dimanche 18 mai 2008

End of chapter 1

After a few days off, here I am again..

The tour is over and I am still amazed by the audience we had. I really would like to thank some of the people who have made all this possible.

First of all Francis, Claude and Dominique, the 3 talented musicians sharing the stage with me . Through this tour we became even closer friends than before. We are all complementary, Francis is my memory, he knows all the parts of all songs I did, a great musician, he is also very creative and can save any situation. Dominique is a poet, he is outside of any system, as easily as he can forget his shoes, he can bring tears to your eyes with an impro... Claude is a rock with imagination. I trust him entirely. I know that we could play on the moon and he will get everything under control. Crazy and precise.

Thanks to my dear manager Fiona "my little sister", always in control on all fronts. We have been through so many adventures all around the planet together. She always has been there to solve everything. Thanks also to her new assistant Louis who did a real good job and welcome to the family.

Thanks to Thomas Alsina, such a multi-talented person.Through the years, I feel priviledged to have become his friend. We have done so many things together. He can do almost everything from inventing any new software for 3D film, video fx or electronic music, to deciding 2 hours before a concert to film it in timelapse, to pilot a jet, being a specialist of mangas, computers, Kabuki, bicycles, Opera and silly jokes.
Thanks to Patrick Pelamourgues, like his wife Marie Laure, always in good mood, able to fix anything, anywhere, anytime.

Thank you also to Alain, Mary-Jo and Romain Bilowus, CPM and all the crew for their dedication.

Thank you also to Paul Charles, my agent who put this tour together so quickly.

But more than anything, I would like to thank all of you who have been part of these fantastic audiences, especially you who are following my work for a long time.
Thank you to all of you who have travelled, sometimes with difficulty, to attend 3, 4, 5 or even 10 of the concerts. I feel truly honoured by your dedication and your support and be sure that it means a lot to me...
I am going to continue this blog as much as I can for you.

I have done a lot of things since I came back.

These past few days I have been chasing some analog instruments which I need for some new tracks and for the future on stage. I found a second Moog Liberation and a very rare portable keyboard, the Syntar.

I also went to 2 different exhibitions:
One important retrospective on Louise Bourgeois which I found much less exciting that the one at the Modern Tate in London.

The other one, "Traces du Sacre", also at the Centre Pompidou Museum, is about the relationship between Art and the Sacred, mapping the Sacred in Modern Art.
This is a great idea and to confront in the same room in this perspective, Goya and Damien Hirst, Kandinsky and Bruce Nauman is exciting and ambitious, but the presentation is not clear enough and we can regret the absence of some artists like Pollock ( the dripping period) or Salvador Dali.
Having said that, it is interesting to go and have a look anyway...

I am reading at the moment "My True Story" a very special autobiography on and by David Lynch and I really like it. I also went to see " Iron Man" which I quite enjoyed, my favourite adaptation of the Marvel's Super Heroes Stories so far.

I am now thinking about future projects, the next tour, worldwide this time, and lots of other projects which I'll explain in more detail soon.

Reminds me of someone...

Bruce Nauman, "Traces du Sacré"

Louise Bourgeois

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Paes a dit…

Jean Michel, i missed u so much. But don't worry i understand that you deseved such a break.

I'm so happy to read that you'll continue with this blog. As lot of people wrote, it's amazing to read what you are doing and what you're expecting to do with your own words.

Thanks for everything that you've in your hole life!!!

Turid Elisabeth a dit…

Hi Mr.Jarre!

I am so happy for the 3 times i could visit your concert (Paris-London-Oslo)The same Oxygene concert,but still different experiences!
Thank you so much..

And so very nice for you and the fans you can continue the blog,-a very good idea!
Also I think it is interesting to follow your work!

..and the pic!
Yes...it reminds me of someone...isn't it...:)) ;)

(The sense of humor is a good quality!)

Best wishes
yours T.Elisabeth

pazolesky a dit…

Hi Jean Michel:

I'm very happy having news from you again and knowing what you are doing at this moment.
Please don´t leave never this blog!! Don´t forget that a lot of people never forget you and often see your concerts.

Thank you for all!!! You are the best!!

CLUBMIX a dit…

Jean Michel,

having read "End of chapter 1", it provokes that more chapters are about to come. As some before me commented already, it is nice reading all your posts, even if they don't have anything to do with a concert or your recent tour (lap); just keep on blogging, as you seemed to have lots of fun reporting all kinds of information during those last couple of months. We, the fans, could virtually feel all the fun there was :-)

But I might not be the only one missing your impressions from the last concert of the tour, the Zurich gig. As far as I could tell, you seemed to have quite some fun playing there, after being in Zurich for the first time in eleven years (believe me, that was such a big gap that some journalists referred to your Zurich concert as the "first one Jarre does in the Hallenstadion"...

As you were chasing after some wonderful new instruments, I will be doing the same, but in terms of items to add to my collection of your music when in France in two weeks' time. Hope to be as lucky with discographical material as you were when digging up that rare Syntar :-)

Anonyme a dit…

wassup Jean!

It's really great and inspired to hear that you full of strength and enthusiasm to creative smth new.
We wish you to have a positive "music power", and we are waiting for new studio materials :)

By the way, we are waiting you for a long time with a concert in Russia! ;-)

Your russians fans.

happiness a dit…

Hello Mr. Jarre!

I listen and admire your work since the 80s when I listened to the concerts in China. It was the first time I listened to your music and since then it has been part of the soundtrack of my life.

I am Portuguese and was thrilled to see you live in Portugal for the first time last April. My father accompanied me to the concert and took lots of photos. You can see some of them on my blog here.

Please continue to write your blog and I hope to see you in Portugal for your next tour.

alvaromrocha a dit…


After such a fast paced and successfull tour, you all must be exhausted and deserve some time off to relax and cool down.

It has been a joy reading the Chronicles of some gigs, and seeing some of the writers personality reveal itself, sometimes, in a good surprising, informal way.

I look forward for a concert in Lisbon, hopefully in the Expo (Nations Park), and a tune made just for it.

Have a nice rest, recharge, and whishing you to be back in action real fast, real good, having fun and sharing it.

Thanks, Jean Michel Jarre and Team.

Kind Regards,

Unknown a dit…

Hi Jean Michel, im very happy to hear that you will continue blogging.

I loved the oxygene concerts cannot wait for a dvd, would be very good to see you in New Zealand in your next world tour maybe you can try to get into the guinness book of records one more time 4 million.

Svensyntetics a dit…

Hey Monsieur Jarre,

this Blog is very cool because you as an artist get close to us, even if there is not a record, concert whatever we get an idea of what you think of or what inspires you. This is first Hand!
What really would be cool the "production diary" of a new record. Nothing is more facinating than a record come to life!
i do also electronic music so it would be cool to read a bit about new instruments and tools you use....
Yeah, and not to forget your favorite recipes for cooking :-) Sounds or Soup, is nearly the same :-) :-)

Antonio a dit…

Hi Jean Michel!
Very happy for your blog!
I hope someday see you in Latin America, perhaps La Patagonia, or maybe in the center of the world ( Ecuador). It's just a dream...


JMich a dit…

Hello Jean-Michel.
It's nice to read you back.
First, a suggestion : put in your next DVD the photos that were used in the corridors before Marigny concerts. They were so emotional...
Second, after Zurich concert it was very, very kind to come to your fans. I met you very few times but I had been waiting 30 years to speak to you as long as I did that time (I weared my blue shirt, with a red bar ;) ).
Third, the photo reminds me someone, more precisely two persons: twin brothers versed in science(-fi), who worked and work again now on french TV. I'm sure you guess.

I'll read your blog with much attention. Keep on !

Anonyme a dit…

Hallo Jean Michel,

Did like Oxygene from the beginning, that's 1976.
Never have been to a live concert of you, thought that listening to your music was all I prefered.
When I heared of the Paris concerts I decided to take my chance and visit Theatre Marigny, 20071215. I liked the concert very much (in spite of the memory Moog problems), did see for the first time live playing of the Theramin. When the Oxygene tour data were published I had to visit the concert in Carré Amsterdam.
Have to state I think the sound and quality was improved in comparison with Marigny.
After this concert I decided I have to listen it once again, Rockhal Luxembourg.
Have to admit, you used the Rockhal very well. Sound was very loud, my clothes were vibrating too ;-)

Thanks a lot for playing Oxygene live, for putting your thoughts to this blog and for composing and sharing your music.

But, I disagree with you of the German electronic music. I hope you did see and spoke to Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream) in Berlin.
My personal opinion : the music of Tangerine Dream is composed with same kind of Lyon stuff ;-) and has a great range of flavour.

Challenge : Jean Michel Jarre playing together with Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream). Would be a nice project.

regards, Peter

Juan Ignacio a dit…

Querido Jean Michel:
Gracias a ti,no solo por esta magnifica gira,sino también por tu calidad como persona(lo pude comprobar en Valladolid) y por hacerme sentir sensaciones extraordinarias al escuchar tu musica.Te sigo desde siempre y siempre te seguiré.Dios te guarde muchos años para que sigas componiendo como lo haces "GENIO".
Tu calidad como persona va a la par de tu calidad como músico.Lo dicho MAESTRO.MUCHAS GRACIAS JEAN MICHEL.(desde ASTURIAS).

Guillermo Morán a dit…

Jean Michel, le debes una gira a Latinoamerica, por aca hay muchos fans esperandote hace mucho tiempo. felicitaciones por tu gira Europea y esperamos sinceramente que no se quede ahi.

te esperamos

Guillermo Moran

Dominika a dit…

That is soooo great that you're going to continue this blog! I'm also pleased, that you're already thinking of the next tour. :D I'm really disappointed that I couldn't attend any of your shows... I hope that one concert of your next tour will have place in Poland - Cracow! ;)
c u soon here.

PS - great pics. ;)

continuousminer a dit…

Dear Jean Michel Jarre,

Great to hear you'll continue the blog.
Thank you for the great Oxygene tour! It brought to me the most beautiful and warm synth sounds I ever experienced. This wasn't synth-music, it was a beautiful landscape of colourfull sounds weaved into a story. Although a fan for years, this is the first time I was really deeply touched by those sounds, and I think with me thousands of people. So pleeeeeeeease (included putting up my Bambi-eyes) do it again some day!
All the best and congratulations to the whole crew!

J. Mertens, Belgium

Signe a dit…

Salut JM,
Keep blogging it's inspiring. I might go see that Louise B thingy in Paris this weekend.

I went to see the french grafitti artist Zevs @ Glyptoteket in Copenhagen and was amazed by some of his ideas - espcially paiting the shadows in the city. Check it out!

Kærlig hilsen et @+ dans qq jours j'espère



Stephen a dit…

Dear Jean-Michel and the crew,

It was so good to see and read about you all enjoying the shows, the traveling (!), the fun and camaraderie and being close to your new and long time fans. I've loved your music since 1982 and follow it and listen to it closely still - with each new album patiently awaited. I used to listen to Oxygene with headphones and thought at times that I could live within the space between the notes - so palpable and tangible is the soundscpae you devised and that of course was way before 5.1. I really love 'Live in Your Living Room" - there's that moment in Oxygene V when the Liberation is right on-song and every note from the very beginning seems to have reached the "mountain-top" and we're in a new place. I really love the Variation III sequence too. I saw the show in Dublin and at the RAH, London too and even got your autograph in the crush (sorry!) at the RAH - it's a treasure to a fan of 26 years. Thank you! In you own time :) and in your own way, sometime when you've rested and enjoyed this deserved break maybe give the tuneful "old-ladies" another day out with "Equinoxe", or maybe with Equinoxe and Oxygene's analog grandchild (Genome / Genomic / Genomique?) :) We'll all be there again to say hell to them, (the "old-ladies") but we know they need their rest and quiet times too. Oh and don't feel any pressure with the blog either. We know you need the space to create new things and we will wait patiently for them. All the best to you and yours and take care of yourself. Thank you so much for everything.

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Mr Jarre,

what about the Youtube videos?
weren't you going to give a prize to the three best?

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Mr Jarre,

what about the Youtube videos?
weren't you going to give a prize to the three best?

Lylio a dit…

Hi Jean.
Your work is great.
So is mine, allow me to draw your attention to my latest album:

I'd be grateful if you could have a listen to it and tell me what you think.

Many thanks,



Unknown a dit…

Oh my god! I'm in Jean michel jarre's blog?!
I'm your biggest fan and I'm so happy that I find you here!
I love your music and I hear your music always 2 hours in a day,I love you soooooooooo much!
with best wishes for you
Parnian from Iran

Mister K a dit…

Quel plaisir d'entendre JMJ tandis que je joue tranquillement à GTA4 ... Chapeau aux concepteurs du jeu qui savent faire appel à des artistes de renommée/talent.

MOTITA2002 a dit…

Extraño los temas del blog.
Animo y a escribir.

Leigh P a dit…

Have sat and enjoyed an early morning listen to Oxygene from start to end here in the UK on a nice sunny morning. Nothing more than the birds and background as accompaniment and, of course, plenty of hot coffee.

I forgot how amazing a piece it was - and I still recall back to when I first heard in in 1981 as a schoolboy with a rather 'hip' pottery teacher who played it on reel-to-reel tape. I think the fact that seeing tape go around and the sound of Jarre coming from the speakers was, well, very fitting and respectful to the music.

I now have all Jarre CDs available - maybe I'll start Sunday morning with another Jarre selection?

Merci mille fois


Anonyme a dit…

Bonjour Monsieur Jarre,
Je viens de faire connaissance avec ce blog.
Ca fait plus de 2 décénnies que je vous suis. Je suis un fan de synthétiseurs analogique. Je n'ai pas eu la chance d'en avoir en vrai, je n'ai que leurs versions virtuelles (genre Arp2600V d'Arturia) mais j'adore.
Je suis allé vous voir au Théatre Marigny, dans une atmosphère malheureusement un peu trop guindée et froide (beaucoup de gens semblaient être là pour la forme et non pour la musique).
Mes albums préférés sont Equinoxe, Oxygène, les Chants Magnétiques et Zoolook. Mais je possède toute votre discographie !
Mon plus fort souvenir était La Défense en 90. On y était allé entre camarades de Lycée. A la sortie du concert plus de métro, on est rentré à pieds, j'étais chez moi à 5h du matin, ma mère était très inquiète ! ;)
Aujourd'hui je fais, moi aussi, de la musique électronique (en amateur) et vous m'avez fortement influencé, et je ne dois pas être le seul :)
Au passage, ça m'a fait plaisir de voir Monsieur Perrier dont le nom se cache derrière Space Art (fin des 70's) avec son binome Roger Rizzitelli.
Je vois souvent en surfant sur le net, que nombre de vos fans ont souvent les mêmes goûts, en dehors de vous, on admire tout autant les Vangelis, Tangerine Dream ou Kraftwerk.
Vous êtes tous des pionniers et je rêve parfois d'un concert réunissant ces pères, vous inclus, de l'électronique !
Je vous souhaite bonne continuation et espère entendre un prochain album plein d'analogiques !

tony a dit…

hi. my name is tony and I'm from romania. I want to know when is the next concert and where. I'm a big fan of you. good luck.

Xevi a dit…


I couldn't attend to your concert in Barcelona because I was in the USA during 3 months! Shame on me!

Come back to Barcelona soon!

By the way, several years ago your father came to Barcelona to make a concert and he presented all the concert in catalan language, and I've always wondered if he speaks catalan or what, because he spoke very well and long, introducing songs and musicians, and making explanations, etc. Does he speak it or was it just written? I got impressed, you should do the same when you come back to Barcelona!

And I like Teo&Tea!

Tatan Jarre a dit…

Hi Jean Michel, I am Tatan Jarre, your fan since 2004 when I was 14 years old. I would like a lot of things of you, and first, why do you do this blog in English ? Because I'm French as you and you do all in english, why ?
Vous avez sûrement un penchant pour cette langue qui est certes, la langue universelle maintenant.
Il y a d'autres questions qui me viennent à l'esprit mais n'abusons pas. Je suis un fan de vous, d'ailleurs mon blog concertnant le cinema et la musique commence par vous, avec de nombreux compliments, on attend toujours le dvd "Water for life", comme beaucoup de personnes je souhaite avoir votre carrière mais ce n'est qu'un rêve.
Je voulais vous dire de ne pas arrêter, continuez ce chemin, vous vous faites un peu trop discret à la télé depuis la tournée "Oxygene tour", donc j'espère qu'après cette tournée, le concert aux îles Canaries va vous remettre dans le bain des méga-concerts (car oui, il se fera ce concert aux îles Canaries).
Je vous dis à bientôt j'espère, ce que vous faites est super, dès que je peux je viens à un méga-concert, quand j'aurai l'âge.
Amicalement, Tatan Jarre

PS : Pas mal la photo de vous