need to have the right ears to find out what are the good and the bad ones, and I guess JM has...

euridika a dit…

Do not worry JMJ take care of you.

Robi a dit…

Jean Michel, are you really planning a performance at Palais Tokyo, for launching your new album at end of the year?

Leprechaun a dit…

Hi JMJ ! I met you when i was 9 years old (1988), when i gained the wonderful LP "Live Houston 1986" and since this time i dream to see your show here in my city of São Paulo in Brasil. You have plans to come here one day ?? Love and admiration...Julio Florentino.

Andreas photography a dit…

I speak no French now but would love to see Rendezvous Houston on DVD it was my first Jarre concert, I so want to share it with my children.

I can not see Jean in an arena it would for me kill the memories I have Of seeing him in Houston, Paris,London and Beijing . Jarre in an arena for me is a no no
Good luck with your UK tour , your music still take me on a magical journey

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