lundi 23 août 2010

Jean Michel Jarre in Santiago de Compostella July 31st 2010 - Time Lapse

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Robi a dit…

From the official forum (Hot places section)


Can you really make it a world tour and come to the Americas Please?

There are plenty of fans that love you. Maybe Brazil?, US? somewhere in the Americas?

Why not even make it into a humaninatirian event, Do it in Haiti so people can contribute by taking tourism to the island.
( Just a thought)"

Might a response be well-received.

patrick a dit…

Happy birthday Jean Michel !
Thank you for all the beautiful concerts.
See you in Antwerp !

Jens Pielawa a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,
Happy Birthday to you! Congratulations for you and your family, wishing you all the health and the will and power to carry on creating wonderful music, concerts and events. The world would have been less colourful without you, thank you for being there.

Best regards from

Robi a dit…

Happy birthday, JM!

Unknown a dit…

Joyeux anniversaire Jean-Michel!!! Merci pour tous ces moments de rêves que nous avons pu et que nous partagerons encore durant cette tournée mondiale... "Rendez-vous" à Lille, et n'oublie pas qu'on t'aime!

Teja a dit…

Thank you for the impressive SdC video.
All best wishes 4 a Happy Birthday!:)

Atta a dit…

Happy Birthday Jean Michel - from Hungary.

Nina, Anna Ostasiuk a dit…

Fantastic video :)
thank you another one for All :)
for this that you're with us :)
Wishes all the best,
fulfillment of all dreams :)

>> On your birthday,
stretch for a sunbeam
reach for a star,
go for a beautiful dream
pick out some wishes,
no matter how far,
or how hard to reach they may seem xx << :)


Greeting from Poland :)

Nina xxxxxxxx

Carla Goulart a dit…

Dear Jean Michel,

Happy Birthday to you!
Joyeux anniversaire!
Feliz Aniversário!

I send a stretch of Whitman's poem, call "Proud music of the storm".

"Proud music of the storm,
Blast that careers so free, whistling across the prairies,
Strong hum of forest tree-tops--wind of the mountains,
Personified dim shapes--you hidden orchestras,
You serenades of phantoms with instruments alert,
Blending with Nature's rhythmus all the tongues of nations;
You chords left as by vast composers--you choruses,
You formless, free, religious dances--you from the Orient,
You undertone of rivers, roar of pouring cataracts,
You sounds from distant guns with galloping cavalry,
Echoes of camps with all the different bugle-calls,
Trooping tumultuous, filling the midnight late, bending me powerless,
Entering my lonesome slumber-chamber, why have you seiz'd me?" (Walt Whitman)

Warm Regards from,

Carla - Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Unknown a dit…

Happy Birthday J M!

Unknown a dit…

Tanti Auguri Michele
My best wishes Michel
Wish you Margo

Unidade de Carbono no Palido ponto Azul a dit…

Joyeux anniversaire


jarreblogru a dit…

More bright days and brilliant ideas!!!

Bon anniversaire, Jean Michel!!!

Your jarreblogru and "New Horizons"

Kanta a dit…

Happy Birthday, Jean Michel.:D

Unknown a dit…


Unknown a dit…
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Unknown a dit…

Joyeux anniversaire Jean! :)
Je suis un fan de ton musique depuis 25 ans!
Merci pour le concert que tu a fais le 15 Juin a Istanbul!

cumola a dit…

feliz cumpleaños de parte de nuestro hijo oscar de 5 años fan tuyo,esperamos verte pronto por aqui.feliç aniversari amb els nostres millors desijos.

tdream88 a dit…

Bonne Fête Jean Michel !
À très bientôt ! dREaM oN!!!

mar romero alvaredo a dit…

Happy Birthday Jean Michel!!!

It was yesterday,sorry, but Happy Birthday the same:-)

Mar. 1977.
Best wishes from Santiago de Compostela.
Very good video(*_*)

Unknown a dit…

Bonne anniversaire, Jean Michel! Though one day late, but just as heartfelt! Happy birthday, good health (I can tell from experience, it is the most important), happiness and much much musical inspiration!

A big warm hug from your Romanian fans.



Unknown a dit…

I attended to Santiago concert and it was one of his best concert ever. Thank You Jean Michel for making the soundtrack of my life.
Best regards.
Paulo Gonçalves from Lisbon - Portugal.

JMJ a dit…


I hope you enjoyed OSLO concert!!!

Please, I think it could be great some commentaries from you about the concert in SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA. Don't you?

People in SPAIN are really excitec about a return to our country in 2011!!!!

Robi a dit…

Realy amazing synth jam during Oxygene 5 - Variation 3, I do like it !!
Only those cymbals all over...less is sometimes more!! ;-)